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  1. While your scenario is probably technically possible. I can't see how you would logically manage to get a player in 4 highlights plus a tournament. In a 2 player game you are at most playing in three matches. In a three or four player game there are at most 4 or 5 matches on the field. But for you to play in more then 3 of them that would mean the other players are doing nothing, which again technically possible just not logically so. Me thinks you aren't playing the game correctly, you are just making some assumption based on the rules but not playing it or the people you are playing against have no clue of what's going on. But in this case where you had 6 non-race members on your team and all in your hand at once. You would only need to commit the token to the first player you assign to a given match. Once you've claimed a side of a highlight no other players can play on that side.
  2. 3 target down, 1 tackler down and 2 miss.
  3. Dwnhmcntryboy said: I was hoping to find a game that allowed me to draft players and play "Blood Bowl" against friends and over time, by keeping a score sheet, upgrade my deck and manage my team. This type of game would have made league play a lot of fun!!! Over all just not my thing and that makes me a sad panda. So you were hoping for what Blood Magic Bowl the Gathering? Joy the fun of spending $100's of dollars to play a card game against other people that have spent $100's of dollars just to throw down cards for 30 minutes. Or spend $35 play with 4 people for about an hour and have a complete experience. Seriously though if you want to spend time crafting a team to play extended games over a long period of time why wouldn't you just play Blood Bowl? FFG made the right game with Team Manager.
  4. The original game is still fantastic it doesn't need a do-over by some other company. Blood Bowl Team Manager is a great take on the theme. This game is awesome, FFG nailed it.
  5. The card doesn't say to exhaust but does say to use for 1 player at a matchup during the scoreboard phase. For ease of fairness we have ruled it to mean you only get to use it once, because that seems to fit with the flavor of most other cards plus the other 1 of once per matchup seemed to make the card pretty powerful. But I think this is one we'll need an official answer for and I'm going to send in an email for clarification.
  6. We just basically use the initative system. Party runs into bad guys. They stare each other down. Character says drop your weapon or I'll run you through I then decide if the monster is going to drop his sword or not. If he does, well then PC's decide what they want to do, perhaps a bluff/intimidate check may be involved to see if the bad guys believe/trust the pc's. If he goes for his sword we roll init and then the PC's hope they get to go first. No need for complicated rules. The only other situation, and now they have a card for it. Is for the archer that is say covering a doorway and then get's to take a shot as an opponent runs through it.
  7. So as I understand it at best you do what is considered to be normal damage. Most of the time you'd be doing less then normal damage. But does your toughness and armour always come into effect? I can see situations where you are up against tougher opponents and frequently you'd be doing no damage, besides the base 1 for just connecting. I mean even as it is there are opponents in the game that my players are only hitting for base damage. It just seems like this would slow the game down without really adding much to it. Perhaps if you used Yellow dice instead for the roll then you'd sometimes be doing less then your stat +weapon in damage but other times you'd be doing more then your stat+weapon damage due to some of the dice with + on them. But even then it would basically average itself out over the long hall to just doing average damage for the most part and you aren't really any further ahead. But then again I don't know what the goal in your game really is. For us we just use the over damage rule where extra success up to your skill level will increase the damage if they aren't triggering other effects. That way typically you hit for normal damage but occasionally you do an extra point or 2.
  8. The other advantage of a card though is that you can dock it to a group and suddenly everyone has that ability.
  9. Also keep in mind that the actual length of a round in WFRP 3 is more variable then before. It's not a case of a round is 6 seconds.
  10. The trick with this game, much like Blood Bowl is that you need to play to the strengths of your team. Basher teams need to bash and work on getting cards that help them to bash, reward them for bashing etc. I've played probably a dozen games now of various mixes and the only team that hasn't one yet is the Dwarfs. But before you worry about balance. Part of that is because Dwarfs through random luck haven't shown up as much and also because not every game has been with the same players so there has been a vast level of player experience in the different games. I would have to say that the teams that have one the most are Humans, Elves and Orc's. But they area also the teams that have been showing up the most through random draw or selection depending on how we decide at the start of the game. One final note is that with a few blowout victories when teaching new people the game all the scores have usually been very close. probably averaging a 4 point spread between the winner and the loser and most of the time that's come down to a last season/end of game upset. So with that in mind the team/staff cards are pretty important and there is definitely a strategy that can be played built around collecting those types of cards. The more I play this game the more I'm seeing different strategize coming up.
  11. If the card says something like gain 2 fan factor for every highlight they lose. Then you do gain 2 fan factor for every highlight you lose. And yes those cards are pretty powerful. But keep in mind that often winning the highlight will provide you more fan factor or other important bonuses then the 2 you'd get with this card. Cards that have more limited use say exhaust which means you 'tap' them after using them and can't use them again until they refresh or the card says discard in which case it goes back to the bottom of it's perspective pile. Also be careful as some cards say gain: 'XX' fan factor for 'some qualifier' at end of game. That does mean at the end of the whole game not just the current match or season.
  12. Raventroll said: Hello all, Just finished reading the rules and was wondering about the improvements pile. I don't have a copy of the game and the topic of upgrading seems vague. When you add an upgrade, does it become a seperate deck or do you just place it in front of you face up to use accordingly. Also, the 'roster' is mentioned but not specified. Is the roster your 'player' draw and discard pile? Thanks in advance and have a good day! Serge G When you pick up an upgrade it just sits in front of you and you can use it accordingly. Most upgrades either get tapped or discarded. A few are just permanent that only activate at specific times Your roster is all your players hand+draw+discarded. The only players that wouldn't count as being in your roster are those in your improvement pile, because they haven't been added in yet. So if you pick up a freebooter for example you may discard any player in your roster then you shuffle your whole roster again. Regular Star players then go on top of your draw pile in so they are immediately available at the start of the next match. If you draw a freebooter and a regular star player do the freebooter shuffle first then stack your star player. It's all in the rules, but it's important to pay attention to the order of events.
  13. That's correct you have to use each skill one at a time. So draw, discard, draw, discard.
  14. Yes you have to use the skills in order from left ot right. You can choose not to use a skill, except for cheating, but you can't flip flop. So if you had a player with the skills (always read from left to right) Ball, Cheat, Block. You could grab the ball (if you want), you have to cheat, then block (if you want). What you can't do with that character is Cheat, throw a block then decide to grab the ball. This is on page 8 and 10 of the rule book.
  15. Yep I stand corrected, that's pretty clearly stated in the rules.
  16. The game scales well between 2 and 4 player matches. The only difference is that in 3 & 4 player games you may thin your cards a little more. But that will probably end up with a result of you losing all your highlights, but getting the participation award, so that's a strategic choice possibly. However really the difference between 2-4 players are pretty minor. The only significant difference is that it takes a little longer to play the game. However player downtime is pretty minor since each players turn is really fast
  17. I don't have the rules at hand but I'm pretty sure for cheating if one player has multiple cheating tokens on them you reveal them all, the order doesn't matter. So +fans always come into effect. You don't flip the tokens over and apply their effects 1 at a time. So being ejected from the game only really reduces the star power for a given highlight. Fan rewards are automatic.
  18. I suppose you could play it with 6 players, using counters or something to track fans for the other 2 players. There's no shortage of upgrade cards to go around. The game length would stretch out a bit, but that goes without saying. It'd be an interesting experiment because you'd either play it pretty thin on each highlight to try and get in as many as possible or just hammer a couple hoping everyone else plays it thing. I would suggest that you use the short seasons rule so that if you flip a tournament you only draw 5 highlights so that you never have more then 6 weeks of games in a season.
  19. This is an important distinction between those players that have Cheat, Tackle vs Tackle, Cheat. The later would not gain a cheat token if they fell down on their tackle result.
  20. muk said: Kryyst said: Mechanically if every creature fired on ever turn then you'd be in a situation where 1 COG moves 12 enemies move and shoot, then 1 COG moves and those same 12 enemies moved and shot again. So after 4 cogs moved then all the enemies could have moved 4 times and shot 48 times. It just wouldn't work. That isn't what I want. I'm afraid of situations like: F. E. AI deck consist of 6 general , A, B, C carda, for a total of 24 cards If they aren't shuffled well, you could draw 6 B cards in you first 10 draws, than end up with a bunch of locust that won't act till cog's next 14 actions (and then you still have to draw them, after the deck is reshuffled). I suppose it's possible but pretty unlikely and if this becomes a big hangup then just house rule it that if you draw the same Locust card 2 or 3 in a row keep drawing until you get something different. But to be honest sounds like you are worrying about a pretty minor issue.
  21. I think it's possible for that to happen but I doubt it would happen, after playing the demo I'd have loved for that to happen. But keep in mind that while the game is turn based, the action is really continuous so even if a given locust group didn't attack after your guy went we are talking about actions that are happening over the course of seconds in real time. If you liken it to an action seen the locust in your room that didn't fire after your turn could just be lining up his shot or just hiding behind cover. Mechanically if every creature fired on ever turn then you'd be in a situation where 1 COG moves 12 enemies move and shoot, then 1 COG moves and those same 12 enemies moved and shot again. So after 4 cogs moved then all the enemies could have moved 4 times and shot 48 times. It just wouldn't work.
  22. I put up a review, but to sum up GoW plays nothing like Space Hulk or Death angel. If you are familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons Ravenloft boardgame and the sequel it has much more in common with them. I think they did do a good job of capturing the feel of the video game.
  23. It's a good looking game on the table. You have a randomly generated map, a scenario with random monsters and it scales the number of monsters according to the number of players. The flow of the game alternates between player and AI. So Player moves, AI event, Player moves AI event.... It's similar in that respect to the recent Dungeon and Dragons board games. The AI also works in a similar way. You have a set of conditions or triggers and the AI acts accordingly. In terms of just the AI the biggest difference between this and the D&D games is that the AI understands ranged combat much better. The other significant difference is that players and AI can seek cover and use terrain to their advantage. One thing that took a little bit to get used to is that the maps are a little abstract. They are broken up into zones, so as long as you can target the zone, even if it's just the edge of the doorway you can fire at enemies in it. It felt odd at first, given my mini-game heritage and other games like Tannehouser or Mutant Chronicles. But there is some logic to it. Speed being the biggest advantage and it also makes the AI a little more impartial. Secondly it does make sense narratively. Logically the theory goes if you can shoot them, they can shoot you. So either you are in cover or you aren't. This gives you the feeling of a more dynamic game, you may be moving turn by turn but it's behaving like you can shoot/be shot mid move. The weapon variety is nice and while I only had a chance to play 1 COG I used him differently then the other players used theirs based on the weapon load outs and action cards. The game also moved rather quickly and it had a good amount of tension. When you see the locusts coming it's a very tense feeling as they get closer and closer, you're watching your ammo, you're coordinating attacks, covering angles and using cover. Overall this board game does an excellent job of mimicking the video game experience. Play time ranges from 60-120 minutes depending on the scenario and number of players. Replay should be good because while you have a limited number of scenarios the maps change, the enemies can change and the action card combinations means it won't just play by number. Also they can easily expand the scenarios, map tiles and other components in the future. Though I didn't play it solo, I believe it will play solo just fine. Mechanics don't change it just scales appropriately. I spoke with the demo guy and the difficulty he said is pretty high. They played 6+ games to learn the game and they only won once. I'm not sure if that makes a balanced game or not. I definitely wouldn't want an easy game. But I don't like an impossible game either. Overall it was a fun game that I would love to play again. I wish I had this over D&D Ravenloft. It is a stronger game mechanically and thematically (Almost like the 2.0 AI version of Ravenloft). However I don't know if it's different enough to justify the purchase for me. Anyone wanna buy Ravenloft? A few niggles. I would have liked to see more variety in the sculps for the COGS. While they are different it's sometimes hard to tell who is who. You could easily correct this, on your own. But just from a design point I think they could have done more themselves. The price point $69. It's probably fair for the number of figs, cards and stock. But it's definitely not an impulse buy and compared to say the D&D games it felt over priced. I'm hoping that the $69 tag will lower once it hits retail.
  24. Dafmetal said: +1. I'm glad they took a different approach than what I expected actually. I was expecting BB matches through cards where they would stay close to the original BB. But seeing now how you play a full season through 'highlights' makes it feel quite fresh. I'm not so sure BB really has the potential of being a full-fledged LCG. Seeing it in this format with an occasional POD expansion sounds like a great approach. Agreed, this is a game that would never have worked well as an LCG. I think the way they are doing it, which sorta matches the original BB is the better approach. Core game, then maybe 2-4 more expansions with 4-6 teams in them each and possibly a few more of the other cards in each one. Then once that's done, you've got all you need with this game.
  25. To say you'll know everything there is to know about the game is kinda like saying you grow bored of Go, Poker or Chess once you know the moves. Granted some people do feel like that. But this game ultimately is more about learning to play your opponents then to just simply being able to understand the cards. There will never be one real strategy to win like you can have in a standard board game because each game will have different choices to make. - Just saying. Also yeah looking forward to the full Race sets coming out that will add just lots more replay value. Also it's already easy to mod I think. Just extend the number of seasons out to say 7 or 10. By that time your deck will be loaded with star players and team options. A game at that level will be very different then a game played at season 5.
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