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  1. A situation came up in our last game we didn't really know the answer to. I played a Lore card together with Deja Vu, which let me take back the card I just played and discard Deja Vu instead. My friend played a Foil card, which caused me to discard my lore card instead of playing it. We were wondering how the interaction between Foil and Deja Vu works. Do I keep the original lore card or not ?
  2. Hello, I'm relatively new to the forums. Could anyone explain what exactly those points are for ?
  3. I should specify that there was a hex in between the units my friend retreated next to. So while they provided support for the retreating unit, they did not block its path.
  4. In our last game we were face with an interesting situation which isn't explicitly mentioned in the rules. When a unit is forced to retreat several hexes, but becomes flanked by two friendly units in the process, can it ignore a flag, even though it wasn't bold at the moment of attack? In our game last night, I rolled no less than 4 flags against an enemy unit. My friend wondered if he could retreat his unit to a hex supported by two of his other units, therefore ignoring the second flag. He then would retreat a hex for the third flag, again going to a hex supported by two units, ignoring the fourth and final flag. We jugded it was the best way to resolve the action, as it was a literal interpretation of the rules. It seems a bit fidgety however. In reality, I cannot imagine an army unit going through such a morale roller coaster within the space of one attack
  5. Sounds like you had a solid victory. How come you could move that many ships? I can imagine people not wanting to trade energy with you
  6. Ah. That's more or less how we played it. Thanks for the info.
  7. We played a game tonight and a problem came up which wasn't explained by the rules. Someone made an all or nothing move as ally, abandoning all planets he had to be able to bring 3 ships to the encounter to ally with the player on offense. If I am correct, the rules state that if you abandon a planet, you effectively loose it and cannot gain it back unless you attack another player's colony on it. He abandoned all planets but the alliance was cancelled by a force field card. Could he then place his ships back on his planets, which would be against the rules if I understand correctly, or not? And if not, where would his ships go ?
  8. I just bought a copy of BattleLore and I'm thinking of starting to paint them too. I've never done anything like it, so could you give me some pointers ? I wouldn't want to mess them up. Or is there a good site where I can go?
  9. I just noticed this topic has been posted before. My apologies.
  10. How do you resolve playing a negotiate card with the Loser power? Do you resolve the encounter completely, meaning sending your ships to the warp, collecting compensation and then putting one ship on the planet you attacked ? Or do you get to take a colony right away without compensation?
  11. I am interested in this game as well. It seems to have mechanics from both Citadels and Puerto Rico, which are both games I own and love to play. I know PR is not a game of yours, Mr. Faidutti, but I mean no offence I'm probably going to put this game on my to buy list, but the shipping costs are a bit steep for me. Will the game be published in Belgium as well ? If not, what would be the best course of action for me to obtain it?
  12. I've just bought a copy of the game as well after seeing quite a few excellent reviews. I've been itching to play the game and was wondering as well what aliens were probably best to start with. Reading this has been a great help. I'll be playing the game tonight with some friends who are board game fans yet haven't heard of this game before. Should be great fun
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