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  1. The rules do not specifically state this, but when the Cylon Fleet option is being used, does the set-up for cylon and civi ships still take place at the beginning of the game or is it just assumed not to do so?
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else think they could have done just a bit better on Cally's character protrait?
  3. Baltar is more powerful in a 3 player game IMO. B/C you are the President, you have more chances to look at a human player's loyalty hand. Try to do this before the sleeper phase on any of the two players. Afterwards, wait for the sleeper phase and look at the other player's entire hand with your ability. Assuming you are not the cylon, you will know for sure who it is. Additionally... you took the time to look at both player's cards building trust. If you manage to be as sincere as possible with your findings, the person that isn't the Cylon should hopefully be releaved enough that they were not accused to believe your findings. What makes this strategy even better if the first person you looked at happened to have the "You are a Cylon" card. Because there's only one Cylon in a 3 player game, that person knows that you know and can't just come out and say, Baltar's the Cylon! Since you don't accuse him right away, he can't just counter argue that you are a Cylon, he has no choice but to play along as a human since you could easily expose him as the cause of any problems that may be caused by him.
  4. Sorry for bringing up a REALLY old post. Last weekend was the first time I played the game. For the most part, I was given the basic understanding of the rules, however I just kind of played along not expecting to win, but to take in the game so I could play better next time. Out of all the complaints I have (most are nitpicking complaints), this is the biggest one. Thematically, it doesn't make sense that a conspiracy is completed halfway through a story, and that's what happened during our game. The 4 VP for a row or column basically encourages everyone to get those puzzle pieces on the board ASAP. Additionally, during this game, a lucky player was able to start their turn with 3 open spots that would complete a row/column. Just for being next in line, he got 12 VP for doing absolutely nothing (didn't connect anything). Thematically, you could write this off as the character screwing the rest and being part of the conspiracy and covering up any loose ends, but 12 VP for being the lucky person to go next just doesn't make sense to me. I like the idea of limiting the scoring this way to once per turn. For example, once you finish a row or column, you get your one +4 VP chip. You may place more puzzle pieces on your turn, but you cannot receive any more VPs from completing rows/columns. Additionally, if maybe you are lucky enough to place one piece to finish both a row and a column, you can get two +4 VP chips (I can live with that).
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