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  1. Why not just bring back long range scanners?
  2. It's stating that ignore obstacles means you ignore them. If it said on the card while you shoot you ignore obstacles you would not ignore them in any other phase but you would in the shooting phase. Just read it as it's wrote on the card . The faq is just clearing up possibilities when attacking/defending through an obstacle if you are ignoring it .
  3. Iam not sure what the confusion is. It says while you move you ignore obstacles. If it JUST said you ignore obstacles you'd be correct but it doesn't .
  4. Jedi mind trick! Choose an opponent's ship and when it moves increase or decrease it's manoeuvre by 1
  5. So bossk gets to reroll 2 dice with a token and has one left over to change a focus or he can change 2 focus results
  6. Really enjoyed this 4-lom build so far and bossk hits like a brick . It's surprising how often you can can get his bullseye to work with all the full stops he can do . It's a slow roll list and you'll get wrecked if they get behind you HWK-290 Light Freighter - •Palob Godalhi - 51 •Palob Godalhi - Tethan Resister (38) Trick Shot (1) •Moldy Crow (12) YV-666 Light Freighter - •Bossk - 87 •Bossk - Fearsome Hunter (70) Marksmanship (1) •Lando Calrissian (8) •Zuckuss (3) •IG-88D (4) Inertial Dampeners (1) G-1A Starfighter - •4-LOM - 61 •4-LOM - Reprogrammed Protocol Droid (49) Intimidation (3) •0-0-0 (3) Feedback Array (4) •Mist Hunter (2) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  7. In 1.0 sol was awesome because he could move as a low ps ship and drop a mine on somebody. Now with the bomb changes he really needs the title and genius to make use of his lower ps and being able to drop a mine next to himself . Without it he is so predictable. Which is the same as most standard bombers . I've still got some testing to do with him as he was one of my most used pilots in 1.0 but I don't think he's half as good as he was . An ion turret and a bomb might be the way to go . I'll try that one out .
  8. I flew sol in 1.0 and this is the 2.0 version . I'll be swapping out the jump master for the yt1300 when I get it and putting outmanouvre on guri . Worked really well in 1 so Iam hoping it's still going to be fun . Sol is one of my favourite pilots JumpMaster 5000 - Contracted Scout - 55 Contracted Scout - (52) •0-0-0 (3) Scurrg H-6 bomber - •Sol Sixxa - 62 •Sol Sixxa - Cunning Commander (49) •Cad Bane (4) Proximity Mines (6) Seismic Charges (3) StarViper-class Attack Platform - •Guri - 83 •Guri - Prince Xizor’s Bodyguard (62) Elusive (3) Advanced Sensors (8) •Virago (10) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  9. It made me cringe . Everyone knows the only person who can breath in space is superman .
  10. Is it possible that they really intended leia to die in the space scene but pulled it when she sadly died in real life? That scene just didnt make sense to me at all . I know shes in the rest of the film but could they have filmed alternative scenes just in case?
  11. Insidious is always an option if you can get it out first turn. I run it in a rainow vehicle deck not competative but fun to play . Its a little slower but can set you up.
  12. Ive been flying sol for a bit now and i think i prefere him to nym! He definatly wants action bombs but i fly him him with cad bane instead Scurrg H-6 Bomber: · Sol Sixxa (28) Wired (1) Extra Munitions (2) Autoblaster Turret (2) Proximity Mines (3) · Bomblet Generator (3) Long-Range Scanners (0) · Cad Bane (2) JumpMaster 5000: Contracted Scout (25) Attanni Mindlink (1) Intelligence Agent (1) StarViper: Black Sun Assassin (28) Attanni Mindlink (1) Autothrusters (2) StarViper Mk.II (-3) · Virago (1) Advanced Sensors (3) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. --
  13. Ive only just staryed playing destiny but iam definatly making a palp and maul deck and iam going to call it..... PAUL
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