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  1. I received the board expansions for Arkham for Christmas which I had not previously had and some friends and I have been familiarizing ourselves with them. I wanted to check with the boards and see how you treat the expansion items at your tables. So far we have not been using GOO's or Investigators from one board expansion with another. This does not seem to limiting though, and as host I'm thinking now that the new investigators & GOO's have been "showcased" in a few games we should just start pulling from a common pot of all investigators and all GOO's regardless of which boards are in play. I have also been segregating all spells, common items and unique items and only shuffling them in when their relevant sets are in play. I believe this is correct. Lastly, we have been using relationships in all games and using personal stories in most games. It seems that the personal stories tend to be distractions from the primary goals, I notice that personal stories games run a bit longer and the doom track trends higher. I didn't know if there had been a preference of leaving those items out or keeping them in. No guardians used yet, however we have endured defeat at the hands of Hastur and the KiY herald twice now. Need to gear up for some payback there this weekend.
  2. Arag said: A good way to make Ally encounters work is to keep the allies deck separated into two decks: -The Boarding House deck with 11 cards -The Citizens of Arkham deck with the rest. The second one is simply not accessible to the players save through an encounter in Arkham. Wouldn't this require you to reduce the boarding house deck whenever you obtained an ally through the arkham encounter you mention in your last sentence? I thought that the goal was that only 11 allies would be available for all purposes during the game. It does make the Arkham encounters more rewarding though and allows for some greater likelihood of allies earlier in the game. Nothing is quite so annoying as drawing an encounter for an ally that is not in the ally deck. Then again, you takes your chances.
  3. Tithe Grade > Aptus Non Filling in that box on the form is why having the Adept from your ascension DH party around would be really nice right now.
  4. Founding a chapter there would be pretty rough. Having an extant chapter move their homeworld there, or having the Black Templars or a similar crusading chapter set up a fortress and Reppledepple there would be a more attractive and less intensive option in terms of attention from outside the Segmentum.
  5. As has come up tertiarily on the idea dump thread, Apocalypse Now is my go to for all three of the WH40K RPGs. I've used it in Roge Trader for the initial set up, having a sector governor officially request the Roge Trader to find another RT and revoke his charter. "Revoke. With extreme prejudice." I've toyed with it for an ascension DH game with a rogue inqusitor. I've stolen shamelessly for it when a PDF commander in an underhive went mad and the DH characters went looking for him. I've been sketching out a couple of ways to do it with SM's for DW. Have a DW KT leader or watch commander go rogue. Pick one of the characters and have a captain from his chapter go rogue. Apocalypse Now is pretty much a fountain of youth for campaigns.
  6. Charmander said: Lightbringer said: The killteam are sent to assasinate a former Deathwatch Watch Commander who seems to have fallen under the baleful influence of some hideous Xeno artifact. He has set himself up as the ruler of a primitive world, enslaved the population and is in the process of building some baffling device of great power that harnesses the life energies of his followers. Demanding sacrifice and blood, his rule has become infamous throughout the local star cluster. The players must cooperate with the Inquisiton in running a secret conspiracy to prevent knowledge of this great warrior's fall, for that will fatally damage the standing of the Deathwatch amongst crusade forces in the Jericho Reach region. This may involve stealth strikes against loyal Imperial forces who seek to release word of the Watch Commander's actions. Once this is done, they must clear the stain on the honour of the Deathwatch by killing this once great hero - no easy task given his great skill at arms and the bizarre xeno forces at his disposal... What if the Watch Commander fell due to the road being paved with good intentions somehow? Make him a little less demonic and a little more sympathetic, like he started doing Bad Things in order to more effectively combat a xenos threat (real or perceived). Then perhaps he tries to convince the members of the KT that he's in the right, and that they should come with him. Still involve the Inquisition, secret conspiracy, but put the characters in a moral quandry where they may even side with their enemy. If possible, make the Watch Commander someone the players knew, someone they have some kind of a relationship with to make fighting and killing him either more difficult or more satisfying (or both!) At first, I thought they handed me the wrong dossier. I couldn't believe they wanted this man dead. Everybody wanted me to do it, him most of all. I felt like he was up there, waiting for me to take the pain away. He just wanted to go out like a soldier, standing up, not like some poor, wasted, rag-a**ed renegade. Even the jungle wanted him dead, and that's who he really took his orders from anyway. Hey, man, you don't talk to the Colonel. You listen to him. The man's enlarged my mind. He's a poet-warrior in the classic sense. I mean, sometimes he'll, uh, well, you'll say "Hello" to him, right? And he'll just walk right by you, and he won't even notice you. And suddenly he'll grab you, and he'll throw you in a corner, and he'll say "Do you know that 'if' is the middle word in life? 'If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you'..." – I mean, I'm no, I can't – I'm a little man, I'm a little man, he's, he's a great man. I should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across floors of silent seas.
  7. You want a dangerous endeavour? What if these marines aren't 100% codex? What if these marines are a little under populated? What if there were a mechanicus tithe ship they were aware of carrying a load of geneseed back for testing? How interested in making a profit are you?
  8. Evaluate your kill-team's chapters. The kill-team is assigned to a world under tyrranid assault to act as advisors to the two companies of astartes and massed regiments of guard present. The plan is a tried and true special. Engage the tyrannid swarm in a protracted land battle and then, when determined by the Ordo Xenos inquisitors attached to the effort, exterminatus will occur. Complications: 1) A particular regiment of the imperial guard is woefully inadequate. It is a penal levy from an imperial world and is filled with goldbricks and 4F specimens packed off by the planetary governor as criminal and heretical undesirables. Not only is there a heretical cult of "democracy" in the ranks, but also the regiment has been assigned to a key frontline position due to the expected casualties. Only the kill-team seems to understand that this position must be actually held rather than simply have the guard die in their boots. How does the kill-team handle solve the tactical problem. Do they purge the ransk themselves? Whip the guard into shape? Draft some commisars from other regiments? Check and see if the Ordo Xenos present have any buddies in the Ordo Hereticus used to dealing with this crazy "democracy" cult? 2) The two companies of astartes assigned to the world are section 8. Whatever will gall the kill-team the most, these guys are it. My personal preference, given the time setting of the core book and the recent publication of Imperial Armor 9 is to make it two companies of Astral Claws one of which contains at least a squad or two of Tiger Claws. Why won't our brother astartes let our apothecary over there? Why won't their chaplains talk to the kill-team? These guys are great fun at the pre-battle chant'n'keg and ripped through those hormagaunts, but when the shootings over they talk all crazy and laugh at us. Also, show the kill-team squads of all the same chapter using chapter squad abilities together and really working as a team. Make them realize that while they get along together, they miss their brothers back at home. (for an alternate version, make the two companies from the same chapter as one battle brother and see if he sticks with the kill-team or drifts away from them.) 3) During the orderly evacuation of the world, two strongholds of nobles and their retainers refuse to leave. One is a full-blown genestealer cult. Time to break out the flamers and go to town. The other just doesn't want to leave. They love their homeland and refuse to abandon its defense. Too bad that their industrial fief has been officially moved to another planet by order of the administratum and the imperium doesn't care about your love for your homeland. We care about you cranking out industrial parts over on this other planet and paying your tithe. So get gone already. Could it really be that clear cut? Could it they be hiding some awful xenos or chaos artifact that cannot be moved? The second noble house knows the lay of the land. With their assistance defenses in their area could be considerably more effective. Does the kill-team buck the administratum to their face? Can the inquisition end-run the beauracracy? Would anyone actually notice? It's not like the administratum can actually process all their orders. (an option for a totally amazing epilogue for a character killed during the campaign could be 500 years in the future after he has been killed, down in some stinking industrial hole on holy terra, some admistratum drone processes a piece of aged scrip, and generates another piece of scrip issuing the centuries dead kill-team leader a demerit.) 4) After a particularly vicious assault in which one of the bravest commisars present is killed an Ogryn mutiny occurs. That commisar was their favorite. They hate the weather here, the rations stink, they don't have enough ammo and their favorite commander just got eaten by a carnifex. None of the guard colnels want to go near that Ogryn encampment and get torn apart. Maybe the crazed abhumans will listen to the mighty astartes... 5) The Ecclesiarchy appear at a planning meeting and point to an extended hill off on a flank. "That's the cathedral of saint frank." they say. "The Tyrannids cannot be allowed to touch it during this the holy month of his feast. We can remove his artefacts and deconsecrate the area when the feast is ended." This creates a dangerous salient. Maybe a deathwatch kill-team can provide the oomph to acctually hold out in such a precarious position. 6) There is an outbreak of "Tranch Foot." A regiment is mutating at a terrible rate. Maybe a deathwatch apothecary can find a cause. Maybe a deathwatch librarian will have the perspicacity to figure out if there's a warp problem present or an undetected witch in the ranks. 7) One of the astartes assault veteran sergeants present on the world has finally gone loco. After a bad dust-up with a pack of lictors, he lost his squad and his mind. He's screaming about blood for the blood god and skulls for the skull throne. Strangest thing is that within hours twelve street gangs from the nearby hive had come out of the woodwork with their knives and stubbers painted up in red and howling along with him. Was this planned by some daemonic force from the beginning? The general in charge doesn't want this to be cleaned up by that marine's brothers, by the emperor, he wants some professionals to put this down. Call in the deathwatch. But what happens when the marine's buddies from the first company decide he's really their problem... 8) Whenever things are bad. Whenever the chips are down. Guess who shows up to throw a wrench in the works? The frakkin' Eldar. A bunch of lithe freaks in flashy armor with all kinds of silly tiny weapons show up. Worst of all, there's an inquisitor with them and we have to listen to him! He's even got all his paperwork in order. Who gets to escort this clearly suicidal inquisitor and his little band of harlequins off into the tyrannid infested forest on some unkown mission? The deathwatch. That's who. 9) Remember that temple of saint Frank we had to defend? Well, it turns out the ecclesiarchy forgot a couple of relics when they packed it up. Nothing important to the locals you know, just to some cannonness off on crusade. Well, on crusade nearby. Well, on crusade here now actually. Another hot potato nobody wants to touch has arrived. Guess who gets to cut back through the lines with a group of mad abbesses setting the pace? Send that kill-team that already knows the lay of the land. 10) They hit the ammo dump. The characters look around in shock as they pick up themselves up out of the pieces of the nearby guardsmen. Armor dinged up, low on gear. In the middle of a major assault. This was a week scheduled for rest and meditation. Who knew the 'nids would burrow under that river. Is that a new type of 'nid over there? We have to live through this and we have to get to a more secure HQ. (for extra fun, throw this a four days before the exterminatus is tentatively scheduled. Then have a message go out that it's been bumped up to today.)
  9. major shultz said: Actually Let make the 2nd and 11th legions all Feline Marines. And they were purged..... All purged? That's a heck of a hairball.
  10. Bluephoenix said: 2) jump pack removes bolter magazine capacity and replaces it with bolt pistol cap, grenades also reduced to 6. Just an idle thought, shouldn't assault marines have more grenades than tac marines and not less?
  11. bmaynard said: A lot can be said for the 10req it costs to get a dipole-maglock chainsword for those 'uh-oh' moments. Word up. The above is a PSA for savine your bacon.
  12. Cifer said: However, wether or not your character has +20 to carouse (or, God forbid, wrangling!) will seldom mean the difference between life and death That depends on whether the SW happens to bring his pet wolf along... Or if the Squigs are in season.
  13. Just wondering aloud here, has anyone gone through the numbers on how dual wielding handflamers in melee would work out? It's a classic model image that's stuck with me since old TT play and I'm considering it as a requisition use for my assault marine.
  14. So I was heading over to a friend's house for a beer last night and I packed the Deathwatch core book in my bag to take to show him but my cat started making a lot of noise. Turns out she wanted me to leave the book so she could get her character together for the upcoming campaign to run parallel with the RT and DH campaigns in progress. Now the cat doesn't have a problem playing outside of species and has been really enjoying her Explorator in our RT campaign, but would prefer if her Deathwatch space marine character were a cat. So what are the options for Feline Space Marines? Could the lost primarchs have been a dog and a cat respectively? Would a space wolf rivalry ruin the party balance?
  15. I think the kicker for me is, "how close is the inquisition tied to the ecclesiarchy?" Neither are formally part of the Adeptus Terra. They cooperate, in that the SoB's work with the Ordo Hereticus as the DW works with the Ordo Xenos. The ecclesiarchy would have considerable issues with what the Chaplains have to say. I understand that the Astartes take a very different view of the emperor, as they are his descendants, from the view taken by the ecclesiarchy for the rest of the imperium. The primary ideology conflict would seem to be chapter cult vs. ecclesiarchy rather than chapter cult vs. inquisition (for chapter cults within three standard deviations of whatever the codex astartes has to say about chapter cults). The inquisition accepts both its radical and its puritan sides. They don't get along, but they still are under the umbrella of the inquisition and use its authority and its resources. So the inquisition, as an umbreall of authority and resources, would seem to be perfectly happy to have chaplains on board. If certain chapters beliefs (Mortificators from the Ultramarines novels for example) are extreme enough that the inquisition is looking into them as potential heretics, that may result in that chapter just not sending its chaplains and screening who it sends to the Deathwatch for brothers who won't (or can't) spill the beans on what the chapter cult hails to. But I figure that if the Ordo Hereticus is snooping around an Astarte's chapter's cult, then they would want to keep it on the downlow sufficiently that the Ordo Xenos didn't know and so that Chaplains from that chapter did show up at the deathwatch on territory more to the inquistor's liking. All in all, it seems that the Ordo Xenos won't care about differences in theology between the chapter cult and the ecclesiarchy as a matter of expediency, the Deathwatch has enough internal brains not to stick a Chaplain in a kill-team with battle brothers that will abhor him and lastly, chapters that are far enough out in wackyland with what their chapter cult preaches just won't send chaplains anyway.
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