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  1. Jack of Tears said: Zaphkiel said: So for future reference, just for the sake that everyone has a good experience, I suggest that anyone who GM's this game makes sure that at the very least, if someone goes up to a Lord inquisitor, you give them an Intelligence check before they get themselves killed. -Zaphkiel Most certainly agreed. The 40k universe is so rich and heavily detailed that it is nigh impossible for someone to simply step into the game with minimal knowledge and be expected to perform appropriately in any delicate scenario - especially one which could challenge a veteran of the game. I'm glad to hear you had fun and the incident didn't turn you off of 40k - hopefully your future adventures will be more successful. Well put all.
  2. I think if they do expansions for this, they'll probably concentrate on more well-known battles first and mix them in with a few surprises. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Borodino-based expansion at some point. At least that way, they can even quote Tolstoy in the adverts!
  3. Naomi Novik's "Temeraire" series are pretty good Napoleonic fantasy books, but I don't think they've been put into a game yet.
  4. Ruvion said: I'm going to put on my prophetic visions cap and guess that the next big box expansion will largely boost the Order races and make the game more controllish than what's permissible by today's rush prone environment. If not, then the upcoming Enemy BP cycle will address it I'm sure (I remember reading a post about someone talking to Marketing VP, Mr. Horvath about the rush concerns). Since BP cycles are 6 months long growing affairs, Deluxe Expansions of 120+ cards can serve as quick and timely injections to direct the card pool's growth in a "positive" fashion (what's positive is FFG to know and for us to guess). Crystallizing the themes on each of these Deluxe releases to make it appetizing for all factions cannot be too hard, can it? It's good to know someone's being talked to about this - at home, W:I isn't getting played as much as it used to be simply because of the fact that playing straight faction decks favours Destruction and the kids won't go the baddies so they find it a bit frustrating. I mean, we haven't even picked up Assault on Ulthuan or the previous two BPs. Are they good?
  5. The Boy Named Crow said: Thanks for the input! I like the power-field concept. The character does have a melee focus. I'd also like to hear any other ideas on possible non-weapon upgrades/attachments anyone has. I hade thought that a possibility might involve heavy augmetic reconstruction of the lower face and interface of the instrument with the Vox system, possibly allowing you to produce an unsettling effect similar to the subsonic dirges of the Tech-Priests. Then again, that's just me wanting everyone to be brought closer to the Machine God.
  6. Alasseo said: Jack of Tears said: [snip] Effect similar to how stubbers work, preventing eavesdropping instrumentation from working. An effect allowing it to disrupt communication devices in an area - so enemies can't communicate with one another. [/snip] I think you mean "stummers"*, not stubbers: stubbers are (generally cased) SP weapons. Stummers are devices that use signal analysis and destructive interference to damp sound in an area. *Stummer: from "schtum" (as in "to keep schtum about something"), a loanword from one of the (other) germanic languages, probably yiddish, although I'm not certain about that It would be very hard to eaveson someone if they've shot you, though.
  7. Great swathes of Shakespeare relfect this, and I feel it's very eerily and eloquently stated in Ran and Throne of Blood, both of which look long and hard at the price of ambition. Also, real-life figures with boundless ambition? There are too many to choose from! Maybe Napoleon would be a good example to start with.
  8. For the sheer callous bleakness of Imperial Society, films like Brazil work quite well - though they're more suited to Dark Heresy than the Final Frontier of Rogue Trader.
  9. E.X.A.-Puggy said: If he has a decent weaponry skill i'd say turn it into a power axe. Depending on how MeTaL he is, it may already be one. But yeah, I was going to go with Power Weapon or chainblade or something. Chainblade could potentially be disastrous, though.
  10. MILLANDSON said: Not in my case, where I generally roleplay at my university's RP society (which I used to run) and has about 70 members. Plenty of other people for me to invite to the game who I know can roleplay without being a munchkin, and no need to spare his feelings about it. I'm not 100% sure why you feel there's no need to spare someone's feelings on the issue. It just seems to me that a civil "look, this isn't how we generally play this sort of a game", followed by a short - if possibly patronising - discussion about what the group usually expects and how that is fun for them might be a better long term solution than a method that could come across as needlessly belligerent. Even if, to use your example, the game is taking place at a University Roleplaying Society, the player you've given the high hat to is still going to be around at the Society (if you're lucky - if not, they're probably just going to leave and do something else). The posturing might sound good at the time, and might make a point, but it will in some likelihood lead to long-term problems.
  11. MILLANDSON said: I find it quite easy to fix that as a GM, using 3 simple steps. 1. Read horribly powergamey/munchkin character sheet; 2. Look into the eyes of the player as I tear the sheet up into little pieces; and either 3(a). Hand him a new sheet and tell him not to be silly 3(b). Tell him this isn't the group for him Pretty simple really. Thankfully though, none of my players are like that. They, you know, come up with non-powergamey characters that are primarily based around their personality and character rather than "lol, I can has 100 strength to hit things lol". Problem is, though, that you know this person and are probably friends with this person if they are a member of your group. I think some of the less overtly confrontational methods, such as just straight-up talking to the guy, are less likely to make him go on the defensive or hack him off.
  12. I agree with MD Gibson. It may be difficult to broach the subject with the player, but think of it in terms of potentially causing resentment and irritation when the campaign begins.
  13. The question is, why is he trying to overshadow the Arch-Militant and everyone else in combat? Surely that's not the point of the Explorator, and it kind of goes against the whole ethos of a group dynamic.
  14. Also, some quality of mercy will move the whole discussion - mercifully - away from the rather creepy nature of the initial post.
  15. I strongly suspect that the "manned satellite" station idea would, within a year, end up with at least one of the Astropaths going nuts and killing the others. Either that or, you know, Orks, or raiders, or warp storms, or whatever. The Expanse is uncivilised space and nothing, no matter how powerful, will deter everything that lurks out there in the deep horrid darkness. Communications would go down all the time, and you'd be chewing through Astropaths like The Emperor with a bad case of the Soul-Munchies. Further, RTs don't strike me as the type who would stint the setting-up of their own choir and have their communications handled by a third party (I was going to say "a third party they don't trust", but that's pretty much a given) just to save a few thrones on their Space phone bill. As far as I can figure, a Rogue Trader won't get anywhere by entrusting important messages to strangers.
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