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  1. So I put together stats for a Mandalorian Crusader class Corvette and I’d like to ask for a little peer review. What do you folks think? Do you see anything you’d change ? Crusader Class Corvette Sil: 5 HT: 55 Spd: 4 SS: 25 Hdl: -1 Armor: 5 Crew:80 Hyperspace:1/12 Shields: 2/2/2/1 Weapons 12 Point Defense Quad Laser Cannons (5 Port, 5 Stbd, 1 Dorsal, 1 Ventral) Rng: Close, Dmg: 5, Crit: 3 Accurate 1, linked 3 Advanced Targeting Computer (upgrade all attack checks once) Point Defense ( treats Corvette as one silhouette rating lower for purposes of calculating outgoing fire)
  2. Have the devs given any guidance on what is allowable as alternate starting ship(s) for an AOR group? I believe I heard something on the topic for EoE but wondered if there was anything for AoR? Thanks
  3. Does anyone have deck plans for an Arquitens Light Cruiser/ Jedi Cruiser that they'd be willing to share ?
  4. Ok, let me clarify. Would anyone be interested in FFG creating/selling these? I'm hoping that if enough folks say yes they will start selling them.
  5. Would anyone else be interested in Force and Destiny centered adversary cards like they made for Edge of the Empire?
  6. So I was reading the stats for the Miy'til in Keeping The Peace yesterday, and have a couple questions: 1. Is the concussion missile really meant to be single shot (limited ammo 1) ? 2. Is it meant to be silhouette 2 instead of 3? Both would be very much in keeping with the fluff but I just wanted to double check before I start trying to fly it. :-)
  7. Hello, Can anyone tell me the intended experience level for Mask of the Pirate Queen? Is it starting characters ? Or more experienced? My Characters have about 200 earned XP each. How much would I need to tweak Mask to make it work?
  8. Yes, I would love to buy those minis. Assuming they were reasonably priced.
  9. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to run through the beginner box game? I am planning on running it for a group of experienced Roleplayers. I appreciate as many people as will answer even if their answer duplicates someone elses
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