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  1. hi im sorta new to the forums but heres what i need/want.....


    level 1 SR goofy

    level 2 SR goofy

    level 3 SR goofy

    level 4 SR goofy (set 2)

    level 3 SR beast

    level 0 SR chip and dale

    level 4 SR sephiroth

    promo tigger foiled

    flag sora foiled

    ultima weapon



    promo event 1

    captain pete SR

    level 3 sora SR (set 4)

    level 1 roxas SR (set4)

    oogie boogie SR

    level 2 beast SR

    crescendo SR

    hades SR

    level 1 mickey mouse SR

    parasite cage SR

    level 3 simba R

    winnie the pooh R (set 2 &3)

    level 4 donald R (set 4)

    kingdom key R x3

    dark riku R

    and for sephiroth i will be willing to depart with my promo kairi


    since i am new i am willing to send first as long as u have a good rep


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