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  1. are dark/villian and nobody's qualify for the uniqueness rule. cuz i know a few decks based on undead pirates/dusks
  2. awww i didnt make it in the first five =( better luck next year
  3. when you challenge a dark player and use ultima weapon and win the challenge does ultima weapon's effect go off?
  4. thats the way i've played against it.
  5. hi im sorta new to the forums but heres what i need/want..... wants level 1 SR goofy level 2 SR goofy level 3 SR goofy level 4 SR goofy (set 2) level 3 SR beast level 0 SR chip and dale level 4 SR sephiroth promo tigger foiled flag sora foiled ultima weapon haves promo event 1 captain pete SR level 3 sora SR (set 4) level 1 roxas SR (set4) oogie boogie SR level 2 beast SR crescendo SR hades SR level 1 mickey mouse SR parasite cage SR level 3 simba R winnie the pooh R (set 2 &3) level 4 donald R (set 4) kingdom key R x3 dark riku R and for sephiroth i will be willing to depart with my promo kairi $$$$$$$$ since i am new i am willing to send first as long as u have a good rep
  6. yes equipment follow the uniqueness rule....... if only valor form sora can have 2 olympia on the collisium mmmmmmm 21 attack
  7. i have no problem with heartless not being unique but shouldnt dark/villians be? I understand that there is an unlimited of heartless in the game but there will only be one villian. thoughts anyone?
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