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  1. I have a need to run the dawn of war 2 campaign in either one of the FFG 40k rpg systems. Aiming at doing the Chaos Rising or Retribution campaign. Though I intend to set it a long time after with a group of players playing Black crusade characters. Though I am in need of the maps in printable format from the dawn of war 2 games. I am NOT a modder, so I don't have a clue how to get the campaign maps from the game in a printable format, I've been internet searching and all i can find is the player made maps for the skirmish mode. and they are sga files. (anyone know how to turn sga files into a printable format?) Can anyone direct me to someone that knows how to get the campaign maps from the game into a printable format for RPG use??? Or better yet, someone that worked there making the dow2 game. I just would love to use the campaign maps. Does anyone have any idea or any other advice how I can get them. I am surprised that it hasn't been mentioned on the ffg 40k forums already. Fingers crossed I suppose?? lol
  2. Who are eldath leisure games, cant find them on the net! could you provide a link or their details?? thx sorry misread the wording, he put no , in it thought he was talking about eldath leisure games, but its leisure games……..DOH!!
  3. Santiago, i have a question if you will? Is there any correlation between the vehicle rules as written in Into the storm, and GW's Imperial armour books, something akin to armour thickness equating to armour value, or is it just made up numbers with no comparison to the Imp armour books. I ask because i have access to all of them, and would like to know if any of them can be converted to RT with any accuracy.
  4. **** that stupid amazon, i got an e-mail from them this morning 12th september, saying...........yes you guessed it, delay in blah smeggin blah! estimated arrival smegging date 22nd september, smeggin gimboidz. AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow, i haven't got the book yet, and i'm allready feeling worried, sheesh ffg what happened, where you all asleep when this was being prepared. Hopefully my mate will get me my copy when he pops into eclectic games in reading tomorrow, i can't wait for mid bloomin october from amazon uk. Lets hope theres not too many mistakes. I suppose, that's what you get when you print a book on the other side of the world, so you can't check the print run yourself.
  6. Fatpob, Meph, I've still got estimated delivery date of Deathwatch as 13th September on amazon uk, i'm a Amazon prime suscriber, but the main advertisement for the book has changed to the 20th, but still they tell me the 13th. WTF?????
  7. I'm in the uk, and i'm an Amazon Prime user, and Amazon uk says my expected delivery date for Deathwatch is 13th September, but Rogue Trader: Into the Storm says Expected Delivery 13th to 14th October. If what Number 1 (or whatever it is) says is accurate about Eclectic games in Reading getting into the storm next week, i'll get my mate who lives in reading to get me a copy of it from there and cancel my amazon order.
  8. WOOPS, did not see the ask the dev's thing, and i certainly didn't mean to bad mouth any of the FFG people including Millandson , And NO'1 (Whatever his name), i honestly thought that Millandson was a Lucky Git (i i i....mean) Playtester, who gets the pre-production copies to play with months in advance, i didn't know he writes for FFG, i honestly have no clue as to what (Riker).....i hate alphanumeric names, so i'll call him (Riker), actually does, Sorry (Riker). What i meant to say was they don't comment on anything we put on the forums, you even don't see them on the section called Rules Questions, apart from the two people you thankfully pointed out, Millandson and Riker.
  9. There seems a huge amount of debate on this thread about the Nids, and to be precise "Canon" to the ...rather shacky "Canon" that is GW's Warhammer 40k. There is a saying that i have used on many, many occasions....... "If the RPG that you are running, As GM, has an Established Timeline/backstory or is based on a TV series/Film series/Novel series, or in this case a Tabletop wargame, then the following should be remembered at ALL TIMES, You are GM, you are running the game, so you are GOD in the game, what you say as gm in regards to "Canon/Timeline blah blah" goes, if you dont like a particular aspect of said "Canon" either ignore it entirely, or alter it to fit YOUR UNIVERSE, YOUR GAME" BOO YAH!!!
  10. Amazon uk is still telling me, 14th September, for Deathwatch, but annoyingly 15th October for Rogue Trader into the storm. I'm currently running RT, so into the storm for me is needed, badly. Why is it that you never see any FFG staff members on these forums, the only time we see them, is when they have a designer diary, or upcoming new book to tell us about???? At the other RPG companies their staff are regularly on the Forums, Cubicle-7, the owner/boss regularly chat on the boards, Mongoose Publishing the same thing, so why are FFG so "Customer Unfriendly"?. Urr why am i now getting double line spaces when i press enter, to get to a fresh line, **** and blast it!!
  11. Just had a thought, try and find, either through exploration and/or researching databases the location of a Space Battle where there is a Space Marine Vessel. Go through the motions of acquiring "The Rights of Salvage" and viola! Adeptus Astartes Equipment and Weapons and all the Astartes ammo you'll need for a loooonng time, don't think you'd get the rights to keep a Astartes ship though, that does depend on the GM.
  12. Good to here that there's nothing wrong, but........... Shipping each copy with a Dead thing in it, is gross...lol i think you meant "Tome", not "Tomb" as in "Coffin", FFGSteve.
  13. My Amazon uk pre-order for "Into the Storm" has been put back to "October 15th" ?. Anyone know what's going on, and why the drastic change of dates (2 whole months!!!). Dammit i want vehicles you Chaos worshipping fiends you"!. Seriously does anyone know???
  14. Why don't you get the player of the RT come onto these boards and explain themselves, there's plenty of us on these boards that are very dissaproving of their actions. Just imagine a Board of Inquiry at a Gross Misconduct Charge, Failure of Command (Resulting in Mutiny) Charge at a imperial navy installation as if you where all in the Navy. Personnally if that was the case, the verdict would probably be Death by Spacing, and the RT's Sibling would be granted the Warrant of Trade with a word from the Imp Admiral saying "We'll be watching you closely, Very Closely". So do you think the RTs player will come here to answer the charges??? How about a new thread called " The Board of Inquiry" that we can do this kind of thing on a regular basis in a way of a military tribunal, with some of us as judges and juries, so we can mete out verdicts for various crime's that players do, so we then give their GM's some fun and inventive ideas to punish them for their crimes. I think that'll be cool, it'll give me something to do with my spare time!
  15. The RT player is a bloody fool, it seems from what you've written, that both the Arch-Millitant and the Explorator seems to realize the RT is only out for himself, and they are playing his brothers, They have a say in what goes on as well, so its about time they spoke up, or even arrange a "COMPLETE AND TOTAL MUTINY" against just the RT, and have Yourself & the AM & the EXP all take Captaincy of the Vessel in a "TRIUMVIRATE" of sorts, and then Either have the diposed RT Mind Blanked or Lobotimized and put through a Crew Reclamation Facility, making him an almost mindless Survitor. And then when he runs away from the game in a huff, all of you playing should tell him stop being such an idiot, you can't run a Ship like that, let alone an entire Rogue Trader Dynasty.
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