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  1. There are two, maybe 3 of us from Toledo that are interested in this for sure. I know someone from Gen Con was trying to get a Detroit group together, perhaps this is you? We played a semi-mirror match 2nd round of the Joust tourney and I got waxed.
  2. I am getting ready to construct my first-from-scratch deck, have a question regarding agendas: (and will probably have more the farther along I get) Can I run a "The North" agenda along with another agenda? Specifically, can I run "The Rangers" along with "The Siege of Winterfell"?
  3. AsaTJ said: Huh. Must be how new we all are to the game, but we've never had a game end in less than seven turns. XD My game group is new as well. We have come to the conclusion that Val is in the stark deck for balancing purposes. We think without that card in there the Stark deck is a tad bit stronger than the other 3. Then again, we've only played 3 games so don't crush me if I am wrong.
  4. Thanks for the answers...I have two more: 1. Tournament-legal deck construction, is it a 7 card plot deck + 60 card house deck + 1 house card, or is it 60 cards counting plot deck? 2. Unique characters - If two players have the same unique character in the same deck, player A has a copy of that character in his dead pile, can player B play the unique character or is it dead all around?
  5. We've played 3 games so far. I have a couple more noob questions to ask. 1. Can you kneel multiple locations to reduce the cost of a single character? i.e., can you kneel Great Hall (core) and Stormlands Fiefdoms (core) to reduce the cost of Ser Axel Florent (core) to 0? 2. Do players have any right/access to look at another player's plot deck? If so, when? i.e., Dragonstone Port, can that player look through another player's deck or is he just guessing in the dark?
  6. Played my first game of this last night, and I am a fan. It has been a long time since I played a collectable card game (MtG, about 15 years ago). We had a couple questions come up that were not specifically adressed in the rulebook, and skimming the 23 page FAQ hasn't produced results. I apologize in advance, but I only ran a quick search on the forums and didn't find the answer. #1. Winter, Summer, how does it work? If it is not winter, is it assumed to be summer? I found through the forum search that there are only 3 cards available that make it winter? (or effective at making it winter)... #2. "I'm You Writ Small" L 165 I assume the "boon" description is not important unless a card were to come out targeting boon attachments. Does the attachment stay with card like a normal attachment? #3 Is there a hand limit? I know there is a draw cap, I haven't found anything suggesting a hand limit yet. #4 The big expansions that have house Martell and Grejoy, do they come with premade decks for these houses like the core set? #5 I blindly picked up 3 chapter packs while at the local gaming store. (Don't judge me, I had a 1.5 yr old in my arm and a 3 yr old that was REALLY interested in the miniatures tournament going on, I just had to buy and get out!) The "Epic Battles" pack I picked up actually was printed for CCG version, anyone know off hand if these cards are still OK to use? (Looks like an "epic phase" is referenced a lot in these cards) #6 Is there a good resource out there that will give me an idea of what I am getting in these chapter packs? A quick overview of some kind? I am too new to really benefit from the database sites I have come across #7 Any place to find some basic strategy that is not in forum form?
  7. jcikal said: Any idea if a second expansion for TI3 will ever happen? Who knows. My best guess is that they might announce an expansion on March 25, 2011.
  8. Saikoro said: bnorton916 said: Remember any fighters on a carrier are also lost if the carrier is destroyed. That is too much on one simple die roll, too much importance. Bill I think you your fighters can participate in the space battle but destroyed at the end of a space battle. Just like killing your Aircraft Carrier that support planes on a sea battle(for those who played Axis&Aliies). Well we usually use that rule and its kinda fair i think. Just let me know what you think about or if we are correct/wrong. My initial reaction is that you are wrong, because space mines are not a part of space battle, and the only time non-AF fighters can be unsupported is during space battle.
  9. Saikoro said: a single space mine can change the outcome of the space battle...it can be a real pain in the ***** and you may lost a lot of nice investments there That's actually what I'm afraid of. If they are extremely effective, then I fear they will encourage turtling.
  10. I suggest a local hobby store that doesn't sell merchandise online as well. I had to make a 2 - 3 hr. roundtrip to get mine. As far as knowing when it will be restocked, on the "upcomming" the expansion has been listed as needing a reprint since November.
  11. What are your thoughts on these? Should they be implemented in to our next game? We currently play with leaders, shock troops, either Imperial II or SE SCs, artifacts, and alternate objectives. I would like to implement space mines and facilities in our next game, but I am a bit concerned that the mines may lead to turtling.
  12. True to both posts above. We have only played one game with Imperial II.
  13. Haydon_5 said: However if the Imperial Card was not chosen then you wold be left with the situation where that turn no objective would be turned over. I get the sense that this would lead to a long game. Why take Imperial II early if there are not many objectives out to be had (unless you had MR)?. At least in our games this would add no less than 3 more rounds of play.
  14. I figured as much. Sometimes the best way to solve a dispute is to take a table vote and consult the forums later.
  15. Interstellar Arms Dealers (political card) FOR: Players may pay 3 resources to immediately receive 1 destroyer and 1 dreadnought. These ships must be placed in any system containing a friendly Space Dock. Can this happen at a Space Dock under blockade? The player who was arguing that it could happen only had one space dock at the time and it was under blockade. The vote didn't pass, but I think it was going to get ugly if it did. I was of the "no" camp, basically using the logic that the game mechanics prevent "out of turn" combat, in which case that would have resulted in two different players' ships in the same system, ultimately leading to combat that would have needed to be decided.
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