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  1. Hi everyone. I am definatly not a forum frequent. I have about 3 jobs and a family id far rather be spending time with. But iceman01 told me of this games cancelation and it was more than enough to get me out of my hole. I love this game. more than most i think. ive been playing since dark path, well actually i can hardly say playing. more ive been purchasing. you see im from medicine hat alberta and i am the only ufs player in my town. if i wanna play, its a 3 hour drive to the next player. i am in full support of reviving this game in whatever format that happens to be. according to the numbers, there are approx. 1000 ufs players. thats not many. until two weeks ago, gaming has been far from a priority for me. im actually a semi pro breakdancer. i do shows and workshops all over canada and i used to aid in throwing national compatitions. in the breakdancing community, especially in canada, we are spread far apart. i was the only dancer in my town for about 6 years. but ive seen the culture grow and thrive. and even though the numbers of dancers in western canada isnt very large. we are still able to throw monthly events and see people show up from all over the country. i only say this because we are in a similar boat now. yes, we are a ccg, not a dance/sport. but the government is the same. wether or not we get rights to the game or not. it is us, the 1000, who own the game and control its future. breakdancing thrives because it has no governing body to look to for acceptance. each individual or group trains and grows on thier own accord seeking help and support from allied groups when needed. and we all train for the compatition and bragging rights of winning. each compatition is organized and run by its own governing body. whether it be an individual, or a group. the rules are basically the same throughout each event, but the tournament style and format are decided completly by the organizer. each person then decides wether or not to compete by those rules or not. i bring all this up because there is nothing stopping anyone from doing whatever they want with this. i myself could come up with my own set. post it online, and throw a huge event for it. $20 buy in, winner takes all kinda deal. and who would stop me? but i garentee i could get some hardcores to come out and play for no reason other than to get a few games in. im not saying that everyones ideas arent great. or that they wont work in bringing the game back. but what i am saying, is that regardless of what everyone else does. im keeping the game going on my end. by making up cards where needed. game styles where needed. and events as best i can. cause ive gone years with no support. playing games with only with people i just taught it to. im not to thirlled about the outcome of my favorite card game being determined by about 15 people. but all that aside. i have loads of experience doing promo and throwing events. i am well connected in the urban art world. i am a graffiti artist of about 10 years. i dabble i the graphic arts world. and above all else. i will do anything in my power to keep the game going. so please contact me if need be, marpocola@hotmail.com . im moving to calgary in a few weeks here, so ill be teaming up with iceman to help with whatever he has on the go. remember . id rather collect friends to play cards with. than collect cards to play my friends with. bboy domestiks, jfish crew.
  2. haha. ive noticed you around the forums here. my emails marpocola@hotmail.com. that way we dont have to spam the forums. are there a lot of players up there?
  3. Hey. Im the only... and i mean only ufs player in medicine hat ab. i frequent in calgary a lot and im looking for some ppl to play with. its been a raging pain in the ass trying to find ppl. so please, someone hit me up. im dying to play against someone i didnt have to teach.
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