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  1. SQ agents would be a good fit as the cell in Damned Cities, however Dead Stars focuses on the PC's racing against 3 factions to reach Haarlock- The Amaranthine Syndicate (a front for the Slaughth), the cult from Tattered Fates, and a rival inquisitor. If you take out Spectre cell 17, I'd put in some foreshadowing that there are rival inquisition elements interested in Haarlock. Of course, you could change one of the above factions for the SQ, or add them as a fourth faction in the race for Haarlock knowledge.
  2. I ended up doing pretty much the same thing in my campaign. I ended up changing the motivation of the Serrated Query from just being out for profit- ultimately they want to advance technological progress and use it to control the sector. So they overlap a bit w/ the Logicians, but who cares, my players don't get to read Disciples of the Dark Gods. I added in some adventures between Purge the Unclean and House of Dust and Ash where they found out more info on the SQ and learned that its leaders have become obsessed w/ acquiring Haarlock info and artifacts. They think they can use them to control the Tyrant Star, and they already managed to partially call it to the world of one of their enemies. Then have the acolytes hear about the Haarlock auction, and you're all set. I'm not using Tattered Fates, so the SQ become one of the main factions to deal w/; and a more interesting one then some raving cult loonies. One further connection: all the weird runes and tech that alters the space of certain locations in PtU can be traced back to discoveries made by Haarlock now exploited by the SQ.
  3. To whoever may have it- I have to ask. What, if anything, does it reveal about the Tyrant Star? What was Haarlock up to? What were your impressions of the adventure overall? (I've pretty much liked the adventure path so far, except for Tattered Fates) I'm eagerly looking forward to getting Dead Stars, and would like to foreshadow more stuff in my adventures.
  4. I'm finally going to give this adventure a go, and think I've got a good enough grasp on the game to roll w/ its more free-form nature. I think I can forsee what'll happen when the Widow speaks and all hell breaks loose. Once Greel paints a target on himself, the groups rank 6 psyker will unleash on him, likely killing him. Now, the group may get savaged in response, armed w/ only what weapons they buy at the auction, but I feel its likely Greel is gonna go down. It seems too easy (easy as in puzzle wise, not combat wise) to figure out where his big black sun amulet will go, and they may escape (or die) long before a supposedly tense 13 hours pass. Maybe I'm just assuming and they won't piece it together that easily, but I'm curious to hear of others experiences in making the end of the scenario exciting and fun. All the parts up to that I've got figured out, have some new campaign appropriate auction-goers, have some new items up for auction. Would love to hear of any other npcs or items that stood out for your groups.
  5. Hey all, I trying to come up w/ some ideas for our next game and wondered if you had any ideas. My group recently finished the last adventure in Purge the Unclean and they all (even the mutant hating cleric) ended up really liking the Baron. So when ordered to kill him by their Inquisitor, they balked and tried to convince him that having the Baron in power would give them more leverage in the world. The Tech Priest wants to reestablish relations between the Mechanicus and the mining world, and having the Baron in power could help them both. The cleric is growing increasingly disgusted w/ decadent nobles throughout the system (the group has clashed w/ them in earlier adventures). The taciturn psychic doesn't care too much about the Baron, but is interested in studying him to discover why he was the only one who could hurt the head demon-dealing cultist. Now I know I could simply say "No, he must die! Grim barbaric universe..." but they made a few decent social rolls to sway their inquisitor, and I'd like to not squash their enthusiasm to try and enact planetary change. Their Inquisitor is a Hereticus psychic who is willing to bend a few rules and believes in a psychic dominated future for mankind (though the players only have inklings of this). Any idea how to spin an adventure out of the situation? The serfs in the region are fanatically loyal to the Baron and he'll ultimately try to retake the throne. Maybe they could help him somehow? Infiltrate the queen's court? To be honest, I've been running pre-made adventures with only minor tweaks, so my adventure making skills are rusty. The situation seems to have potential.... What would you do in my shoes? Thanks for any replies in advance, let me know if you have any questions.
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