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  1. Thanks for your help Skowza. It really is appreciated. I will go back to the game (I've been busy lately) and better explain the problems I had to build the "Dire Wolf" deck listed in the Stark expansion. Your explanations are very helpful. Thanks for your time…..and effort.
  2. Ruffler said: Anybody home from Fantasy Flight that can explain WHY I can't build the suggested decks in the Lords of Winter expansion having TWO Core Sets and the LoW expansion,please? Thank you. So, FFG, what have you comeup with as an explanation, please? Not too many answers in this whole forum.
  3. Anybody home from Fantasy Flight that can explain WHY I can't build the suggested decks in the Lords of Winter expansion having TWO Core Sets and the LoW expansion,please? Thank you.
  4. I bought 2 core sets and all 6 Deluxe Expansions. I opened 3 of the expansions so far, Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister. I tried to build the "demo decks" that are on the printed material in the expansions, and wasn't able to find at least 2 cards in each expansion and core to complete the decks. "Sreets of Sisters" comes to mind. There are plenty of omissions as to where the cards are to be found as well. Normally Core Set would have the CS beside the card and LoW for Lords of Winter; the Stark expansion. Many cards did NOT have those letter designations. I had to rummage around in other expansions for the plot cards to complete the decks as well. Are there that many mistakes in demo decks in the expansions? Should I not have been able to build the Stark demo deck (for instance) from the 2 Core Sets and the Lords of Winter expansion only? Seems logical to me. Am I missing something here? Obviously I am a new player, but with lots of Magic:The Sink Hole experience…. :-)
  5. Ok, I'll put this horse back in the barn. I have a decent game collection; Euros from many companies, wargames, etc. Many of them provide convenient storage "in the box". Have you only bought your games from FFG? FFG makes terrific , hi-quality games, but with inefficient storage. A better "in the box" storage solution is all I ask. If it can't be done, so be it. Thanks to all that have given their opinions.
  6. To each his/her own preference re plastic bags. The nuissance for me was realizing after opening the box, seeing the load of bits (which is fine) but then having to supply bags from OTHER games, or just dump all the contents into the box, willy-nilly. Talk about "nuissance" setting up the next game if all bits are just dumped into the box.. Plano boxes are fine, so FFG charge me $5.00 extra but INCLUDE one in the game box.
  7. I know there are plenty of options, and thank you for suggesting them. I used about 10 or more GMT bags to store all the parts of CIV. The key to the last sentence is "GMT bags". The bags were INCLUDED with all GMT games. I'm asking FFG to find a more suitable storage solution than they now offer. I don't want to sound like a cheap-o here, but having to go to another store to get Plano boxes or plastic bags at additional expense, is a pain. Just my 2 cents. A storage container built into the box can't cost THAT much more or that difficult to design?
  8. I have quite a few FFG games, with the last purchase being Sid's CIV. I really enjoy FFG's games, but I must say that it's about time that they design a better storage compartment or at least include SOME extra bags (as does GMT) to store the parts after they are punched. I was at a game day fair yesterday, and I was going to teach CIV to 4 players using my friends unpunched copy of the game. I had to leave right after the explanation so I couldn't use my punched and "bagged" copy. When we opened the box, and saw that the game was unpunched, and that there was only ONE spare bag for about 200 (estimate) parts, we put it away and they didn't play. They didn't want to throw the parts willy-nilly into the large bags the boards are in at the end of the game. It would have been chaos to re-bag the game afterwards. So how about it FFG? You design great games; designing a storage tray can't be that difficult. :-) Thanks for your time.....
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