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  1. Oh. I see that now. Since we are not restricted with printing/packing concerns we could keep the board whole like in your mock-up photo instead cutting it in half like in Deep Realms. And the artwork is simply too nice to crop it Btw, as I understand, there are only four spaces on this board, right?
  2. Board artwork is exellent. Looks very "official" (probably because it's by the same artist as the official one ). I would add some subtle dividers between the spaces. On the first glance it looks like one big rectangle not four smaller ones. Simple black lines a'la main board should do. I would also ditch the white line borders. Maybe it's just me but they look strange. If you're willing to share the orginal artwork file I could work on it. I'm no artist but I can manage couple straight lines in GIMP Edit: I just noticed the exact same white borders on Deep Realms board. Still look strange but now I know where they came from
  3. Thanks a lot I'll be sure to check them out. My local gaming store also has a bunch of those, unfortunately all in Polish. My whole set is in English so I'm keeping those as a last resort
  4. Blast! I was just thinking to myself "OK, don't panic, you have 'till the end of february to get everything you're missing"... Now I'm panicking. Is it even possible to get Deep Realms anymore? Since they don't keep stock (print-on-damand) and they don't print it anymore... Any suggestions? You can pay too much for it through Amazon. Umm... Thanks but, no thanks. I guess I'll just wait ten years and then pick it up on ebay or some garage sale
  5. Blast! I was just thinking to myself "OK, don't panic, you have 'till the end of february to get everything you're missing"... Now I'm panicking. Is it even possible to get Deep Realms anymore? Since they don't keep stock (print-on-damand) and they don't print it anymore... Any suggestions? Edit: Apparently shortenning of "damnation" is filtered as an f-word
  6. As much as I would love to see Timescape released this particular theory seems a bit too far fetched to me. I think I red somewhere that GW wants to keep Talisman separate from Old World (and now Age of Sigmar). I can't recall if this was an actual info or just writers opinion but that's what my jumble of the memory and gut feeling tels me. As for using Timescape to travel between two main boards it totally makes sense but it seems too good to be true. Sorry for being wet blanket I hope FFG will prove me wrong
  7. In my experience even a small table is usually too big to reach the opposite side of the board even when playing something small like a Small World (pun not intended ). When playing with my friends we move each others characters/tokens/whatever as directed by the owner. A good rule of thumb should be reaching comfortably the middle of the table. On the other hand with a new expansion for Talisman just announced and IMHO posibility of new corner boards I would suggest a full 4X6 feet wargaming table
  8. The Cataclysm? What's next? Mysts of Kung-fu Panda? (I can't believe noone made this joke yet) Seriously now. I'm super excited with this new expansion. IF expansion might that be. Seems to me like a reboot. Which is not bad in itself but leaves a question how it will integrate with all the other expansions? I too was thinking about playing both boards - new and old simultaneously. Might be a challange. Anyway, any developement in the Talisman franchise is a good thing.
  9. Timescape or death! Yes! That! Join the Crusade Through Stars!!
  10. You could always shuffle dragon cards into the adventure deck like it was done in 2nd edition. Of course then your adventure deck would share 2nd edition's biggest flaw - overabundance of very powerful enemies. A real nightmare for the beginning characters. Obviously you would be able to tell if the dragon card is on the top of the pile but, well... It's probably a crude approach but it will speed up a game and might just work for you
  11. Happy Summer Solstice to you all too. We should light some bonfires and party all night long. Alas, in my part of the globe the weather is quite gloomy for a summer but we will drink nonetheless
  12. Felis


    Whatever do you mean? Nether Realm was designed by Jon from Talisman Island and published by FFG. For all intents and purposes it was made by FFG. As for POD Timescape... -> I've managed one game so far of Relic, but have played a lot of Talisman Revised 4e (Primarily because of the Steam Digital Edition). I agree that's its doable, especially with Print on Demand. FFG could do Talisman to Relic and Relic to Talisman set for the Core Games of just the Player cards and that would work. They could make a full big box expansion with the Timescape Board and the Player Cards for Relic and Talisman to do a transition. Then offer the other Player Cards as Print on Demand. It could work with just additional characters as POD. I would definitely buy a character pack like that.
  13. Felis


    Since I'm into Warhammer 40K (Tyranids rule ) I was really looking forward to Relic but when I tried it at one of the local conventions I was confused. It DOES say on a box it was based on Talisman mechanics but the gameplay is vastly different. The only thing simillar is board divided into spaces and rolling dice for movement. Game objectives are different, cards are different, characters are different (you actually can level your character)... I was thinking of merging Relic with Talisman but frankly I don't see how. Using Games Workshop games as an example it would be like merging Warhammer Battle and 40K. Edit: typos
  14. Felis


    I've proclaimed my love of Timescape many times in many threads already . For me it was inseparable part of the old Talisman experience. However I can't help but agree more and more with the people saying that fastasy world of Talisman and SF world of Warhammer 40K don't mix. I love WH 40K as well, by the way In the old days of Games Workshop all of their games were a little goofy and they didn't take them as seriously as nowadays. Today, however, everything is about continuity and setting and so some sacrifices had to be made (Squats or Fimir anyone?). I don't see them greenlighting Talisman expansion with space marine, psyker/astropath or chainsword in it. A pity really. I still hope for some kind of space themed or reality-shift expansion.
  15. Nice page layout, although I miss the old school look already ;P Oh, wait... nevermind! I've just found an "Old Site" button ^^; I don't believe you will be inclined to move and tag all archive posts will you? I wouldn't but then again I'm a lazy male donkey Anyway, it looks slick, it looks modern, it's easier to navigate (always a plus). Good work Edit: "Home" button apparently directs to the wrong catalog (http://www.talismanisland.com/wp/)
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