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  1. i live in a city where kingdom heart cards are hard to find when i opened the last three boosters at this game store i was disapointed that i didn't get the cards i wanted so im willing to trade super rare ariel lv.1 super rare tinkerbell lv.4 super rare owl lv.0 uncommon clayton lv.8 guard armer legs[common] lv.1 sora[uncommon] atlantica lv.3[common] lv.1 disneycastle[rare]
  2. this was built recently when i finally got a dark riku card in a booster: 1dark riku lv.3 player card, darks:1pirate 1creeper plant 1red nocturne 1screwdiver 1darkside 1angelstar 2barrel spider 1largebody 2sheltering zones 1bandit 2shadows 1bluerhapsody 3bit sniper 1pot centipede 1gargoyle 2gigantshadow 1soldier 2powerwild, worlds:1monstero 3traversetowns1,2,3 2agrabah 2deepjungles 2atlantica 1hollowbastion, attackcards:1divinerose 1soaleater 1oblivion 3pumpkinheads, magikcards:1fire 2cure 1thunder 1blizzard. let me know by sending me a comment. -omega12-
  3. hey this omega12 im looking for the freind cards:cloud, sepheroth and moogle in the light and darkness set of kingdomhearts[tcg]in m.codition or nm. condition. heres my list of cards im willing to trade since cloud, sepheroth and the moogles are my favorite final fantasy characters. i have set2 super rare tinkerbell lv.4, set1 super rare ariel lv.1 set3 super rare owl lv.0, set2 guard armer legs lv.6, set2 clayton lv.8 and these cards are in m.condition and nm.condition the clayton villion card is uncommon and the guard armer legs dark card is a common the common and the uncommon for the moogle card the moogle can be either super rare or just rare !
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