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  1. This is a great example! I'd love to see the rules you wrote, if you are willing to share? In my game - and remember the NPC is only 12 years old - the players had a fantastic time. One of them played well, and most likely "won". Two of them didn't know how to reply and ended up just fumbling insults, to which the 12 year old began to follow, until her father stopped the game with an uncomfortable smile. We all laughed a lot, so it was a complete success regardless of the things we actually said.
  2. Thanks everyone! There are some great ideas, and I appreciate the comments. The game is this Saturday, and I thought I would share what I settled on... "I enjoyed your opening comment, I hear children shouting the same thing at one another and it always makes me laugh." "Your wit is like a fishing pole with no hook." "Your words, they are like a blade with no handle." or "like a paper lantern in the rain." or "like a single chopstick at mealtime." "Whew, someone smells like early spring..." (interrupting) "Huh?? Was an inoshishi (wild pig) just caught?? Oh... you were speaking. I'm so sorry, please, continue." "Please, take your time. Someone so old as you can become forgetful, I can wait for you to catch up." (none of the PCs are older than 20 years) Everything else I am hoping to handle on the fly. Like I said, I just wanted a few written down in case I needed them, and you all inspired me.
  3. I've got a game coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping the community might be able to assist with something. In the game, the 12 year old daughter of a pivotal NPC enjoys sadane - the Rokugani game of insults (like all 12 year olds do, I suspect). My plan is that her insults will be pretty cutting, perhaps even vicious, but I'm just not that good at insults. So I'm looking for a dozen or so insults for her, that I could use in game. I mean, "I love your kimono, I remember my great-grandmother had one just like it" is cute and all, but I'd love more. Please post your ideas!
  4. I read a couple of articles about how all of the cast at Disney's Galaxy's Edge all have little back stories - basically they are all NPCs. I think it would be amazingly cool if FFG partnered with Disney and released a supplement for all of the cast characters.
  5. Your network cards resource is outstanding. Thank you for taking the time to do this and to share it with the community.
  6. I have 1.0.1, but I notice that the version is now 1.1.1. Looks like the odd font issue has been fixed. I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  7. Great job, thank you for sharing! For me, the font for both Brawn and Intellect highlight bold like all of the characteristics when they are selected to change, but unlike all of the other characteristics, Brawn and Intellect do not un-bold. As an aside - why did you secure the file? I like to remove superfluous images before I print, or tweak fonts depending on character.
  8. I was hoping there might be something along the lines of what @venkelos mentioned, since the Jedi are gone and most of the Force users are just sort of making their way and figuring it out on their own (okay, maybe that is how I see it). But the RAW don't seem to support that (though Learning As You Go seems like it might be a good way to do so). A Holocron might be a good alternative also, but that feels kind of Deus Ex Machina that I just happened to find the one Holocron that details exactly the single technique I'm interested in. Again, the character is just fine as she is - I was just seeing what options might be available to develop one's own talents based on 'in game' trial and error and experimentation. She is just seeing what works and trying to make the most of what she can do, after all. Thanks again all!
  9. Oh agreed, it is a nice specialization. And if we were playing a game where my character could legitimately learn that style, I'd be all over it. But since she is adapting her own melee weapon style with the lightsaber (thus the choice of Shii-Cho), I was hoping there might be a little more flexibility with Talents. No worries though, she is still a scary combatant. Thanks again!
  10. The more I searched, the more I realize I'd just need to purchase the Niman Disciple Specialization as well. But it really makes no sense. Thanks everyone.
  11. Hello! My apologies if this has been asked and answered already, I have been searching, but haven't found anything. I've got an Aggressor character that has one Force power, Move, and she practices using it with her lightsaber techniques at every opportunity. Since she took a second Specialization (Shii-Cho, it made the most sense since she is self trained), I only recently noticed the Force Assault Talent from the Niman Disciple. This is exactly the kind of thing she practices. Are there RAW that allow for Talent creation (or in this case, adapting the talent from another tree)? I've been searching, but the closest I see is the 'Learn While You Go' from Keeping The Peace.
  12. Flyndad - and anyone else who has used these. Did you write up a master clue chart for when to hand them out? Or how did you handle that? I'm running Eye for and Eye this Friday and plan to use the cards, but since Steve (the original creator) apparently did not share his master clue chart I am wondering how people handled using them.
  13. As much as I love cards and chits and tokens and bits and bobs, I agree with you on that point MorioMortis. However, I'm talking specifically about the dice mechanic - Narration System, or whatever FFG is calling it. What began with WFR3 and was refined with EotE. I think it would be a perfect opportunity to present the 40K setting much like Star Wars is being presented. They could rework the whole shebang again only with the beautiful dice mechanic they've created. I don't particularly care about backwards compatibility because 1) I hate d100 systems and 2) setting material will always be compatible. Anyway, I was simply lamenting and curious if anyone else had the same disappointment. A set of mechanic a lot of players dislike because it requires users to buy a lot of extra material. A lot of WFRP 1e and 2e players did not move to 3e because they felt the added peripherals didn't add anything, and they felt the system was just more finicky. Plus, the lack of backwards compatibility didn't help; 2e was similar enough that conversions from 1e where possible (including the always excellent TEW, if you ignore SRiK and change EiF for the fan made alternative), but many where initially turned off 3e when it didn't even have all the lores in core. The fact that the system is dependent on a lot of material means that it is nearly impossible to include all the stuff people want inside the starter kit, forcing people to buy more stuff with more peripherals to play things that where core in the previous edition. The fact that the system is also difficult to plan online, and more expensive due to the material, is also something of a turn off for many.
  14. I think FFG missed an excellent opportunity to rework Dark Heresy with the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay/Edge of the Empire dice mechanics. Alas.
  15. Point. Let's hope your supposition is correct. I'd have prefered a complete Player's Guide myself. I mean, if they ran out of ideas for filler, Forge World has hundreds of vehicles that could use some stats - it is a Guard game after all.
  16. So that is disappointing. Anyone have any idea why this is the only Player's Guide that is less than 255 pages?
  17. I have two Beginner's boxes and have 5 sets of dice on order… I like a lot of dice available at my table.
  18. Tassedar said: has all changes in it so yep Very much appreciated, thank you,
  19. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - I've been scouring the topics but have yet to find the answer. Is the Final Update for week 11 all inclusive? Meaning, do I need anything from the prior 10 updates? Or can I simply print out the Final Update and have everything I need? Thanks in advance.
  20. Thanks for letting us know it is available for pre-order. One of the GM kit, two core books, and five packs of dice should do the trick. Now the waiting is the hardest part…
  21. c8tiff said: But maybe to copy someone else's idea, the Core Rule Books for the One Ring, published earlier this year were in a Slipcase Cover, and tucked inside were the custom dice inside of a pullout plastic container. I am not a fan of the One Ring slipcase. The plastic tray scratches the top of the book, and continually wants to slide out and spill dice everywhere. I tossed the plastic tray, and now I am left with a too large slipcase that I'd rather not have and probably paid extra for. A hardback book and dice sold seperately is my second choice. A boxed set packed with maps and deckplans and dice and counters would have been my first…
  22. lupex said: However, I would be very grateful if FFG could come up with 2 additional pregenerated characters as my group usually runs with 5 to 6 PCs. I realize it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but for adventures with the 40K lines, there are always a couple of extra characters in a downloadable PDF.
  23. Or… these rules. I mean, setting is one thing, and rules another. I'd think the Beta would be perfect for exploring different settings as it has minimal background. Of course, you'll need to be comfortable reskinning what is presented, to fill in the gaps. But I think you should be good to go.
  24. I was hoping the final core book release would be a box set too. But this is an interesting compromise between a boxed beginner's set, which will give us dice, and tokens, and maps, and lots of goodies; and what I assume will be a hardback book release for the full core rules.
  25. This is a great thread. I am still awaiting the arrival of my book (just purchased it on eBay), so I cannot contribute. But would someone be kind enough to work up the Dug (that is, if requests are being taken)?
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