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  1. Hey all, So after a long hiatus, I'm gonna try to get back into AGoT, but I need to figure out if there's even any kind of players around me to make it worth sinking a lot of money into. I'm currently residing in SE Michigan, near Ann Arbor. Does anyone know of play groups within a reasonable driving distance of that, or even in the area itself?
  2. I'm actually in Ann Arbor. I've been wanting to get back into the game too, but since I've had no one to play with, it's been hard to motivate buying a bunch of cards and packs.
  3. Actually, Underworld isn't around anymore...it went under a long while ago. Quite unfortunate. Though now there's a place called Get Your Game On. There's also Vault of Midnight, but the first has more gaming space.
  4. The most active game store here in Ann Arbor doesn't have it, no...though they're pretty willing to buy stuff and plenty of room to play.
  5. I'm in the Ann Arbor area and would definitely be interested in playing, though I don't know how often I would have access to a car.
  6. Hypothetically, if one has a Veteran Sellswords on a quest card, and then that Sellswords flips to an opponent's quest zone, and then comes back to yours, can that card go back onto the quest? Or does that Sellsword now have to not be questing? More generally, when a card moves into a QZ, can it be put on a quest in that quest zone?
  7. I recently decided to start buying this game, but would like to know if there is anybody playing/thinking about playing in Michigan, specifically Southeast Michigan. I'm in Ann Arbor, so anything within that kind of sphere.
  8. I'd like a clarification on the way that Shrine of Nurgle applies to damage dealt within the battlefield stage. For reference, the text of the shrine is: "Kingdom, Forced: After an opponent's unit is dealt damage during combat, corrupt that unit." Now, my question is whether or not the Shrine affects only damage dealt by units, or also by other cards. So, for example, if i have a Chosen of Tzeentch sitting in my QZ, does any damage dealt by its ability corrupt a unit? I'm imagining it something like this: 1. Battlefield phase begins 2. Declare target of the attack 3. In the action window following, use Chosen's action to damage a unit 4. Shrine kicks in an corrupts it Basically, it would be nice to know what classifies as damage dealt 'during combat' and what doesn't.
  9. Hey everybody, So I'm a long time fan of A Game of Thrones, and have been playing since Westeros, but when the format switched to the LCG, due to the switch and other circumstances, I kind of drifted away. I'd like to rectify that now, and have bought a copy of the core set for the LCG, but am wondering what the easiest way to build up a nice base of cards to start building decks would be. For those who have been keeping up with the LCG, how many of each chapter pack would you recommend buying? Does it vary from pack to pack, or would it be a good policy to buy a couple of each? How many multiple copies are found in the packs? Also, since many key cards only have a single copy in the core set, have people been buying multiple copies of that (I'd rather not, mostly because of the price). Also, some general questions on the format: are all currently released chapter packs tournament legal? And...can I use my old copies of reprinted cards in my LCG decks so, for example, could I throw in a couple copies of my old Retreat's since it's in the core set? Thanks!
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