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  1. Great times, looking forward to our next session!
  2. Until recently I thought all of the wave 2 squadrons were unique, meaning we'd only need 1 pack. But no, FFG is clever and also made them generics, meaning the crazed builder in me will eventually wany to field 5+ YT-1300s, or 5+ Firespray-31. And I just completed painting my Wave 1 squadrons!!
  3. VERY nice!! Can't wait to see them in person (I'm one of the guys from Buffalo from the meet up thread).
  4. Hi Chris and Steve, I'm Paul. Chris, Tuesday at 5 is good for me. I'll get back to you about my bud later today. I pulled this quote from their facebook page: "Two Kings Gaming,June 22 at 11:44am · Monday: Warhammer Fantasy: The 2015 Summer Campaign starts today at 5pm! Stop in and talk to Gavin for details. X-Wing/Armada casual play at 5pm "
  5. That date should be good for me, but July 8th is a Weds? I can't play on Weds. 2 Kings has X-Wing/Armada casual play at 5pm on Mondays. Do you want to play on Monday or Tuesday? I could get there any time after 4:30ish. Are we playing 2v2? Initially, that would be best for me.
  6. We could play 2v2 soon, with one of my meetup friends helping me. I'm sure they'll oblige.
  7. I'm in!! I know they play a lot of X-Wing at Collectors so I planned on going there sometime, but anywhere is fine. I have a limitation right now. I just had rotator cuff surgery and only have the use of 1 arm for the next ~6 weeks? I'll find out more at my Weds doctor appountment. I've tried manipulating ship dials and squadron activation sliders with 1 arm and it seemed futile. I'd hate to have someone move and manage everything for me. Anyways, I'm definitely interested and my Meetup group has 2 other players. We should be good to go. How should we arrange a date/time? Email? Texts?
  8. Worth mentioning, I bought 5 of each Wave 1 Fighter pack. It gives the option to field lots of 1 type. Keep in mind, if you are painting your sqaudrons you are dramatically increasing your work load. I'm still painting my Wave 1 squads....
  9. I live in a suburn of Buffalo. Some folks in my meetup group have and play Armada, including me. Lots of game stores here, one that runs X-wing tourneys. I havent talked to the owner about Armada yet, but plan on it.
  10. Thanks folks, I'll paint the uniques as we have them now, ... and jot down my scheme so I can reproduce it later. :>
  11. I'm currently painting 1 squadron in each type (TIE bomber, X-wing, etc.) in a different paining scheme, for every unique squadron card. So, I have 10 B-Wing squadrons and have painted one of them in a different way to identify the only unique B-Wing, Keyan Farlander. I painted 2 of my TIE squadrons in a different way, one for Howlrunner and another for Mauler Mithel. Do you think FFG will release more unique squadrons cards for existing types, in upcoming expansions? While I'm in a painting frenzy, I'm considering painting an extra squadron of every type with a different scheme now, but I think I should just wait to paint more uniques as/if they are released. I have't collected the X-Wing mini game so I don't know what they did with that. Thanks!!
  12. I primed mine with Gesso and, being a bit goopy, took away some of the scuplt details du to the smallish depth of the scuplts. Its ok, but a bit muddled.
  13. Great work. Your A-Wing schemes lokk EXACTLY like mine. I'll post my lot when I'm done in ~2 weeks.
  14. Excellent info Graf, and very good English. I'm relieved to hear about new setup rules. In our last game it took us almost an hour and half (no joke) to finally come up with a valid starting setup. We almost stopped playing before we started.
  15. I'm happy to hear they are releasing the revised rulebook, compatible with the original game. I hope it comes out within the next week, we plan on playing on Nov 3rd!
  16. The expansion looks great with one major exception, no new campaign. This isn't acceptable. Every expansion should have at least one new, complete, campaign, and mini expansions could only be new campaigns. I'm shocked FFG can't come up with a new campaign for this expansion. Why go 1/2 way in creating 5 new quests when you could create a handful more and have a full campaign?
  17. Last year FFG was selling "Blood Bowl: Team Manager" for the first time. It wasn't available to non-GenCon attendees until October if I remember correctly.
  18. Whoohoo, finally we get some info, and best of all it looks like fantastic gameplay elements, namely the dynamic campaign system and included campaign. I can already see campaign expansions that have a new campaign and the bits to support it (tiles, objects, etc.). Best part is they said this was preview 1 of more coming in the week. Can't wait!
  19. Aaediyen said: As long as the rules are concrete they can take all the time they want. We were playing Sea of Blood tonight and I had to fudge a bunch of house rules with the Kraken luitenant because it is just a complete mess. We played Sea of Blood twice before putting it away for good due to numerous rules issues and lack of support from FFG. I had hopes for a better rulebook than The Road to Legend but in many cases it was as bad or worse.
  20. I'm hoping the long and quiet delay is a signal that they are putting far more time and effort into (all absent in Descent 1): Making the game balanced Creating rules that cover all conditions Streamlining gameplay so it doesn't take a long time to setup, play, and break down
  21. I was hoping FFG would release the Descent rules to the public before the game mastered (gone gold) and is sent to manufacturing. We all know how poor the Descent 1 rules were/are. I would hate to see this happen again, and with the size of a Descent type game, it probably will unless they allow fresh eyes on their rules. All of us here could offer tremendous proof-reading, play-balance, and insight BEFORE the manual and rules were finalized. Unfortunately, I don't see them choosing this path, nor do I see the resulting rules being as solid as they should (past poor record for Descent). They could even release them to a chosen set of groups to test/proofread them. Having another rules debacle is my biggest fear for Descent 2e. FFG, consider allowing others to help you out here. I recall countless errors, play-balance issues, ommisions, and missing rules within 2 days of the Descent 1 rules being released, but unfortunately the rules had already been finalized. Not good.
  22. Scy800 said: I am hoping for a system similar to the one FFG uses in Gears of War. In that game, when you die, you are "bleeding out". Another player can however give medical aid to another character and resurrect him. The players lose the game if all characters are "bleeding out". Just imagine all the nice skills and items you could create to make heroes better at aiding their fallen fellows. Or monsters who could disrupt this process. Could give some interesting situations! This is the perfect solution. We're also in the camp that thinks the DIE -> POPUP mechanic is beyond goofy. I REALLY hope they implement something along this suggestion. Make it so!
  23. I like that defenses aren't fixed anymore. Like the preview said, knowing exactly what you needed make for ponderous calculation and less than exciting results. I don't mind losing the Overlord's Threat chips, as this should speed up play (Descent needs all the speeding up it can get). I do hope they found a way to make it so that the Overlord's deck can contain all cards in the game, not just the ones everyone knows are better. Most Overlords ignored a good 50-75% of the cards when building their deck, because a small subset were just way better than the others. I wouldn't mind a random subset of cards for the OL deck.
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