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  1. Is the uncut sheet of the Super Rares? Rares? or commons/uncommons?
  2. HAVE::::::::::::: Set 1: Sora Lv 3 SR #67 Goofy Lv 1 SR #71 Goofy Lv 3 SR #73 Bamby Lv 4 SR #88 Dumbo Lv 3 SR #90 Set 2: Beast Lv 3 SR #102 Parasite Cage Lv 7 SR #118 Destiny Islands Lv 1 SR #127 Set 3: Alice Lv 0 SR #77 Promo: Snow White Nonfoil Awakening Sora Lv 3 Foil ( just letting you know this card does not come foil) Other: Tip Card #2 Tip Card #3 only cards interested in are cloud sephy and the king.. make me an offer and ill let you know.. i also have a foil cid and im willing to downgrade for NF cid and somethin..
  3. what i have from your list 1x Yuffie Set 3 R 2x Kairi Lv 0 SR 1x OathKeeper Equipment 2x Oblivion Attack Card 1x Oathkeeper Attack Card 1x Ultima Weapon SR 1x The King 1x Sephiroth 1x Rai 1x Seifer 1x Pence 1x Hayner 1x Vivi 1x Samurai Nobody 2x Axel 3x Rings 2x Tinkerbell SR's Lv 0 Xx Excess Promo's you have 4 kairi foils 4 Fllag sora Foils 2 Halloween Sora foils 1 Simba foil 6 flag sora NF 4 Rku NF 4 Kairi NF 2 Snow white NF email me an offer if youd like you can let me know about some MTG cards to.
  4. a whole lot is available full of 250Srs 250 Rs and over 500 commons and uncommons accepting offers.
  5. every BoD SR is now 2 dollars with free shipping (yuffie and auron are 5 ea. may reduce depending on how much you buy) Paypal and cash accepted. gotta unload these things they take up to much space!!!!aldo have some old set SRs and foil promos, all $2 or less all rares %.50-$1
  6. i have a bunch of rares from Break of dawn and light and darkness at $2 some $1 each nothing higher just ask for quantities have everything except jack sparrow. Tgunnz1208@yahoo.com i accept paypal. cash accepted on orders over $10 but you will have to send first sorry. (will also trade in bulk for some magic the gathering cards if you have any for MTG extended then hit me with offers i have EVERY KH CARD so send me your wants with your MTG haves and we can work something out) also heres a link to my Break of dawn SR outlet on ebay and keep and eye out because next week ill rotate in more SR's. free shipping!! http://shop.ebay.com/don_illmatix/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
  7. Player card Sora Level 1 Level 0 Friends Megara x3 Level 1 Friends phil x2 Hercules x2 Cid x1 Level 2 Friends Hercules x2 King Triton x2 Pegasus x2 Level 3 Friends Hercules ADA x1 Hercules BoD x1 Hercules L&D x1 Beast x1 Friends Level 4 Auron x3 Attack/Equipment Oathkeeper x1 Oblivion x1 Ultima Weapon x1 Olympia -Equip x1 Technique Bushido x1 Shooting Star x3 Dark Stealth Sneak x2 Worlds Level 1 Olympus Coliseum x3 Destiny Islands x1 Worlds Level 2 Olympus Coliseum x3 Worlds Level 3 Olympus Coliseum x3 TOTAL: 41
  8. TheChampIsHere said: It all depends on one thing, not whether this game dies or not, but it all depends on whether they release it eventually or not. I think they will, why? They already put some of them mistakingly in boxes, which proves that they have copies of the card printed somewhere, because it isn't like one guy got the prototype of it, but there have been maybe 4 accounts of people finding it which proves that they have them, and what will they do with them? Release them eventually I think. If that does happen, DW lost a clear $130, if they decide to never release it, he made himself an OK still profit in my opinoin, I don't think any piece of semi-thin paper should be worth that much unless it is like the deed to a house or seomthing, but thats my opinoin. I don't see them releasing the card if the game dies so its pretty much the same thing. I mean there's not much one can get for $130 and i don't know anyones financial status $130 is a lot to some iffy for others, and toilet paper for the rest. I don't know how many deeds to a house someone can get for $130 lol but id love to find out. Plus i don't think they manual put them in the boxes them self. They could have just accidentally printed just a couple and they found there way into the boxes but i don't know. But we'll find out if its a good deal for them in January. Never comes out then good for them, comes out then not so good but you live you learn and at least they can sleep at night know they have one. Either way it works out for me . lol @dawn
  9. True, but if its never released it becomes priceless to some and $130 could be considered a steal. You have to look at it from both sides really. Some would rather have it now then the possibility of never having it at all.
  10. Not really a waste if in jan. they say hey were no longer going to produce this game sorry but enjoy the discounts on what we've already released.
  11. Top 3 offers were 1. $130 2. $125 3. $75
  12. SOLD! Thanks for the offers but i dont think anyone is going to beat the offer i got so im closing up a day early.
  13. Ok so with the money offers being so high i will not be placing this card on ebay because i dont think ill get what ive already been offered so instead i will extend the date of allowing you all to submit offers on this card until Thursday Dec. 17. So please EMAIL me all offers. Only accepting money offers Via Paypal so if you dont have paypal then you'll have to sit this one out.(unless the offer is out of this world then who am i to say no.). i'll Post the Winner and there offer next thursday. Thank you all.
  14. Darkwing Duck. And no i dont really need much but im not going to lie The King had me tempted but $35 +2 SRs is hard to pass up.
  15. well so far the highest offer was $35 (via paypal) and 2 SRs so im probably going to accept that seeing as most only think its wort $10-$20. But theres still time before i decide so if you want to beat that, cool if not ill be accpeting that offer on tuesday.
  16. Please make offers, im not really sure its worth and i wouldnt want to insult you by picking half your list and then getting yelled at lol. I have Pretty much Every card so you can offer anything and ill consider it because i could use doubles for my play groups.
  17. I got an extra sora promo in my Break of Dawn box. the level 3 with 5/2 support and all the people behind him so im going to offer it to the highest offer of whatever you have to bargain with. Money or KH card wise, if i dont like the offers here then you can find it on ebay on Tue. Dec. 15th. Post here or email me at tgunnz1208@yahoo.com i personally would prefer paypal if money is involved but its not Needed. Card has been sold thank you all for your interest if i ever get another one ill be sure to post in this section again.
  18. Choitz said: Two main reasons for the event card: 1) The event cards were ruled in Japan that they could only be play'd once per turn. We're tryin to make the game the closest we can to the original game, with the original rules 'n everythin. 2) In an infinite draw deck (please try the search function if you've any questions), the event card would potentially cause a player to lose all their life in one mass turn, a tactic which many would consider cheap. As for the Xaldin/Axel friend card use, other than the rulin made by Jaffer 'n Co., I'm not sure. My gamble is due to the wordin on the cards (original Japanese is the only way to read them...), Xaldin's spears only let Xaldin challenge twice without a huge fear of a discard effect, whereas Axel would have to discard his 'rings' in order to use the effect, makin it less 'broken'. So Axel's effect in the friend area wouldn't be that much of an advantage against an opponent, whereas a beef'd up Xaldin with double challenge effects would. Other than that, my assumption would be so people would run Axel as a World Runnin style deck, 'n Xaldin as an Aggro style deck. Thank You. Is there a site with the japanese rulings? or translations etc.
  19. just curious to know the cause of the event cards errata and why xaldins spears can only work as a player card but axel's rings work both ways????? thanks.
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