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  1. Well the Otaku bloodline was obsessed about horses and cavalary, so that surename was spot on.
  2. I've been drafted into a war. At first happy but now full of doubt. I joined a newly formed OW game and I have serious trouble fiting my character into the party. I play a comissar with stellar non-combat atributes but mediocre physical ones. I havent decided upon what skills and talents to choose from as I only had few times to look a the book. My problem is that the regiment was already created when I joined and for what I was told its a light infantry, long range, accuracy oriented group. I don't really know how to fit a comissar into a group which preferes long distance firefights with sniper rifles and on top of that an inteligent one as my Int is 38 and Fel 41. Any suggestions on how should I proceed?
  3. Thank you FFG. I was losing hope but you made my day. Time to buy the clans and maybe even this strange brotherhood expansion. I hope that after maybe a reinforcment expansion and probably a Tyrell alliance expansion there will be a scenario book It would bo so good if this was about to happen. I wonder how will they resolve the naval battle and how many scenarios will we get? 3 or 10? I only hope that the price won't be as high as for the core set . But oh man EPIC BATTLES, never played battlelore but I heard that epic was the pinacle of fun in that game and at last up to 8 player multiplayer option. No more excuses in my gaming group.
  4. It might be just as you said. I don't recall any game which was posted in the 'upcoming' section and wasn't realized. We even got gears of war after a long wait. I know that FFG main selling point is their reliability and giving the customers all the products they announce but in this case it backfired. I remember the inteview with the game creator at d6 generation podcast. He was very cryptic about what they had in mind for upcoming expansions in case some of the ideas would be tuned down.
  5. I don't know. It seems like FFG left BoW just like it left Battlelore. Few expansions and off you go. From my perspective the upcoming expansion is some kind of joke. I was really looking forward to playing some other houses. I bought first two expansions and was waiting to get my hands on some Beratheons or Greyjoys but then came those stupid ally expansions. Don't get me wrong, I bought the Tullys today and I will probably buy the Clans but the Brotherhood? Why did they even considered brotherhood a faction? It makes just as much sense as giving us Salladhor Saan's pirates or the never appearing troops of Greywater watch, oh I know maybe give us the Faceless men after that. I hope their mechanic will be that you dont have your own miniatures, you just take half of your oponents forces and fight with them. No new miniatures , cards or tokens needed. Just an extra scenario book and a small sheet for the new rules and you can bill the players next 30$ for this sweet expansion. I hope that people here have some kind of time machine and these big expansion for the premiere of the second season will come true or BoW will not get any more money out of my wallet. PS: Stannis and his crew are my favourite characters and I would gladly let all starks die if it would perserve the champions of R'hllor
  6. Yes you are right in the terms of rules. In AT only prowlers have stealth stealth ability. On top of that prowlers are usually characters that focus more on tactics, seeking out smart ways to defeat the oposition, outing skills and technique above strenght, that way during battle they are more alert, seeking unexpected dangers than warriors who focus on the enemy up ahead or mystics trying to chant spells.
  7. Greetings my Lords nd Ladies For some time I keep thinking bout the recent and the upcoming expansions for BoW. Sadly I didn't found any reviews or comments on whether the expansion is a nice addition to the base BoW or just something mediocore, only for people who really want the characters or collectors that buy every expnsion just for the sake of having. Please, share your thoughts on how the expansion enriched your experiance with BoW.
  8. Fauerholdt said: I have looked at BoW for time now, and would like to ask the following questions. I have played ToI a couple of times, and really enjoyed it, how complex is BoW compared to ToI? Furthermore I really liked the fact that there was a lot of avalible scenarios for ToI, not only in the basegame, but also in the desginer book, normandy expansion, fury of the bear, and days of the fox, and that the scenarios had a great replay valvue. Is this the same for BoW? How many scenarios are there in the basegame, in the warden of the west, and the north? And how is the replay valvue of the scenarios? The main differance in scenarios between ToI and BoW (I have both) is that BoWs scenarios are not only more objective based but most importantly balanced. It is something that FFG lcked heavyly in ToI. AS you might remember from your first games with ToI the scenarios where just horrible out of a couple of scenarios in the base game there were 2-3 balanced ones and to make matters worse the rest was so unbalanced that you didn't even had to play it to see it was just badly planned out. It was the min factor why i didn't play ToI much, because I had to look for opinions/reviews whether the scenario was a total waste of time or a proper gaming experiance. (After the first five I lost all hope in 70/30 chance of finding a good scenario) In BoW all scenarios are fairly balanced with the exeption of those that consist of King in the North/ RIckard Karstark (if you play wise it might only come down to proper strategy gints those leaders). But really the leaders are nothing compared to the scenario issue in ToI. Future expansions in both BoW and ToI have/might prove/n that FFG had strted taking seriously the aspect of starting scenarios
  9. Wow and i thought that haste was now a very powerful buff. Thanks Raith
  10. Raith said: One of the biggest advantages to Neo-kinesis is that ability for Haste markers to be used to pay off an Upkeep cost before you go through the maintainence phase replenishing your Action Points and then paying it out. Sorry but this one is incorrect Raith Haste alone cannot replenish the AP that was spent on Upkeeps. Let me tke out the sheet 1) Recovery phase 1. Strighter up characters 2. Recover action points 3.Recover gnosis points 2) Upeekp phase 1.Remove state counters (Here the haste gives you the additional AP 2.Remove bind points and make stability checks 3.Pay the abilities upkeep costs (here u spend the AP) 4. Determine the initiative 3) Action phase As you can see haste cannot buy you your upkeeps and keep you at your max AP at the same time. No present ability that takes place in the recovery or upkeep phase can do that
  11. Ok so Dereck is very old character but still powerful due to his stat and abilities. His neokinesis is much weaker than others and useless if not combined with neokinesis magnus adventage card that gives an additional lvl of haste with neokinesis. Its still 2 for 2, but be sure to notice that his neokinesis is an reactive ability which means it can be used outiside of derecks turn. This means that at the end of the round if dereck has 2 AP left he can shot Haste lvl2 to secure for himself 4 AP regenertion for the next 2 turns. Furthermore his Neokinesis unlike all others is unlimited which means he can go all the way to lvl 4 haste in 1 turn or just before the start of combat. In a 7 round skirmish game having 4 round haste in during round 2 means a lot. There are very few characters that cn counter-buff so thers only a slight chance this effort might go to waste. If those buffs are well laid dereck becomes a AP3 regeneration chracter with 8/5 attack and 12 defense. He's 2AP attacks are now as big threat as 3Ap special attacks of wissenshaft assault warriors and he still has bigger defense atributes. Btw don't bother with Neo genesis
  12. A small number of units is not always a bad thing, especialy when you are learning the game. First of all the black sun is the most versatile force in anima tactics ( took it from wissenshaft & samael). You don't have much troops now, but they can be customized in a variety of different ways. Its not just about learning how to use the unit in a variety of different ways. You use different buids of your unded units and learn how to use it. Its big advantage in the long run beacause most players stick to few learnd tricks with some characters and with each new buy they lose some of the learning curve. Mainly you don't see many Church players using Grey or Luzbell, or wissenshaft fielding Veronica or Feng yi. Even Cellia gets left out most of the time in favour of some power builds. Its not that this units re bad, but they are difficut to use. So stick with the releases you got and experiment as much as you can. A really crapy model can become the center of your strategy if you know what to do with him When you get to know. What your black sun lacks, look at the wanderers. They are mostly used to fill the gap. If you lack offensive, defensive support , pick Sophia, if you want one powerhouse model, go for Dereck or Faust. If you need speed , take a look a the three drgons, For Tanking lady Khaine is your nwser. Stealth and anti armor is governd by takanosuke and Kujaku Hime. Finally if you need some versality and fighting prowess choose Bella or Drake & Cennet. They often included for their great abilties and will never let you down.. I wouldn't consider summoners for the beginers. Its mostly Samaels and Chrurchs field of expertise, and the only valiable wanderer summon combo right now is belith & ahriman/al dijin. The first one being a resonable option and the second one used mostly for crazy ash slave combos that can be very complicated at this point. The main point of this advice is to stick to the basics and experiment. Don't use the obvious combos. Victory will teach you nothing but failure a thousand things about your playstyle and oponent. Play well
  13. My first organization choice was Samael. I wanted to make a sort of Chinese looking force with three dragons, Hime, Aoi, Yuki. Eventualy in short time my force grew larger to the point where i had nearly all the minis from the Samael, church and Azur Alliance and Wanderers. I reacently stopped playing smael due to the fact that it is difficult to employ non mystic tactics in samael (at least for now). My most favourite faction is the Azure because they give the flexibility and diverse tactical options that church and samael sometimes lacks. My current team Arkeid Claude Loki(Adolf) Freya Frey Ligori/Elhaim In the future i really look forward to have the sisterhood of selene organisation force. Beacause female assassins are so badass. AND The ninja wanderers force. FOR THE GREAT BATTLE OF THE MILENIUM !!!! PIRATES VS NINJAS In the right corner Kagemaru with his son Takanosuke and his wife Kujaku hime backed up by momiji and other Free agent shinobis. In the left corner Arbiter Aizen supported by Deadmoon and her bloody crew from the Lords of the Abyss and Claude...a newbie pirate. (Arrr)
  14. Hi here is the problem. What if a GM allowed the player to make a high (rank six) level character for the game with everything he wants withouth GM looking at the sheet? Due to a contract I did something like this (im still learning the mechanics but wh40k and rpg genre is my bread and butter) and after few sessions I realized that my player brings with him power armor pretorian dudes with custom made no-friendly fire bolters, sevitors with assault cannons and all knowing(i hope not) deus ex machina wise man from dark heresy books. As for the other players , one is a total nooby and he has a premade Navigator based on his own concept and the third a newcomer who is a human calculator/mid-max/powergamer that started to make very advanced builds after 3 days of holding the book. We play a custom "Into the Maw" adventure as I test how far me and the players can go with the mindrape and horror of WH40k world. With every game I feel more and more ashamed with the nearly suicidle battles(as I percieve them) that the Explorers seem to win with minimum damage(I also had some isues with the RT demo and its infamous boss battle). Once they fooled me while training with the space battle system and took for themselves a 2nd ship with a powerful assault force. Durring the last gme I went totally nuts and put 72 primitive orks , a 16m acid spiting troll like creature againts 8 pretorian dudes, 2 servitors and 2 explorers in a mass combat scenario. I smiled at how the players were frightened while they did the math. It didn't took much time to change my grin into OMG shape when I heard of 4 dead pretorians and a total massacre of the orks. I fear of the futere and the shadow of this third very keen on rules and builds player. My worries reach even so far that Im considering leaving the game as I fail to deliver a proper combat challenge that wouldn't look like retalitation for the previous failures(fluff and skill challenges are my speciality and so far I had little troubles with it). Can you give me some advice on what kind of scale you use to tackle the most powerful builds of characters and their forces?
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