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  1. Can you claim a preliminary objective, immediately draw your secret objective, and claim that as well in the same status phase? Do Special objectives, preliminary objectives, and secret objectives count towards the "number of completed Objective Cards" for the purposes of the first tie-breaker?
  2. Fnoffen said: Slightly underpriced imho. 2 for 3 and 1 for 2 would be better I think. I agree with this.
  3. "Play only if you have two trade agreements. Choose and refresh up to two of your exhausted planets. Play: At any time. " Okay, I have put a lot of thought into this and read a ton of forum topics on here looking for this specifically asked (also the search feature here is really terrible...is there a way to only search responses for one subforum) Page 21 of rules: "A face down Planet Card cannot be exhausted again until it is refreshed during the Status Phase (or by another effect)." Page 22 of rules: "Whenever a player wishes to spend resources or influence, he simply announces the total amount of resource/influence that he wishes to spend, and then exhausts the number of Planet Cards with that (or greater) combined amount of resources/influence." Say you have 2 planets which total to 8 resources... The way I am seeing this working is that you announce the total amount you plan to spend, then exhaust all those planets... then you could play the card, but you can't say: "I'm paying 16 resources to build...exhaust, exhaust, play card, exhaust, exhaust." If someone were to sabotage that in the middle of that happening it would completely mess with how you declare how much you are spending. Am I correct in assuming that you cannot use this card in the middle of a build or paying for a tech?
  4. I have def. been meaning to switch to pre-made maps for a more balanced game. Now I just need to kick my distant suns habit
  5. The only objectives that are "hard" are ones that depend on the construction of the board. Sometimes objectives can be completely impossible for you to accomplish. Focused depends on where the tech specialties are on the board, but can be very easy depending. Keeper of the gates can be very difficult or very easy depending on set up of the board. Technocrat depends on where the tech specialites are on the board, but can be very easy depending ( i would consider this one easier than Focused though) Threatening is the only one I have never seen anyone get. You need to expand on two different fronts successfully. I would say that is the only "hard" objective. Regulator falls under the same issue, but still isn't nearly as hard if players have space docks outside their homeworld. I used to think Merciless was hard until I realized that if you destroyed their last space dock THIS turn, not they have to finish this turn with zero space docks, this objective become doable. One game I did this twice to Sol only to have them build another one on a different planet. I was like wtf... this is impossible, but now that i know you only have to have gotten them to zero space docks at some point in their turn, this isn't bad at all. I fell like the rest of the objectives just define what kind of strategy you need to be playing for that game. I firmly believe that your best chance of winning is making sure you claim your secret objective. (In most of the games I have played this has made the difference between winning and losing, although people have won without claiming a secret objective)
  6. It is on BGG http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/44487/error/expired
  7. I will definitely be trying out this ruleset soon.
  8. Also speaking of Domain Counters, how does Annexing with Dip II work? I have always played that you can annex planets that have domain counters on them, as long as it isn't Mecatol. Are there restrictions for when you can annex a domain counter? Can you only do it while it is unrevealed or all the time? Like say you hit a fighter ambush and fail... can you then annex that planet?
  9. I have never had this come up before, but figured I would ask anyway. When you encounter the Hostage Situation Domain Counter, if you pay the trade good then you get control of the planet right? Someone thought the parenthesis that says the planet remains uncontrolled) could applies to the whole Domain counter text. Based on the description on neutral landings, it seems to imply that a GF unit on a planet means you control it. Am I correct in that being the case?
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