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    gribble got a reaction from Grand Moff Noodle in Miniture options for Edge of the Empire PC's and NPC's?   
    Apparently Legion is 32mm, whereas WotC minis and Imperial Assault are 28mm.
    You can see a 28mm model (IA) alongside a 32mm Legion model here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1833989/scale
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    gribble got a reaction from alltheraz in Raider Class Deck-Plan (Forum help appreciated!)   
    Good point - misread that as the width and height, not the height at two different parts of the ship!
    You should also compare to deckplans of the CR-90 from the Darkstryder campaign box set. Given the relative sizes of the two X-wing models, it seems it would give a good approximation of the layout, decks and rooms. From memory, the CR-90 deckplans there were no more than around 6 decks. Here is a side view with the main decks labelled, but pretty sure you can find he full plans online:
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    gribble got a reaction from SEApocalypse in Jetpack Disrupting Game Balance   
    Correct. By the current wording of the rules this is 100% black and white - to go from standing still to within short range of something takes 2 maneuvers. First 1 to accelerate (i.e.: start moving) and then 1 to actually close the distance. This shouldn't be debated at all - there is nothing in the rules which indicates that the accelerate maneuver actually moves you, it simply increases the speed at which a move maneuver will move you.
    The way I'd rule it, the player can either (assuming appropriate gaining of strain or other way to get 2 maneuvers per round):
    Round 1: Accelerate (from speed 0 to speed 1), move, drop grenade; round 2: move (away), decelerate (from 1 to 0 - unless they wish to continue flying). Round 1: Accelerate (from speed 0 to speed 1); round 2: move, drop grenade, move (away); round 3: decelerate (from 1 to 0 - unless they wish to continue flying). Either way, it simply isn't possible to go from a standing start to flying over, attacking and flying away all in one round. RAW this is a potent, but not broken trick (and it requires both a jetpack and a thermal detonator, so it should be!)
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    gribble got a reaction from knavelead in Raider Class Deck-Plan (Forum help appreciated!)   
    Good point - misread that as the width and height, not the height at two different parts of the ship!
    You should also compare to deckplans of the CR-90 from the Darkstryder campaign box set. Given the relative sizes of the two X-wing models, it seems it would give a good approximation of the layout, decks and rooms. From memory, the CR-90 deckplans there were no more than around 6 decks. Here is a side view with the main decks labelled, but pretty sure you can find he full plans online:
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    gribble got a reaction from Gregarth in Compiled Resources List   
    Ugh... I thought the upgrade was supposed to make things better! Arparently I can only have 2 lines in my signature now, and can't include links!
    Anyway, here's the stuff that was in my signature:
    Star Wars Edge of the Empire (Beta test) resources:
    Reference Sheets1-page Reference Sheet Combat Reference Sheet Critical Cards Talent Tree Reference
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    gribble reacted to OggDude in Another Character Generator   
    Here it is!  Merry Christmas, everyone
    Special Thanks! 
    This release supports complete language translations of all windows and dialogs in all three of the apps into the Spanish, German, and French languages.  This would not have been possible had it not been for the tireless efforts of my translators.  They diligently translated over 3,700 different phrases (!!!).  It was a labor of love and goes to show how great the support is from the Star Wars RPG community.  Thanks guys!
    Spanish:  Josep María Sàbat Hernández and Alberto Camargo García
    German:   Jürgen Heinemann, Christopher Schwalb, Sagur (and his friend), and Emmanuel Papst
    French:   Guy Blavin, Syber Douarph, Pascal Bousquet, and Marc Sauber
    New/Changed Data:
    Added all species, weapons, armor, gear, attachments, and vehicles from "Strongholds of Resistance".
    Modified the Verpine species to make it the official version from "Strongholds of Resistance".
    Modified the Quarren species to have both the "Fly Casual" and "Strongholds of Resistance" sources.
    Added a new import containing all adversaries and modular encounters from "Strongholds of Resistance".
    Added the "Warde's Foresight" Force power from "Chronicles of the Gatekeeper".
    Added the Sathari species from "Chronicles of the Gatekeeper".
    Added the diiro weapon from "Chronicles of the Gatekeeper".
    Added a new import containing adversaries and encounters from the "Chronicles of the Gatekeeper" adventure module.
    Added the Cutlass-9, Interceptor IV, and StarViper M-2 starships from the "Mask of the Pirate Queen" adventure.
    Added the Engine Ring Stabilizer vehicle attachment from the "Mask of the Pirate Queen" adventure.
    Added a new import containing adversaries and encounters from the "Mask of the Pirate Queen" adventure module.
    Added a new import containing adversaries and encounters from "Lure of the Lost", the downloadable sequel to the Beginners Game's "Mountaintop Rescue".
    The top left talent in the Shien Expert tree was incorrect.  It is now correctly the Side Step talent.
    Fixed Marksman Barrel attachment so it's unusable by heavy blaster rifles.
    Added "Rebel Base" duty.
    Extended hilt's HP cost was incorrect.  It is now correctly set to 1.
    The "Final Word" Secondary Missile System had the wrong Cumbersome value.  It is now propertly set to Cumbersome 2.
    The Inquisitor's "Intimidating Presence" had a spelling error.  This is fixed.
    The tripod mount attachment had several incorrect settings.  These should now be fixed.
    The Dressellian species had a couple of misspellings in its abilities.  These have been fixed.
    The starfighter text for the Marauder-Class Assault Corvette wasn't showing up.  This has been fixed.
    Added the two special effects to the refined cortosis gauntlets.
    Added "Bludgeoning Brawl" as an acceptable category for the Stun Pulse attachment.
    Restuctured the Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire imports so that adversaries are organized by category.
    Updated all Edge of the Empire imported adversaries to include "Edge of the Empire" as the first part of their category.
    For the RZ-1 A-wing, the light laser cannon now properly has the Linked 1 quality.
    Updated the Superflare, Needle, 4R3, 8880 landspeeder, J-Type barge, and Keldabe with their special features, using vehicle mods (see below).
    New Features/Enhancements:
    All applications now support language translation.  You can change the language and edit translations through the launcher or the data editor.  The translations support all text displayed in any of the apps' forms and in the printed sheets.  The translations do not include data, however, except for characteristics, skills, and item descriptors.  Those three data files can be translated through the new translation mechanism.  The following languages are currently supported:
    English (United States)
    Spanish (Neutral)
    German (Neutral)
    French (Neutral)

    The data editor now supports language data sets.  These data sets will only be loaded if they match the current language.  All language-specific customization should go into an appropriate language data set if you want to support multiple languages for the apps.
    This release also now includes a language data set import for the following language:
        German (partial)

    This data set is not complete, but should be a good start for doing your own data translations.

    You may now grant free talents from the GM Grants dialog.  Just select the talent to grant plus any ranks.  These talents will be added to the character if they don't already exist, and any ranked talents will have its ranks added to any existing ranks.  Certain talents that require user interaction, such as Dedication, are not included.
    Added support for Jury-Rigged (checkbox) and "Raise Hard Points with Check" (used by Intuitive Improvements) to the Talent editor.
    The Talent editor will now keep all settings on a talent, even if the setting isn't currently supported by the editor, such as the Signature Vehicle talents.  Before, if you customized such talents, the non-supported options were removed.
    For compact character sheet, skills will include any skill, ranked or not, that has some sort of a modifier, such as a boost, advantage, remove setback, etc.
    For compact character sheet, modified the way talents and Force abilities are added.  In order to even out distribution, the list with the most items will be shortened each pass, instead of each in its turn.  So, if there's 10 talents and 5 Force abilities, Force abilities won't be touched until talents are whittled down to 5 or under.
    For compact character sheet, if a weapon has a quanity more than 1, it'll be shown in the second line.  Likewise, gear counts will only be shown if higher than 1.
    Reworked weapon categories to be a bit more useful and straightforward.
    In the skills pane, sorting by career status had stopped working.  You may now, once again, sort on career status, and by dice pool as well.
    For group resources, when you add a rebel base as a resource, it will now automatically give your group the Rebel Base duty.  The size of the duty will depend on the number of group members, but can be changed just like any other duty or obligation.
    To allow for the lightsaber hilt construction rules found in the Force and Destiny GM's Kit, a new attachment was added called "Lightsaber Hilt Construction Modifications".  This is a zero-cost and zero-HP "attachment" that can be used to apply special results of a construction check of a lightsaber hilt, such as added/removed HP, or added/removed encumbrance.
    The dialog to select a Signature Vehicle should be displayed much quicker now.
    Any holocron in the inventory of a group that a character belongs to will now give any career skill benefit to the character when using the generator.
    Added species features to compact character sheet.  If the only features that a species has are mechanical (such as added skills or talents), it will not be shown.
    For GM Grants, you may now grant up to 5 Force rating instead of just one.
    You can now use unarmed with itself when creating a Two Weapon set.
    Innate weapons (including unarmed) can now have their names changed like normal weapons.
    Changed the way caching works so that items such as characters and adversaries should load faster.  This should cut down on the time it takes to load the generator and the GM Tools.
    Vehicles now support base (built-in) mods.  This can be used to add special rules or features to the vehicle.  Mods can be added using the add vehicle dialog in the data editor.  Vehicle sheets will now display any mods under the action panel, while vehicle summaries display them as "Features".
    When printing trees (talents, Force powers, and Signature Abilities), the character sheet and GM Tools' print trees feature will now intelligently vary the size of the font used in order to fill up the page as much as possible.  The displayed tree in the generator should now be a bit clearer.
    In the add adversary dialog, you may now type in a filter for skills, talents, and force abilities.
    In the add adversary dialog, if you currently have an adversary category filter selected from GM Tools, that category will be used by default for a new adversary.
    In the add adversary dialog, the description and preview for custom items has been removed, since they were never used for anything.
    In the add encounter dialog, if you currently have a campaign or adventure filter selected from GM Tools, they will be used by default for a new encounter.  Additionally, the location from the last previously-edited encounter will be used for the location.
    In the dialog for inserting previous custom items for adversaries, you may now type in a filter for the item name.
    In the dialog for inserting previous custom items for adversaries, you may now preview the text before inserting the custom item.
    In the equipment pane, double-clicking an item for sale will bring up the purchase dialog.  If the Purchase button is not shown, it will bring up the add dialog (or automatically add the item) instead.
    In the data editor, you may now change the name of an item as well as its description from the main window.  Both the name and description will be used for "DescOnly" type custom items.
    In the data editor, if you blank out the name of an item (delete all characters), the name will automatically be replaced with the base name (assuming it's not an added item).  This will happen for the description as well.  If both the name and descripition of a "DescOnly" item are the same as its base item, the customization will automatically be removed.  This will not happen for "Added" or "CustomItem" items.
    When changing the source of an item being added or updated in the data editor, checking any existing source will automatically uncheck the "User Data" source.
    The tool tip for talents in the specialization pane now includes a count of how many times the talent shows up in each specialization listed.
    Bug Fixes:
    Certain characters with multiple Dedication talents being applied to multiple characteristics did not translate correctly over to PC Adversaries in GM Tools.  Final characteristic scores were off, since Dedication was not being applied correctly.  Talents such as Dedication that change characteristics are no longer added to the adversary version of a PC.  Instead, the "purchased" ranks of the characteristic are just increased to compensate.
    In shown weapons, if a weapon had multiple sources of the Superior quality, it was showing more than one added advantage.  It will now show at most 1 advantage for the Superior quality, no matter how many times it's included.
    Mods that lower encumbrance will always do so to a minimum of one encumbrance.  Zero encumbrance items are not affected by such mods.
    Modified the numeric up/down control in the grids.  It should now register changes to the value immediately, instead of requiring the control to lose focus first.  This should work both with using the spinners, and with directly changing the value of the text.
    Career skills from group bases weren't showing up properly on characters.  This has been fixed.
    If a droid bought into a FaD specialization and selected a Force-only lightsaber technique talent, it still brought up the skill char dialog, even though the talent could not be used.  Additionally, when another specialization was selected, then the FaD specialization was selected again, an error would occur.  This should no longer happen.
    When adding a new source using a data editor, an exception would be thrown.  This will no longer happen.
    If a character had a Signature Vehicle, typing in a new name for the character would cause delays between each keystroke.  This was because a name change caused the Signature Vehicle attachment to be re-created each time you pressed a key.  This behavior has been changed to only rename the attachment (ie, "Bob's Signature Vehicle") if your Signature Vehicle is part of your character.
    If you clicked the "New" button to create a new character, adding a Signature Vehicle would cause an exception.  This has been fixed.
    If you loaded a character with a non-FaD career, then subsequently loaded a character with an FaD career, the character's career skills would no longer be checked.  This was because the new career skills hadn't been updated yet in the career pane, and the check logic took the discrepency between the old count (4) and the new count (3) as a problem and wiped the career skills.  The career pane is now updated before this check can occur, so the problem has been resolved.
    There was a possibilty that the compact character sheet would print with very poor quality if the symbol key was included.  This ended up being due to a corrupted graphic in the symbol key.  This should no longer happen.
    When the Jury Rigged attachment was purchased, multiple options were allowed to be selected.  It will now correctly allow you to choose only one Jury Rigged option.
    Again, with the Jury Rigged attachment, the "Failed" check boxes were functional, even though they made no sense for Jury Rigged.  They will no longer be displayed for this attachment.
    When a previously-selected attachment option was "failed", the attachment cost was not updated.  It will now be properly updated.
    If you enabled and disabled Shown, Carried, or Equipped multiple times on the Unarmed weapon (or any innate weapon), the changes would not always take effect as they should. This has been fixed.
    If an adversary had an ability or talent that added special dice to a combat skill that it did not possess, they would not show up in the weapons list if a weapon used that skill.  They will now show up properly.
    The calculation for determining your final melee and ranged defense values was incorrect based on a recent developer-answered question.  Now, only one equipped item will contribute to melee or ranged defense at a time.  For instance, if your armor gives you a total of 1 melee and 1 ranged defense, an equipped melee weapon (maybe a shield) contributes 2 melee defense, and an equipped lightsaber has 1 melee and 3 ranged defense, your final defense values will be 2 melee (from the melee weapon) and 3 ranged defense (from the lightsaber), assuming you always have the weapon and lightsaber in-hand during combat.  "+ Defense" mods (such as from the Defensive or Deflection qualities, or from talents) only stack for a particular item, not for your final defense values.  Soak values will still stack, with the highest figured soak from each of four "source types" (armor, cybernetics, weapons, gear) contributing to the final value.
    In the dialog for inserting previous custom items for adversaries, double-clicking was supposed to automatically add the item to your adversary.  It will now properly do this.
    When using a vehicle attachment with ad-hoc weapons defined, the ad-hoc weapons would not always show up properly with the vehicle.  This has been fixed.
    Default settings in GM Tools (such as last-used filters, etc) would no longer save properly.  They should now save once again.
    If you created a Force character and selected a technique, but kept the base characteristic (Brawn), the next time the character was loaded, it would ask for characteristic again.  If you, once again, selected Brawn, an exception would occur.  This was due to the order in which I updated the GUI after a character was loaded.  The exception will no longer occur, and selecting the base characteristic (Brawn) will no longer cause the system to prompt you for a characteristic upon load, or after switching specializations.  If you wish to change the characteristic used for your lightsaber, just click the "play" button on the technique talent, or click the "Skill Char" button at the top, as usual.
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    gribble got a reaction from Lotr_Nerd in Let's Talk: Strongholds of Resistance   
    My head is now swimming with visions of how awesome an adventure location a wrecked, flooded Mon Cal ship would be. An ocean drifting in space...
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    gribble got a reaction from KRKappel in Let's Talk: Strongholds of Resistance   
    My head is now swimming with visions of how awesome an adventure location a wrecked, flooded Mon Cal ship would be. An ocean drifting in space...
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    gribble reacted to KRKappel in Let's Talk: Strongholds of Resistance   
    So, in regards to the "Mon Calamari only bridge controls," I think we need to look at this, lore wise, as four different primary elements. 

    1.) Mon Calamari Vision: The displays, both in their output and layout, are going to be optimized for Mon Calamari eyes. There are quite a few differences here from baseline humans. First, Mon Calamari eyes have a much wider range of peripheral vision, and potentially the ability to focus on two independent things at once, and much less depth perception. This reminds me of the scene in Avengers, when Stark criticizes Nick Fury's command displays, because it'd force him to turn his head a lot. Mon Calamari would not have to turn their head a lot. Mon Calamari might also see a slightly different frequency, or have different optimal levels of brightness for their displays vs baseline human vision, though that can apply to almost any species, and being a digital display, you'd imagine it could be tweaked with a simple software update (unless the hardware doesn't go into that range). 

    2.) Mon Calamari appendages: The Mon Calamari forearm and hand is considerably different than the human appendage. Armrests, and armrest controls that might be easily within reach of a Mon Calamari, might be awkward and very counter-intuitive for a human. 

    3.) Flooded Spaces: There are some sources that claim many Mon Calamari ships were filled with water to cater to the Mon Calamari. Obviously, in ROTJ the bridge we see with Ackbar doesn't appear to be underwater, so I think this idea has been scrapped for the most part. But consider that filling a ship with water for an aquatic species could have several shipbuilding advantages. You could induce a current in passageways, allowing crew to swim from one end of the ship to another VERY rapidly. You could build the interior of your ship in three dimensions, which COULD explain the strange armature command chair that Ackbar uses in ROTJ on the bridge, because it allows him to move through three dimensions of space to monitor specific crew stations. This would also allow for some very compact, efficient interior workspaces, potentially. It could also assist with damage control. Water does not compress like air does, this could potentially lend a LOT of hull integrity to a ship. There's also the possibility of cryoban grenade-like technology that could freeze water in a space upon a hullbreach, sealing it very quickly. Again, this is a largely cast aside and forgotten element of lore (I'm not sure what source it came from, but it was something obscure that was a low grade of canon). 

    4.) An Alliance of Rebels: The Rebel Alliance isn't necessarily one complete faction, it's an alliance of several resistance factions. If the Mon Calamari are bringing the ships, it makes sense that, since they built the ships, they retrofitted the ships for combat, and they are already the crews that utilize the ships under Admiral Ackbar, they are going to want to keep said ships. Ackbar's group represents the Mon Calamari resistance, and sure, when the call went out to assemble "the fleet" for ROTJ, Ackbar brought all his ships, but they were maybe still a bit more his than Mon Mothma's than we've been led to believe.

    This seems to be the tone Rebels is setting, and in fact Pablo Hidalgo is setting if you watch the Rebel Recon episode covering the B-Wing episode of Rebels. His statement is something along the lines of: "General Dodonna's group over there had X-Wings and Y-Wings, but we see Hera's group here has A-wings predominantly, and now we're adding the B-Wing, I like the idea that different Rebel factions might have access to different resources, including different ships and fighters." 

    However, I think it makes sense that the Mon Calamari might have also built additional MC class cruisers and battleships for the Rebels, complete with more human-friendly environments and controls. So I think, as a GM, you can hand wave this to keep things moving, or make it as much of an obstacle as you feel like making it. I think it can work either way. You can have a standard ship that just has that Mon Cal flavor to it, or you can make the guys put on scuba suits to board the ship and try to go all in and see what unique elements that adds at the table. Each ship was a kind of unique work of art, so I think there's room for each ship to have some significant differences from others in the same class. 

    Mechanically, I think it's fine if GMs feel like a Mon Calamari optimized ship adds a setback die to certain species, should they try operating the ship. I'm not sure I'd go much further than that, though. 

    Just my opinions, obviously none of this post is official in any way. I don't have any secret information of any kind regarding future episodes of Rebels or treatment of the Mon Calamari cruisers in future canon. 
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    gribble reacted to Jon D in Let's Talk: Strongholds of Resistance   
    So...working as intended then?
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    gribble reacted to kaosoe in Summary of Published Adventures   
    @rowdyoctopus, The Force and Destiny game was an adventure written by Sam Stewart. It was loads of fun.
    GM Chris or GM Dave will be running the adventure at GamerNation con, so spoiler warning to those attending:
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    gribble reacted to RusakRakesh in Summary of Published Adventures   
    EotE Beta - Crates of Krayts
    EotE Beginner Game - Escape from Mos Shuuta
    The Long Arm of the Hutt (PDF Follow Up)
    EotE Core book - Trouble Brewing
    EotE GM Kit - Debts to Pay
    Beyond the Rim
    The Jewel of Yavin
    Under a Black Sun (Free RPG Day PDF)
    AoR Beta - ​Operation: Shell Game 
    AoR Beginner Game - Takeover at Whisper Base
    Operation: Shadowpoint (PDF Follow Up)
    AoR Core book - Perlemian Haul
    AoR GM Kit - Dead in the Water
    Onslaught at Arda I
    Rescue at Glare Peak (Rebellion Day retailer kit)
    F&D Beta - Lost Knowledge
    F&D Beginner Game - Mountaintop Rescue
    Lure of the Lost (Follow Up PDF)
    F&D Core book - Lessons from the Past
    F&D GM Kit - Hidden Depths
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    gribble got a reaction from Budgernaut in The Big Question (again)   
    Not everything they made was junk. I still have a copy and fond memories of Star Wars Epic Duels. We played the crap out of that game, it was fast (average game was around 30mins) and a ton of fun.
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    gribble got a reaction from kaosoe in Old Republic Campaign   
    Even in the Old Republic MMO, starting Sith have a Sith sword not a lightsaber and I think (could be wrong on this one, it's been a while) starting Jedi get a training saber. They need to work their way up to full lightsabers. Seems entirely appropriate than in the tabletop game they do the same.
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    gribble got a reaction from OddballE8 in Wow...10 weeks...   
    My personal favourite:

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    gribble reacted to Kyla in Homebrew Clone "Species" - Need Feedback   
    So, if I could add my 2 cents - I don't think that the Willpower 3 accurately reflects what the Clones were bred for. Remember, they were designed to follow orders blindly, but also to be subject to force powers to allow them to be better controlled (though initially brought up in the EU stuff, this is supported through the idea of Jedi Generals in the Clones Wars assisting the clones with Battle Meditation). Due to this, it would probably be more accurate to give the Clones ranks in Discipline (which would be used to allow a trooper pinned by heavy weapons fire to attack normally per the example) and Cool (which is used when trying to resist Charm or Negotiation to stop a Clone from carrying out his order) specifically as opposed to giving them high a Willpower to begin with. Also, Clones weren't ignorant or simple, so a 1 Intellect might be a little low - especially with how knowledgeable it portrayed them (knowing information about species, field training other clones as needed, knowledge of planets and areas in both the Outer Rim and Core Worlds - that's Knowledge Xenology, Outer Rim, Core Worlds and Education right there).
    With the introduction of the subspecies of Nikto, it might benefit the same application for Clones, with sub-types for Clone Commander, Clone Pilot, Clone Trooper, and Advanced Reconnaissance Clone. I think this tailors them a little better to the roles they are designed for. The idea of restricting careers and specializations I think fits better as a Campaign or Story effect than it does a "species" aspect. This means that if you had a Clone Pilot that was needed in the motorpool, you would of course be trained as a mechanic, but your genome would be inherently geared to the purpose of flying it not necessarily fixing it.
    As a suggestion;
    CLONE (Grand Army of the Republic) Brawn 3, Agility 3, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 1, Presence 1 Wound Threshold: 11 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 10 + Willpower Starting XP: 70 Bred for Obedience: Clones are bred to follow their orders, Clones gain 1 free rank in Cool and Discipline but cannot train these skills above 2 at character creation.  Flash Training: Clones receive an extensive amount of high-speed, simulated training in their fields of specialization, and fall into sub-species;   Clone Commander - Gain 1 free rank in the Command talent (Typically Commander Career) Clone Pilot - Gain 1 free rank in the Skilled Jockey talent (Typically Ace Career) Clone Trooper - Gain 1 free rank in the Toughened talent (Typically Soldier Career) Advanced Reconnaissance Clone - Gain 1 free rank in the Stalker talent (Typically Spy Career)
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    gribble reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in Homebrew Clone "Species" - Need Feedback   
    A human variant is the best way to incorporate clones in my opinion. Don't change the stats, players will do that. Clones were meant to be smarter than droids. The clones are also individuals, so let a player choose the stats as normal.
    As for skills, clones get one rank of knowledge warfare and ranged heavy.
    They are done.
    Don't overthink things, keep it simple enough that a binary loadlifter can understand.
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    gribble reacted to Kael in Strongholds of Resistance is on the boat   
    Those pirates must be huge Star Wars fans if they are attacking ships between China and the US. Like HUGE fans considering how out of the way it would be for them.
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    gribble reacted to bradknowles in Raider Class Deck-Plan (Forum help appreciated!)   
    That calculation would be for the Bow.
    Whereas, at the Stern, if it is 28-30m high, that would equate to something like 14-15 decks, at the thickest point.
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    gribble reacted to Fred Palpatine in OT: Star Wars Uprising?   
    I'm playing it but I find it too repetitive. I've got hopes it'll pan out to something a lot better and more fun than it is atm.
    It has taught me something, though. Slap a Star Wars skin on it and add some John Williams music and I'm pretty sure I'd play ET on my Atari 2600...
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    gribble reacted to Tocath in Wow...10 weeks...   
    I'm picturing a bunch of Malaysian pirates sitting around designing their characters.
    Pirate 1: "I want to be an Arconan scoundrel smuggler!"
    Pirate 2: "So basically a salty space pirate.  Way to stretch yourself Carl."  
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    gribble reacted to Donovan Morningfire in Disappointed with Lightsaber Pike   
    I think you're taking the fluff text a bit too seriously.
    As far as attacking with the haft, just treat it the same as a truncheon, and that the lightsaber pike's wielder has the option of using the rules for two-weapon combat to strike with both ends of the weapon during their turn, or just striking with the haft if they don't want to eviscerate their opponent.
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    gribble reacted to Kael in Strongholds of Resistance is on the boat   
    If you say so. I fail to see how it becomes easy to find those pirated copies after FFG makes them. Which is beside the point, your initial points that pirating would increase if FFG sold them is wrong. All the books are already in PDF format and easily findable if you're into pirating. FFG making them (which they can't legally do anyway) doesn't suddenly make the task easier.
    People who want them bad enough to pirate them already have them. And it's insanely easy to pirate media these days.
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    gribble reacted to Kael in Strongholds of Resistance is on the boat   
    Them making pdf copies wouldn't increase the level at which the game is pirated. This idea has been debunked time and time again in other mediums. And I can assure you all the books are already pirateable if you know where to look. So the only thing FFG is missing out on is sales from people who would buy them legit. Those that would pirate them already are. 
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    gribble reacted to HappyDaze in A Pre-Battle of Yavin, Star Wars: Rebels era campaign?   
    To be fair, it hasn't stopped the writers of Rebels either.
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