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  1. Apparently Legion is 32mm, whereas WotC minis and Imperial Assault are 28mm. You can see a 28mm model (IA) alongside a 32mm Legion model here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1833989/scale
  2. I just hope that if they can keep selling until Feb they open up PDF sales on DriveThru again. I know I'd take advantage and could add up to a nice parting gift for FFG... Probably not gonna happen, but would be nice for all parties.
  3. Thanks for the link, but ****, that CoC 6th limited edition they made. That has to be one of the sweetest tabletop RPG limited editions I've seen. A piece of art! If only there was an English version...
  4. Oh sure, something that is available as a free download online? That would be fine. But something that is only available via retail channels in the US would suck big time, especially when I imagine it'd be incredibly popular.
  5. Speaking as someone who doesn't live in the US, and has only just managed to find a copy of Rescue at Glare Peak at an exorbitant price - for the love of all that is holy please *don't* do this FFG! I can only imagine how hard this supplement would be to get for me or anyone else outside the US!
  6. It's times like this I wished I lived in the US. Our LGS's have no sign of any of this stuff, and even Book Depository only has Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (which despite shipping 9 working days ago and in theory arriving within 5-8 working days, still hasn't arrived). So I'll be lucky to see the other two books (let alone Armada wave 2) this side of Christmas...
  7. My head is now swimming with visions of how awesome an adventure location a wrecked, flooded Mon Cal ship would be. An ocean drifting in space...
  8. That sounds like a lot of fun. Although unlikely, hopefully it see release in some form at some stage!
  9. Very comprehensive list. The only ones you're missing are the (almost mythical): Rescue at Glare Peak (AoR - free Rebellion day kit - no PDF) and possibly adventures run by FFG at conventions (I'm not sure if they have ever run adventures that they didn't later publish)? Oh, and of course the upcoming Mask of the Pirate Queen (EotE) and Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (F&D - actually released today), though those may have been intentionally omitted.
  10. Only the annotations, and only a problem if they sit there and read it at the table... which wouldn't be a great game experience for everyone else. Would work great as a prop, and then you just summarise the contents and game effects of finding it for the player in game.
  11. No arguments there, just pointing out that not everything Hasbro Star Wars is junk.
  12. I stand corrected. There has got to be an Alderaan so we can blow it up with the death star.
  13. During the re-release of the OT, Hasbro re-released uninspired roll and move games that were made in the 80s for the OT movies. The games stink. Low production value, cut a paste themes, uninspired rules, etc. But they are games that the general public can play and understand. They are also dirt cheap and available in big box stores. So the product moves, and profit is made. Not everything they made was junk. I still have a copy and fond memories of Star Wars Epic Duels. We played the crap out of that game, it was fast (average game was around 30mins) and a ton of fun.
  14. Anoat is a sector, not a system though, isn't it? The Anoat sector does include Hoth, and I'd be willing to bet that will make an appearance, along with the other named systems from the movies.
  15. Even in the Old Republic MMO, starting Sith have a Sith sword not a lightsaber and I think (could be wrong on this one, it's been a while) starting Jedi get a training saber. They need to work their way up to full lightsabers. Seems entirely appropriate than in the tabletop game they do the same.
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