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  1. I agree. There shouldn't be one way to win. I just think the ways to win should all be known before the game begins. The ways to acquire the runes should vary - questing, warfare, spending diplomacy, maybe even winning over certain neutral units - but those should be on the board to begin with. It'd give the game focus and even drive players into direct conflict. And like I said, they already did that Twilight Imperium. Seems to make sense to do it with a similar game.
  2. Hey all. I just got back from Geekway to the West in St. Louis and got to play this game 3 times over the weekend (I tried every race except the elves). I had fun but I'd like to see an expansion address a major shortcoming in the gameplay. I did NOT like how Runes were randomly generated. Each player starts with 2 Runes and a secret objective that can gain them a 3rd. After that, players have to wait for Runes to be placed due to Season cards, Heroes cashing in rewards, or Heroes discovering Dragon Thrones. I'd like to see a variant where all Runes are initially placed on the board. Some able to be acquired by warfare. Others only able to be acquired by Heroes. This would force players into more direct conflict and would reward tactical decisions instead of players just stumbling onto them. Twilight Imperium had the same problem (randomly generated victory goals) but provided a variant in the rule book to address this issue. Hopefully the Runewars expansion does the same.
  3. Hey, guys. Somebody did thison BGG: www.boardgamegeek.com/article/4336644#4336644 And i don't think this would be an "epic gaming night'. More like an "epic gaming weekend".
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