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  1. thor2006 said: Haroon said: Could not edit it in time, but instead of the flamer i choose the best craftsmanship lasgun for my starting gear. I didn't realize I do not start with the flame weapon training talent . What about the free acqusition?You can choose anything from common quality Extreamly Rare item and Up. Well its not a matter of the actual flamer weapon, the problem is the talent to use it would use all of my starting exp (500) and then I could not take the origin paths I chose. I think the origin path is more important to my character so I will just get the talent later and acquire a flamer.
  2. Could not edit it in time, but instead of the flamer i choose the best craftsmanship lasgun for my starting gear. I didn't realize I do not start with the flame weapon training talent .
  3. Dorl Kard Noble Born-Savant-Zealot-Dark Voyage-Devotion (creed) - Missionary Ws 30 Bs 50 Str 30 T 37 (-3 From Origin Path) Ag 40 Int 53 (+3 from Origin Path) Per 40 Wp 40(+5 from Origin Path) (+5 100xp spent) Fel 55 ( +5 100xp spent) Talents: Peer Nobility, Ecclesiarchy, Inspire Wrath, Pure Faith, Unshakable Faith Trained Skills: Charm, Common Lore Creed, Imperium, Forbidden Lore Xenos, Heresy, Dodge, Medicae, Logic Fate Points: 4 Exp Spent = 500, 100xp for Fel, 100x for WP, 100xp for dodge, 200xp for Devotion Creed (origin path) Gear: Best craftsmanship flak armor, staff. Good craftsmanship flamer. Notes, +1 profit factor for the group from Noble. GM please roll 1d5 and 1d10 for my starting corruption and 1d5 for my starting wounds. A summery of my back story will follow tomorrow but i wanted to get this out there.
  4. Sounds good, I will work on the missionary then.
  5. If you guys dont have an astropath that would be a lot of fun for me. If thats ok with you Asajev, I will think of an idea for an astropath. I think that would be more useful that a missionary.
  6. What careers do you have so far?
  7. Well preliminarily, If i where to roll the Missionary he would be motivated by conversion and the chance to spread the light of the god emperor to lost worlds. Basically he would agree to serve on a RTs vessel for the chance to covert. He would be extremely zealous with a lot of points in knowledge skill to help him in debating and convincing those lost to the Imperium convert. If he could not convert by word then he would covert them (to ash) by flame. He would also hate all Xenos passionately unless there are PC Xenos in which case that would create too much friction. The navigator would be a hedonist from a high noble house solely motivated by pleasure and acquisition of things leading to pleasure. Instead of rolling on the mutation table I would choose bloated with the GMs permission as i think it would best fit this character. All of his free time and resources would be spent seeking pleasure.
  8. Hello, I came across your guy's thread and I am interested in joining if you guys are still looking for players. I would be interested in playing either a navigator or a missionary, which ever is needed. If you have space let me know and I can tell you my character ideas. Thanks
  9. Thanks every one, I think what i will do is have an Inquisitor check his cargo when he returns to this sector. Depending on how good or bad the investigation goes and what cargo is found at the time they may lose profit factor.
  10. Hello every one, I recently purchases the core rule and we began a camping. However I do not have extensive experience being a GM or with the Lore of Warhammer 40k although i did play the table top game extensively. I would like to ask a few question about how our first mission went to see if i did everything correctly. We are on the mission in the core rule book "into the maw" so far we are on part one because of some complications. Right now the explorers are onPort Wander and the astro-telepath has used his powers very recklessly in the initial combat. He has pushed it to max psy rating every time (even though i have warned him of the dangers of doing this, and explained in the world of 40k magic is very deadly) As a result he has rolled on the perils of the warp table 2 times and a mass posseson took place in the court of the dead on Port wander. During this mass possession the Arch militant of the group was possed and while under GM control shot and killed the astropath (with his hellgun using Burst fire) THe telepath burned a fate point to live. As this was late in the initial combat most people had already fled the court of the dead however 6 other NPCs were possed and kill by the guardsmen who were responding to the intial combat. I made the PCs make (0) Fear checks because of the mass possession and the arch-militant (-10) fear check because he was actually possed. After combat was over the rouge trader attempted to pin the mass possession on Lady Ash as he was aware she was present before the possession and was a psyker. My question is, is there any way for the players to stop the inquisition for investigating this? would they likely kill and capture the arch telepath? Is port Wander big enough that there may even be an Inquisition ship docked at the time?
  11. Wow. One quest, i am speachless. I hope theres one in that new quest book. Thanks for your help.
  12. I bought decent about two weeks ago, we played one game decided it was great and then bought all 4 expansions the next day. Believe me we have played a lot of games in the past two weeks. I am wanting to OL a game with the moving walls that have spikes however i do not want to read the quest book looking for a quest that uses them because i dont want to know any quest information that i dont need to know incase i am a hero in the future on that mission. Can one of you recommend a quest from (i think its altar of darkness that has the spike walls) which uses the walls and is fun to play thanks.
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