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  1. Does coruption from psychic powers count as failure
  2. Does coruption from psychic powers count as failure
  3. paradox23 said: I totally understand your reluctance to expose, but I think you're over playing it. If you have someone like Han who can take a hit and reroll dice, expose is excellent. 4-5 dice with a re-roll each is amazing. If you can swarm him to get Garven's focus token, it become the single most lethal offense in the game, followed only by a focus + target lock HLC Firespray. If you have the means to avoid taking damage, it only gets better. I am not sure you understand what the previous poster way saying, he said expose was only good when you could take another action, but in it self it's never a better choice then focus.
  4. Does the berserkers seem like a good class to you guys. I am not sure he is worth the experience points, his special abilities require the expanture of a fate point and only last one round, what do you guys think?
  5. Venthrac said: I just love the title of this thread. I mean, it is so darn slippery. I would love to know exactly who "we" is. Does the OP mean himself and me? Or himself and other people? Does he mean the entire Star Wars RPG community? Or does he mean players of only the most recent game? I don't know! It's madness! It would probably be more clear and sensible if he'd titled it "Is this the Star Wars Roleplaying game I'm looking for?" Perhaps he means the royal we, meaning him only.
  6. I think there is some confusion in this thread. You do not have to pay for or participate in the beta. If you want you can wait untill retail release and only buy the finished product. The beta isn't like a tax or something that you must pay for, no one is going to come to your house and force you to pay.
  7. Yes, i would much rather pay an extra 10$ and get a full rpg book. So much more content for just a little more money, I cant wait to see what the new mechanic is.
  8. I just want to point out the salvalge on that planet is worth a fortune. Titans, colloms of tanks, etc.
  9. Presskohle said: SomVone said: Legion Plasma weapons are a step easier to get than any other Legion weapons. I'm pretty sure this is an oversight. Not necessarily. Overheat got a lot worse. It is now a normal hit with full Pen. That's pretty deadly. That dosen't make it any less rare. Its not about how good or bad it is, its about how many there are and how rare it is.
  10. I got this idea from the Book of Judas, and I am still working on it. Although there may be some contradictions in the fluff, the fluff always qualifies it self by saying only part or none of it may be true, much of it is legend etc. Also the book of horus might not actually be true in my campaign and I haven’t decided on who wrote it and why.
  11. I am a novice GM at best and I am not a very good writer but I have an idea for an adventure seed for an upcoming campaign I am working on, what do you guys think. I was reading rites of battle and on page and on page 249 It lists artifacts of the omega vault. What really caught my eye was “The Truth” in which “The Omega vault opens to reveal a deep and terrible truth about the imperium of man itself. It might be a shattering revelation dating back to the very birth of the imperium...” So I started to think what is the biggest earth shattering revelation I could come up with which lead me to the Book of Horus. This is a rough draft which hasn’t been fully flushed out. The Omega vault opens to reveal a book entitled The Book of Horus. This takes place before the Horus Heresy. The book of Horus reveals that the Emperor has determined that Humanity relies on him too much and is using him as a crutch. He understands that only through his death can humanity be strengthened and reforged in the ultimate crucible. The Emperor turns to Horus his most trusted and beloved son and asks of him the impossible, he asks him to betray him. He asks Horus to raise an army equal to humanity’s might and slay him. In doing so would ignite a war which would last millennia but in the end mankind would reach its true destiny, the greatest would rise to the top with out the crutch of the Emperor. Only in this way can mankind hope to endure. Horus's fierce loyalty obligated him to agree but he asked one condition, that he would die with his father as he could not bear the guilt. Having found out this secret the players would have to decide what to do with this information for the consequences of widespread knowledge of this secret may be more dire than the actual Horus Heresy.
  12. When you view it on the main character tab it says 2d10 +2 however on the minion tab it says 2d10. I should have been more clear, but when i noticed it on the minion tab i assumed the same problem existed on the main character tab as well.
  13. Nurgling Infestation on page 301 summons nurglings but i cannot find stats for nurgleings any where in the book. Also Pg 358 has the stats for a Lord of change but the title says "great unclean one" .
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