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  1. So after a disastrous attempt at painting some Stormtroopers, I've decided to remove the paint and start again. Usually on Games Workshop miniatures I'd soak them in Detol for a bit and then scrub them gently with a tooth brush. However FFGs miniatures use a different, softer sort of plastic, so I'm not sure how the above method will effect the miniature! Has anyone successfully stripped FFG miniatures before? If so what technique did you use and how were the results? If not does anyone have three spare Stormtroopers!?
  2. Let's say I have Zarathur at a planet, with a Flamer who has a Mark of Chaos attached. My opponent has a single army unit present. As an action I sacrifice the Flamer, and use Zarathur's ability to increase the damage dealt to 3. Sacrificing the Flamer will also trigger the Mark of Chaos ability which, I assume, I could also increase using Zarathur's ability, inflicting a further 2 damage. Assuming the above is correct, would the damage from the Flamer be dealt first, with an option of shielding that, and then the Mark of Chaos damage be dealt, with another option of shielding that damage. Or would the damage from both effects be dealt together, with a single opportunity to shield the total amount, i.e. 5 damage. I feel from looking through the rules both sources of damage will be assigned before the option of shielding occurs. Any thoughts or clarifications?
  3. Maybe it's because of Episode 7 being released next year, with the potential for some the EU characters appearing in it,
  4. Because FFG havn't done a preview of it yet?
  5. It's worth buying a second core set for the cards you only get one or two of in each set. It's probably not worth buying a third. You'll only get about 10 cards and you probably won't want more than two of them in a deck anyway since they're unique. There's no way to buy singles (except from other players).
  6. Kaaihn said: Seems odd that the other enemies don't get the opportunity to take a whack at you is all. Well if you have three different colour Enemies which you have no chance of beating and you'd prefer to lose three lives, rather than one, that's your prerogative I guess.
  7. Kaaihn said: Does it seem right that you get out of fighting enemies as soon as you lose? If you have multiple enemies of different stats and lose to one, the engagement round ends immediately and you don't fight the next enemy from the way the rules are written. That's exactly right. You might not fight the remaining enemies, buy you also don't get any assets or encounters either.
  8. B3stie said: - The standard assets(Power Sword, Stormbolter, etc) where very fast very uninterresing - that was pity. We managed to get 2 Relic weapons really fast and so the standard assets where reduced to gadgets, only usefull in very few moments. You can use the Relics and normal weapons together since no Relics are weapons. You just can't use two weapons together. It's probably essential you can. In our games last night the number of exploding dice rolled for enemies was obscene!
  9. The_Warlock said: There's no official rule about landing on characters. The wording land on is referred to spaces only. On some recent card texts it has been applied to character (wrongly, IMO). Landing on a character should be read as landing on a space with a character. So regardless of whether you decide to encounter the space or the character you can always use any "land on…" abilities if you end your move on a character?
  10. We had an issue in our game the other day whereby the Bounty Hunter landed on the same space as a character. Now the Bounty Hunter's ability states: "You may take 1 trophy of your choice from a character that you land on." It's always been my understanding that in order to use that ability you have to encounter a character, not necessarily via combat, but through the special ability in question. So you land on a character and use that ability thereby encountering them. You can't also encounter the space they're on as well? Does this also apply for any objects or followers that have a similar effect. For example the Panhandler reads: "If you land on a character, that character must either five you 1 gold or 1 object of his choice." The crux of the counter argument to this, was that none of these abilities use the phrase "encounter a player to…". Personally I think that argument is specious. In my mind the flowchart on the rear of the core rulebook shows the correct method, but I was hoping to get clarification either way from the masses
  11. We've got a small group of players who meet every Thursday at about 6:30pm at Harelquins in Preston. All the details are on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/PresWing New players welcome. We're looking to start the League in the next few weeks. Hope to see you there.
  12. I'd say the other characters decide on the object, otherwise it would say "take one object from each character".
  13. While I partly agree, I also think an argument could be made about pretty much any item could be a trinket. Sword? Carried in a scabbard. must be a trinket. Suit of armour? Worn on the body, not carried. I think to avoid arguments in game I'd rather see non-trinket rings and potions as an odd game absurdity, than to open up the flood gates as to what should and shouldn't be a trinket.
  14. The downside being he can't take those enemies he defeats with Pyroblast as trophies. So repeatedly using it will stunt his development,
  15. Nope, never had this problem at all. I assume you're giving the deck a good shuffle. I know if you don't, between games you get a big clump of objects and followers from the previous game.
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