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  1. Not sure what the fuss is about. I read several posts here that state the avatar was killed almost immediately. I have played through twice and have not seen this happen. Yes, the gold level moves rapidly and the heroes are not really in danger from a lt. at this level, but that seems proper, and you could always attack with two in a row, hit and leave. My last avatar was the sorceror king, at the final battle he has an additional 115 wounds, +1 armor, and +2 gold dice. He takes no wounds until each and every mirror is destroyed. Each has 30 wounds and is immune to pierce and other effects with ironskin. Thier are eight mirrors, and four players. They must move into the room to attack. There is NO WAY the players can kill the avatar in 2 or three turns. The weakest character should be targeted first, killing him/her off with a socerous energy blast. Add the possibility of controlling with tatoos and it is in no way a walkover. Many of the unbalancing skills listed can be eliminated prior to thier use by destroying cities. One of the plots even allows for the destruction of cities by simply paying for it. Combined with a few Lts. I managed to have almost all cities razed and a special trainer killed by the gold level.
  2. Can someone post the stats from the road to legend skeletons? Include all 4 levels please. Somehow these got separated and lost and I am in the middle of my campaign. thanks in advance
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