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  1. I had a quick question regarding how many scenarios are included with Return to Night of the Zealot. Everything I can find about the set says it updates the original 3 scenarios, but on the rules sheet, it says that "Each of these new scenario cards is included in one of the following encounter sets and enhances the original scenario" and then lists the 3 "Return to" scenario sets as well as "Cult of Umôrdhoth (new)". I only received scenario cards for the three "Return to", was there supposed to be a fourth scenario included, or is that just referring to the three new cultist cards?
  2. That's what I figured, but because the preceding statement refers to both your honor dial and your honor bid, I just wanted clarity for which it was going off of. If it went off of the honor bid, my follow up question would have been "If contingency plan sets your honor bid to zero, what do you set the opponents honor dial to?"
  3. If I've adjusted the value of my honor bid with Contingency Plan, does Akodo Kage set the opponent's dial to match my dial or my current bid value? I'm assuming it sets it to your honor dial's value, but its vaguely worded enough that "yours" could also be referring to your honor bid.
  4. Every time we play Chaos in our group, it's always Khorne or Slaanish who wins, and the Slaanish victories were from before the errata, and once when I was seeing if you could win through VP with Khorne *Hint: Punch face is better than VPs.* The biggest problem with Khorne is... he dictates the game. You CAN stay in a region and fight him, giving him VPs, or you can run away, which is probably counter-productive to your own strategies. It's especially annoying because I mostly play Tzeench or Nurgle, and every game I've managed to get over 50 vps, is the same turn that Khorne wins through dial turns. Honestly, our group really can't see any effective way of dealing with Khorne short of just running away constantly, and even then Khorne will still be killing your models more often than you'll be filling corruption conditions, because he's usually so spread out that there's really nowhere to run to.
  5. If they do release an expansion, there are a few "Races" I can see being used. Ogres, maybe giving them something that removes corruption for dial counters *They eat, and eat, and eat, and... wait, where's all the food?* and they do worship the Great Maw. Vampire Counts, because most fiction of them tends to involve the mass corruption of the surrounding landscape wherever they set up shop. Granted, I think the biggest flaw with the expansions is that most of it's a case of "Been there, done that" with the four gods. It's a bit hard to think of something unique that doesn't tread on any god's style.
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