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  1. One thing it seems most people are missing is the rogue traders missions. They commonly face down xenos, daemons, cults, and other baddies every day (a slight exaggeration but you get the idea). If they are constantly meeting/fighting xenos it is very likely they would get a squad or two of marines (most likely deathwatch but some other chapters also). It is also very possible the trader or his ancestor saved the marines or helped them in some way, this would mean they could get a squad or two of marines attached to them because the chapter's honor dictates it. The same could happen for daemons and cults (although I doubt they would get some grey knights). This is also very true of inquisitors, who could have a marine or two helping them. Also, the statement about rogue traders not being a military force is wrong also. Rogue traders colonize worlds, trade with xenos, fight off cult attacks, and other such feats of grandeur. While it is unlikely they would have a full force of marines on call the rogue trader could be represented by options form either the IG (they could have a good sized military force) or by the inquisitor codex, with the trader taking the place of an inquisitor, leading a small army of power armored warriors into battle (with sisters rules). The only problem with the second option would be explaining the faith points, but if you put your mind to it it shouldnt be that hard.
  2. HappyDaze said: I like the idea of taking age of sail concepts more than sci-fi. I'd rather see a prolonged mutiny have a chance of success within the setting. And I cant wait for a mutany because as the GM I plan to spin it off as a story arc that takes at least 10 hours of play time and someone ending up dead (there is a reason my players can each make two chars) It just dosnt seem to me like there would be much central controal in the 40k universe. I could see however that each hatch has many diffrent "buttons." Some of them would probably be located in crawl spaces around the bridge (within a short walk, a right turn, and squeezing your body through holes that are small to a ratling). This just makes sense to me and it seems very 40k-ish that there would be a main purge for each section hidden away somewhere only the captain or a trusted advisor of some kind would know about. Back on topic though, if you want some dedicated boarding actions you could always find the general layout of a ship online and then run a couple of games where the PCs are boarding the ship. You could get as complex as you wanted, adding in stuff like the crews of other boarding ships and even incorporating it into the continuing space battle (The deck you are in was suddenly depressurized by a broadside, Jimmy didnt have his helmet on right and now his suit is wearing him.)
  3. When I sit down and do it I am not to bad at the formatting part of open office. I could do some of that stuff. This sounds like it would be a fun project.
  4. Cant find the edit button I just found the post saying you already had plans to make it a PDF so never mind
  5. First, TYVM for making these rules, they are really helpfull (now onto xenos? ) Second, when you get the squadrons done would it be ok if I uploaded a PDF version? I just spent a good hour copying it all into a PDF and formating tables for everything and I thought it would be a nice idea to share it
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