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  1. Raijing said: Thanks for the advice, got another question that I forgot to add. If someone is playing as Helo. During there "Stranded" phase does that player receive skill cards/ and or a Crisis? I think I still need a bit of clarification for this: Do abilities that state "do in your action step" work when not on your own turn? I know this is explained for Movement in the rulebook but nothing for Action related skills. example Lee Adam uses Alert Viper Pilot, and during his action activates his viper to (Move/Escort/Attack), or Kat using her Hotshot in FTL with a executive order. If something specifies your action step, it has to be done on your turn. If it just says Action it can be done any time you have an action. I can't get to BGG to look at the characters, so can't speak to your specific examples. In the Core Game rule book it says a person Piloting a Viper during there action step may choose to activate there viper (Move/Attack/Escort). does that mean you cannot "XO" a Pilot to escort a civ ship? This would be a big deal in terms of difficulty for humans playing with Ion Nebula. Helo still gets skill cards and a crisis on his first turn, but has no movement or action steps. If you get XO'd you have either a move and an action, or two actions, but it remains the current player's turn. The confusion here is coming from the fact that the list of legal actions is found in the core rulebook under the "Action Step" heading, but it does not mean "these can only be done during your Action Step", but "During your action step, you have an action, it can be any one of these things." Obviously Lee can do something in his viper with his free action after launching with Alert Viper Pilot, for instance. If you must have a ruling on this there's a rules question link at the bottom of every page. Abilities that work "during your turn" (Helo's reroll, Starbuck's bonus space action) do NOT work when you are XO'd, because it is not your turn.
  2. hancelanson said: First off: thanks for answering this in advance. I'm sure this has been asked somewhere else on the forum but I couldn't find the thread anywhere. While playing the Pegasus expansion for the first time this weekend my group of friends ran into some snags with the new characters. Dee's ability allows her to look at all the civilian ships currently on the board and then she may move any of them from the communications room. We drew 2 questions from this ability. 1. Can she move the ships to any new location, or does she have to follow the "Communications" room rule of one adjacent space? 2. In the New Caprica phase after Galactica has jumped back can Dee move to the communications room and activate the room to look at all the ships in either the locked or prepared pile and them move them (all) to space. This seems to be in line with the ability on her card "Look at any civilian ships on the game board and then you may move any of them" but it seems to be far too overpowered. From the BGG Wiki FAQ (which collects a lot of Rules Questions answers): www.boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Battlestar_Galactica_FAQ#toc5 Q: If Dee uses Communications during the New Caprica phase, can she look at the civilian ships that are locked and/or prepared, even though she can't move them? (thread) A: (Corey, FFG, to infocynic) Dee can only look at ships in space areas.
  3. rodolf said: hi i have 2 questions: 1- in some effect raider are destroy o stoped of activation (red card- run interference), scar is consider a raider in this cases? 2- if inflitred leader cylon is in new caprica and humans activate last jump, are consider leader cylon human and humans lost 1 moral. thanks for all. Run Interference stops Scar from activating. However, the only thing that can destroy Scar is a die roll of 7 or 8. So the Pegasus gun that says 4-6 Destroy 1 Raider can't destroy Scar, unless you roll a 7 or 8. (in the FAQ) Infiltrating Cylons are considered human players, but executing them does not cost you a morale (page 12 of the Pegasus rulebook). The New Caprica rules don't say "lose 1 morale per human player on New Caprica when you jump away", they say "execute all human players still on New Caprica." (page 17 of the Pegasus rulebook) So short answer: no, you don't lose morale for a Cylon Leader left on New Caprica, even if they're infiltrating.
  4. James McMurray said: We've played that option twice, but haven't made it there yet. The first time we used that option plus the conflicted loyalties. We might have made it there. The humans were hanging on by a thread but we ran out of time and had to pack it up. The second time we used all three options. Two cylon reveals, one of which damaged Command and the Hangar, gave me and the other cylon player back to back turns. The humans burned their hands to crisis cards and two super crisis votes in a row all but ended it. We do have human wins, a fair number of them. It just seems like we'll never make it to that phase. What's it like? It doesn't look like the threat of being removed from the game is all that big, since unwanted trauma tokens are easy to get rid of. We've played it three times now, only failed to make it to that phase once (Galactica was destroyed). While I like the allies and trauma tokens during the game, I'm not convinced the actual trial is a good thing. It seems very random, and difficult to react to. We haven't had any player elimination, though - getting that many tokens is hard, unless you end up on the wrong side of token hell when you are forcibly revealed as a Cylon.
  5. kemon said: cavil's ability allows him to remove a basestar if there are two on the "game board" but since his card was part of the pegasus expansion, it isn't clear how it interacts with exodus and the cylon fleet board. should his ability only work if both the basestars are on the main board? either board? if one is on the main board and one on the cylon fleet board, should he be restricted to only removing from one board or the other? From the wiki: Q: How does Cavil's Primarcy ability interact with the Cylon Fleet module (from Exodus)? A: (Tim Uren, FFG, to infocynic) Cavil's ability can't be used to add or remove basestars to the reserve board. If Cavil needs to place a basestar and none are in supply, he takes the one from the lowest-numbered reserve board space (as per page 14 of the Exodus rules).
  6. Kushiel said: antherem said: Any time you brig the Admiral, he loses his title, the only way this would not happen is if all human players are in the Brig, the last guy who went in stays the Admiral until someone higher than him on the Line of Succession gets out of the Brig. Pretty sure that the rule is actually: If all human players are in the brig, whoever's highest in line of succession for admiral is admiral (regardless of who was the last admiral outside the brig). First person to get out of the brig them becomes admiral, regardless of line of succession. :embarassed: Guess we've played that wrong. In my defense, that's all the way on, like, page 2 of the FAQ, and who wants to read that far?
  7. James McMurray said: The 28 page talks about a case if the admiral or the president is a reveled cylon, what I wanted to know is if in the case i described above, i can use this tule to. This appears to be an unintended hole in the rules, as the game cannot function properly unless one of the players is the President and another is the Admiral. Barring any official word to the contrary it makes the most sense to use the line of succession to determine who gets each title in the event nobody picks a character from the short list. If using Pegasus you should probably also make sure that Cain gets the admiral title at the start of the game if anyone picks her, even though she's not on the short list in the base rulebook's setup steps. I'll ask another advantage. When the admiral is send to the Brgi, his lose his title. At all times that he is sent or only in case he is a reveled cylon? Yes, any time he goes to the brig he loses the title. It's not normally possible to send a revealed cylon to the brig. AFAICT the only time this can happen is if you're using Pegasus and they are currently infiltrating. Even then I'm pretty sure they can't hold titles so it wouldn't be an admiral cylon you're sending there. ...wow, you're right. How has nobody noticed that before? That said, only the most rules-lawyery interpretation would imply that you wouldn't assign an Admiral if neither Adama, Tigh, or Helo is in the game, or a President if neither Roslin, Zarek, or Baltar is in the game (since the game totally breaks down without the Admiral and President.) This is especially true when you add in expansions. If you *really* want this clarified, you can use the Rules Questions link at the bottom of the page, but there's really no other possible interpretation. With regards to the second question, Cylon Leaders and revealed Cylon players can never hold titles, and can never even be the target of cards which could potentially GIVE them titles (like Assign Vice President). Any time you brig the Admiral, he loses his title, the only way this would not happen is if all human players are in the Brig, the last guy who went in stays the Admiral until someone higher than him on the Line of Succession gets out of the Brig. And revealed Cylons can never be sent to the Brig, since they can't move to non-Cylon locations. Note that sending someone to the Brig does not reveal their Cylon loyalty card, the player still has to take an action to do so.
  8. Anacreon said: But that is contrary to what the rules say - you build the loyalty deck at the outset with the Sympathizer card in the deck. Then the rules for Exodus says "It is possible the card would be gained by a player before the sleeper phase" (p 4 of errata/FAQ). But what it doesn't say is whether the player who gains the card reveals the card or not. I can only assume the player does reveal the card because that's what the card says to do. Eh, that probably should have been spelled out in the FAQ, but I can't imagine anything but the most literal reading of the rules implying anything other than "when you get the Sympathizer card, reveal it." The universal meta-rule for games with cards is that rules on cards always override rules in the rulebook.
  9. doimo said: My question is about the BSG game without any expasion. If i'm playing with 2 another friends, i pick a Pilot, one pick a Political and the last pick Support. Who gonna be the admiral? I make the same question if none one pick a politcal leader....who gonna be the president? Thx! This is answered by the rulebook. There's a line of succession in the rulebook for both admirals and presidents on page 28, you follow that. The admiral is, in a general sense, military leaders, then pilots, then Tyrol, then political leaders. President is more complicated and is based on the character's political acumen on the show (so Apollo and Bill Adama are high on the list.)
  10. andrzejsob said: Hello. I have one question, in exodus there is a new card with 6 strength it's named STATE OF EMERGENCY. When someone activate it all players have one extra action. On the roulbook to exodus there is an explanation of therm ALL PLAYERS. " Occasionally, game elements may refer to “players,” “human players,” or “Cylon players.” The term “players” is inclusive and refers to all individuals currently playing the game. The terms “Cylon players” and “human players” are more restrictive. The term “Cylon players” refers to revealed Cylons, but not to players who have a hidden “You Are a Cylon” Loyalty Card. The term “human players” refers to all players who are not revealed Cylons. " So if there are 5 players and 2 of them are revealed Cylons, and one of the HUMAN player activate it i think the cylons have the actions also. But in the roulbook to the bsg there is this paragraf: "Revealed Cylon players may not use actions or abilities listed on Skill Cards. They must continue to obey the hand limit rule, and discard down to 10 Skill Cards at the end of each player’s turn." But number 2. In the exodus there is: "All of the rules found in this book supersede the rules found in the core game and the Pegasus expansion, and they should always be used when playing the Exodus expansion." So they can use the action when someone use the state of emergency card. I think this is in the FAQ. Cylon players do get a free action off of State of Emergency. But they cannot play it themselves (unless they're infiltrating) because they can't use the text on non-Treachery skill cards. So it only happens if a human player plays the card.
  11. Rasiel said: I just want to be sure ... Well we played yesterday so i have some play questions i didnt find in FAQ. 1) One crossroad card says you must discard 2 random skill cards, and you may discard 2 trauma tokens. Does this mean if you dont have enough skill cards you cant discard trauma? 2) There is also 1 crisis that say something like "Admiral and CAG each discards 3 cards". Since the wording of this card is different than in Core game (for example "current player discards 2 cards and president discards 3 cards". I suppose this means if one player has both titles, he discards only 3 cards. In the latter, card instructs two conditions and two consequences. In the first there is only one condition and one consequence - (If you are either CAG or admiral you discard 3 cards. If you have both titles, you still fulfill the condition, but it doesnt matter if you have both titles or just the one ... you discard only 3 cards.) Am I right? Two wording is not precise enough to distinctly distinguish between this two interpretations (unlike core game example the wording is so precise it cant be understood in different way...) 3) Is it OK to play executive order on a character in sickbay/brig so he doesnt receive trauma token at the begining of his turn? As for the rules ... it says "if you start your turn on a location with a trauma token, you have to take it before you proceed to reveive skill step." But if you get XO before your turn, you can walk away and receive no trauma... i think thematically it doesnt make sence ... trauma is mark of a suffering ... it just doesnt seem right that you can avoid it by receiving XO (you still got shot down in viper that is traumatic moment ... how can you avoid it by receiving order to go back to work?) Does anyone asked about it ? In our first game ... nobody received extra trauma token because we always played XO on a player who was there ... now it is two flies with one shot (avoid receiving only 1 card in reveive skill step, and avoid collecting trauma token) 1) I don't have the card in front of me, but I think you can discard trauma tokens even if you can't discard skill cards due to not having enough cards. The only reason you wouldn't be able to is if it said "if you do, you may discard trauma tokens" or something to that effect. 2) Huh. I'd send that one to the Rules Questions link. That's a good question. 3) Absolutely. If you are Executive Ordered, it's not your turn. Think of it as a particularly inspired pep talk from the commanding officer.
  12. Brucifer said: Hiya Got my copy of Exodus in the post (W00T!) and was wondering, do you use the New cap phase with all the other options from Exodus, or do you bin that in favour of the Nebula? Ive just scanned the online rules (very briefly i might ass) and it wasnt clear. Many thanks in anticipation of helpful responses B The Nebula is a new endgame choice, like Kobol or New Caprica. So you can play with the new Loyalty cards and the Cylon Fleet board no matter which endgame you're using, but if you use the Nebula you don't use New Caprica.
  13. She has a super powerful always-on ability, but she's pretty bad as Presidents go, since she can't effectively use the President's Office. She's also basically dead weight on New Caprica, when you could really use those activations of the Shipyards. I personally prefer Baltar as president, although there's that pesky "more likely to be a Cylon" problem.
  14. LadySaphire said: Any BSG players in the Binghamton/Owego NY area? Hoping to form a weekly/ or every other week group to get together to play BSG or maybe there already is a group in the area that not aware of that is looking for more players. There's a group in Ithaca that plays various games (including BSG) every Friday night. That's sorta close-ish.
  15. Laoghan said: Hi I have a question about some situation. What if last jump before New Caprica phase brought Scar to game (Mining Asteroid destination card). Does Scar crysis is skipped or is he waiting for fleet to come back? Pegasus rulebook, page 13: "Main Game Board: Leave any centurion tokens on the Boarding Party track in their current position, as well as any Cylon ships placed in a space area by the Destination Card. These will remain in place and are unaffected by any game mechanic until Galactica returns to orbit." So Scar shows up but can't move, be activated, or be targeted/destroyed in any way until Galactica gets back.
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