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  1. ahhh cheers. my brain didn't process the 'on the board' bit...
  2. I did a search for this but to no avail.... Skids personal story is a success on the acquisition of 5 clues but a fail on 3.... When does it become a fail? And how? Is it a fail until 5 is reached or...??? do I deduct clues from the tally if clues are lost???
  3. Stand-alone expansion sounds like an oxymoron to me.
  4. Julia said: Professor, I know your question was for Avi, so in case apologies. I just wanted to let you know that many of us have tried to create another Herald to be used with the Lurker in order to fix it. You can check - if you like - mine here, and if you dig into the custom herald thread you'll find also Veet and Amikezor's Heralds to fix this problem! Fantastic work Julia, on all 5 ... definitely adding to my next print... Also where is this Custom Herald thread... ??? I have gone back a ways but can't seem to locate it...
  5. Arag said: Organized Crime institution - because crime does pay. I've always wondered about the whole "crime doesn't pay" saying, when it so obviously does...
  6. dj2.0 said: I dont think the base game cards will be Arkham gate locations. That would run against the theme of the box. ok! well in that case... hooray for life!
  7. And wont adding only base game mythos just make the dilution problem even worse???
  8. Dam said: jgt7771 said: >sniff sniff sniff< Hey, Dam...is that Kingsport I smell? Or maybe you'll just take those cards out and set them asiiiiiwait. You can't do that, can you? Nope, must be your sinuses clogged up . Actually, doesn't look all that interesting, Mythos cards only mention base game AH, which would mean no cards for DH and IH. More location encounter cards, so-so, on one hand, nice to have those, but since encounters are a minor part of the game experience for me, so very meh on the other hand. Also, more Epic Battle? More Green cards to make sure you're guaranteed never to see a Red card? I have to agree somewhat here with Dam, I would have thought that expansion location Mythos cards would be the first thing on their list for an expansion expansion... Still, looks like a concerted step in the right direction... I think I am going to make some of my own Dunwich location opening mythos when I get a chance...
  9. it is the circles on the other world locations that get me... i really need to shine a light right on them directly to tell.
  10. One in three men are colour blind.... so the urban myth goes... I can't tell between the green and blue circles on my board except in very bright clear light. My wife tells me the colour though no problems.
  11. Dunwich Horror - 2 (heal) Innsmouth Horror -7 (hurt) Kingsport Horror - 0 The King in Yellow - 0 Curse of the Dark Pharoah - 0 The Lurker at the Threshold - 0 Black Goat of the Woods - 0 Back from the brink!
  12. Tibs said: I use house-rules that make final combat more difficult when there are fewer seals on the board when the AO awakens. I would really love to know what your house rule specifically is here... seems like a good idea.
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