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  1. If you're close to Guardian, it might be a little out of the way, but some of us play in an LCG night at Rainy Day Games on alternating Thursdays. There are at least two or three people that have Star Wars and the next meet up is on the 10th at 6:00pm.
  2. Frosty's estimation seems about right to me. I'm currently running a Haas-Bioroid deck with 22 (or 23?) Ice in it, so it's around 45% of my deck. For Runners, I like to make sure I have good coverage for handling the different varieties of Ice. So, somewhere in the 6-8 range is usually right for me, depending on the setup and what else is needed in the deck.
  3. That's pretty awesome. I loves me a numbers breakdown.
  4. I don't know what part of Portland you're in, but Rainy Day Games in Aloha is starting an LCG night on alternating Thursdays. That starts this Thursday (11 Oct.) at 6:00. http://calendar.rainy-day-games.com/month.php
  5. Adam said: Summoner Wars also does fixed distribution to great success. Is Summoner Wars a deck construction game? I haven't played it, but I thought the setups you could get were more fixed.
  6. I liked the little rule books that used to get crammed into starter deck boxes, but I wouldn't say I'm disappointed not to have them. A nicely printed, full-color book with plenty of space for examples and large diagrams is not a bad thing to have.
  7. Thee Forsaken One said: photogasm said: Speaking as a programmer, a 'Stack' is a type of data structure used inside a program. It uses a FIFO (First In-First Out) order. In the case of Netrunner, naming your deck (Or Library to use the M:TG term) a Stack for Runners isn't particularly accurate but I guess it sounds 'programmerly' enough to work. If you ignore the rule-breaking done by cards, I think Stack is reasonably accurate for the Runner's deck. All the rule book tells you to do with the stack is to pop items off the top of it. There's no excuse for Heap, though. Except in that "heap" is synonymous with "pile."
  8. sparCc said: 1) If u play Femme Faltale (FF) u persumably can choose unrezzed ice for the "special ability" (what i will call the ability to choose a piece of ice and then bypass any ice of that kind by spending one cred.). If u have choosen a unrezzed piece of ice… how does the special ability work? Does it, untill the ice is rezzed, mean that FF can bypass any kind of ice, since the unrezzed piece of ice has no spcific type (but still is a ice … see Cyripsis) and the Runner owning FF cant know the ice´s tipe untill its rezzed. Or does it mean that the FF special ability has simply no effect untill the choosen ice is rezzed since the inactive ice is just a program on the server… 2) What happens if the Ice choosen by FF´s special ability stays unrezzed and is trashed by the corp., simply by installing a nother piece of ice over the choosen one? 1) Femme Fatale says "When you install Femme Fatale, choose an installed piece of ice. When you encounter that ice, you may spend 1 [Credits] per subroutine on that ice to bypass it." It does not say that you can use it to bypass any Ice of the same kind, so I wouldn't assume that it's capable of doing so. It's also important to note that the ability requires that you pay 1 credit per subroutine, so it may cost more than 1 credit depending on how many subroutines the Ice in question has. 2) If the Ice you've chosen is trashed, I imagine you'd just lose that particular ability. As for a FAQ, one will be produced, but they might wait a little while so they can actually compile a set of Frequently Asked Questions.
  9. Vittek said: If you open the can of TV shows, one needs to mention Dark Angel. By the way, for those so inclined, as far as I've read Ghost in the Shell is post-cyberpunk. The distinction being, if I remember correctly, that cyberpunk stories focus on people going against the society or the Megacorps, while post-cyberpunk focuses on people inside those organization, or anyway upholding the status quo, the society and its laws, like in the aforementioned GITS. So does this mean that Netrunner is actually Cyberpunk or Post-Cyberpunk, depending on which side you're playing on in that particular game? I think I would still put Netrunner in the Cyberpunk category. While there is a corporate player, only the runners are given individual identities and they provide the game's name. I feel like the focus is on running, while being the corp is more like having fun portraying the backdrop.
  10. Toqtamish said: Which would mean it is either an agenda or an asset that can be advanced. And not an Upgrade. There. I think this issue's been handled from all necessary directions.
  11. kaffis said: The way to arrive at Lukas' ruling independently is to remember that cards are chosen one at a time. This is well recognized with multiple access runs like Medium/Maker's Eye or runs on Archives, but it also affects dealing multiple points of damage at a time. How do you mean? I'm not seeing how the rules regarding accessing cards one at a time would apply to the way damage is taken.
  12. In general, it will become obvious if one of the two starts getting advancement tokens.
  13. byronczimmer said: Khudzlin said: Fortunately, all 4 cards that currently deal brain damage do so 1 at a time (3 HB ICE and Stimhack). Given the lack of brain damage prevention and the more powerful nature of brain damage (compared to meat and net), I don't see that changing any time soon, leaving FFG plenty of time to clarify. Heimdall does 2 brain damage. Unless cardgamedb is lying, Heimdall only does 1 brain damage: The Runner can spend [Click] to break any subroutine on Heimdall 1.0. [subroutine] Do 1 brain damage. [subroutine] End the run. [subroutine] End the run.
  14. I've been using it to block the first point of net damage, but I could see the card being read either way.
  15. HikariStarshine said: At least among my gaming group, we handle recurring credits by placing them on the card at the time it comes into play, then flipping them over to the advancement side when they're used instead of removing them. That way they're on the card at all times, and just get flipped back at the start of the next turn. I really like this idea. I will be using it from now on.
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