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  1. The game's creater recently said on Steam (in the forums for the Anima: Gate of Memories video game) that they are working on signing a new distribution deal in the US. He expressed appreciation for FFG's handling of the material, but disappointment in the length of time it took for the books to release. In other words - they will be available again soon, but it may not be here that they are available. I'd bookmark that forum and check in from time to time, he seems fairly active there: http://steamcommunity.com/app/380750/discussions/?fp=3
  2. Valdruk, Thanks for the answers, much appreciated!
  3. Quick question for anyone who has purchased the PDFs. I have a copy of all of the hardbacks but thinking of investing in the PDF for the utility of it. Can you highlight and copy/paste text from the PDF? I don't care if there is a cap to how much (for example, many Kindle files allows this but only so many words at a time), I just want to be able to copy small amounts. For example, if we are going to visit Togarini for the first time, I would like to be able to prep adventure sheets with the introductory paragraph giving a brief description of it. Things like that. Also, does the PDF have bookmarks for the chapters? Tables? Is the text searchable? Thanks in advance!
  4. Technaton said: SilverElf4: Thanks for the hint! I thought Cipher Studios was explicitly the creator of Anima Tactics only…? My memory on things is a little fuzzy. If I recall correctly the forums that Cipher now hosts were originally hosted by Edge Entertainment after Fantasy Flight took it over/bought it out/whatever. And even if my memory is wrong, it says its the official forums, and that's the only place that Mr. Aparicio posts and interacts with fans. (-:
  5. Just an update… The game hit its goal and is on its way to being developed. They are still allowing pledges to hit stretch goals, and have set up some forums for the game and Anima in general.
  6. Eric, You may want to ask around on the Cypher Studios (official) forums. The game's creator has been very supportive of fan efforts, even going so far as to give permission for the release of some basic rules in a fan written introductory adventure, and he does read those forums pretty regularly.
  7. I think you missed that their are Advantage sinks for every class, not just those two. Domine classes are all but required to blow 2-3 points on the advantage that delivers Martial Knowledge if they want to have anything other than a single technique (and sometimes not even that) at level one.
  8. Just want to add my caution to the one above - if you are looking for a vanilla Anima game set in the official world of Gaia, that character probably won't fly. The Inquisition would have him locked up in two shakes of a cat's tale - even if he wasn't throwing healing spells around - just for looking like a freak. I'm guessing you are taking those figures from the main game's height/weight table - bear in mind (iirc) that those are maximums for those stats, not normal for those stats.
  9. I'd get them to focus on concept first and go from there. One of the "dangers" in CC is that there are so many options and cool things you can do and cool ways you can do it that people get sucked into analysis paralysis, particularly if they are players that enjoy the crunch of game systems. So instead work with them on what they want to do (I always ask "describe what kind of hero would you have fun playing?"), and then which class would do that best - *then* let them at the actual character creation.
  10. FFG doesn't actually have to release anything, since all the changes are a) optional and b) compiled for free on the game's official forums. Our version of the rules actually already incorporated a number of the changes that the European community only got when Core Exxet was released. The game's creator doesn't want to release a new book here in the US with so few changes. Reply #57 has the summary as well as a link to a PDF with the new magic book
  11. I can't believe that Anima hasn't put forth any official announcements here. Lost opportunity. Anyway, I'm backing it now, and the total is down to about $11k. Hopefully the last three days will carry them over the hump.
  12. Off to a great start here, thanks for taking the time to do this!
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