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  1. Like I said before I understand if the character has a powerful HtH and a weak range. But unless the specific HtH weapon gives it plus to dice or additional powers (which several do), there is NO advantage to having a HtH weapon. It does not make sense for a character to have a powerful range and a weak HtH. To me it seems to be wasting an equipment slot, which I either use a bonus token or a different pack. It just does not seem well thought out to me. Now, if they had kept a minimum distance of two spaces away for a range attack it would make sense to include a HtH for some characters. Since the new rules got rid of that, the base advantage for a HtH is gone. I feel that there needs to be some base advantage for HtH for certain tokens and packs to be worth it.
  2. I just got Hoss, Oksana, Wolf, and the equipment cards in the mail (just a little excited). I have a problem that with the hand to hand weapons. There are equipment packs and tokens that just don't make sense to me at all. I need some help understanding, I have searched the rule book through and through to find the answer but I cannot find anything. Am I missing it. What is the advantage of hand to hand weapons. I understand that characters like Eva have powerful HtH weapons, but what about the characters that have powerful range but weak HtH? What is the point of that? There range can attack at melee distance so there seems to be NO advantage. I know that HtH can attack through doors but that only applies to one map and really is not that much of an advantage. So what is the purpose? Here are the examples that bother me the most: Barry Brown - Why does he have a knife and the most powerful gun in the game? So he can be put on overwatch with a knife? I don't think so. Wolf - He also has a knife. Why on earth would someone use an attack that uses 4 die instead of 5? Eva Kramer bonus/winter pack - Why do the snow goggles allow her use the pistol as a melee attack? That doesn't make any sense to me, she can already attack the same distance? I would rather use her whip. M5 special - bonus token in hoss pack for commando alphas - It does not take up and equipment slot and gives the trooper a HtH weapon. What is the point if he has a vastly superior gun? There may be others but these are the ones that stood out to me. I know the attack through doors thing, but that really does not seem like that much of an advantage, nothing I would change a weapon over. And I know that Yula can destroy weapons, but again, that event doesn't happen enough to make it worth a whole other weapon. Am I missing something? Is there some important rule or strategy that I am completely missing? If you can shed any light on the subject I would be grateful because I can't seem to find anything.
  3. Miah, I hope you are not right, but you could be. I did not like how they made Oksana union compatable (same with gorgei). I hope that they come out with expansion characters that are matriarch specific. Such as the other battle armors, and human troops. I don't know if they will come out with a fourth faction, although I wish they would. I don't know why they wouldn't like the matriarch though, they are a really cool faction.
  4. What exactly does she do/have to make the voivodes more powerful? I was worried it would be a choice between a weaker and stronger hero.
  5. I am really curious as to whether or not Oksana is just tame version of Zorka. Does she offer anything new? Would there be a good reason to chose her over Zorka? If anyone could shed some more light on Oksana I would be grateful!
  6. That was great! Now I really want Hoss. Thanks for showing all the tokens and describing the abilities, it gives a good feel for the character.
  7. I agree with most of what you say. I would love to see the other battle armors for the matriarch. It would be really disappointing if the rest were never released. I think that some other tokens, especially for Tala, should be released, I think she is a great character, but one bomb is not enough. She needs another type of explosive device. I love the idea of more troops and heroes, I just want to see each faction stay loyal to play style/strategy, the factions won't be different enough if they are just a smorgus board of random characters that happen to be on the same team. I love the individuality of each faction and I really think that the styles should not be changed too much. I don't know if I would want real demons in the game. One thing that I think is neat about the game is each faction/character funnels the powers of demons/aliens/goddesses and is not actually those things. It could be neat, but I just don't know. I have not gotten Asteros and in some ways I am a little reluctant because he does not seem to 'fit' in with the rest of the game. But, I would love to hear a rumor and/or hear a little bit of the plan!
  8. I love your cards, I have printed them and laminated them. You did a great job! They make the rules super easy to look up! I was wondering if you will be making any for the new expansion characters that are coming out, hoax, oksana and hoss?
  9. I always play as the union and I get my but kicked most of the time by the reich. I do not think the union is overpowered. Yes, the union has the most power guns and the most dice. BUT this is not the only determining factor for a side to win. If they were on a map with no where to hide and it was just open, the union would probably win, but I don't know a single map like that. The reich has special abilities where the union does not have a lot of that. From a pure dice perspective the union win, but that is not the only thing in play in this game. Being able to attack around corners (Ozo), control opponents(Heizinger), and force them to use fewer dice on a shock roll(Eva) are devastating. Those abilities is what give the reich the advantage.
  10. I just got the Matriarch, which I am totally excited to play with, but I have a question. I feel like it should be totally obvious but I cannot find my answer in the rule book (revised edition). Can vovoides complete objectives? I would think not but I cannot find anywhere where it says they cannot. Maybe I am missing it, but I just can't find it anywhere.
  11. You guys were right, this is what they said... "On page 31 of the Revised Rulebook, just before the "Victory Conditions" it states that a player may accomplish an objective that his opponent has already completed. So, just as both players can have an objective "halfway completed" both players can have the objective "fully completed." The objective completed by both players means both players have 1 point to count toward their total of 4." That is what it sounded like, but I don't know how much sense it would make. If one team was setting a bomb and the other diffusing, how do they both have this done at the same time?
  12. Thanks, that really makes me want to get the matriarch. Now, just to convince my wife...
  13. Thank you for answering all my questions about Hoax. I have wanted to get her, and have been really curious about the rules of invisibility.
  14. I have a question for objective mode. The rules state that you must have four objectives complete to win the game, and that you can claim an objective already claimed by the opponent. So, if the Reich has completed an objective, and the Union comes along completes the same objective, is the Reich flag removed? In other words, does the Reich have one less completed objective? And if this is the case, can an objective go back and forth being completed by each side? OR, do both sides have it completed at the same time? The first would make more sense to me. Thank you!
  15. You guys were mentioning two models being used. Aren't there three clear models? Are only two used?
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