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  1. Correct, they split up the books to aviod nasty cliffhangers, which is a good idea, believe me. In danish, there was a NASTY long break betweem 6 and 7 (#6 came out in 88, #7 got out in french in 92, came in danish in 95), so the split is a good idea, to aviod breaking up the story. And yes, Ganael will return
  2. No, the artist on Percevan is Philippe Luguy, whereas Asterix is drawn by Albert Uderzo. Both are french comics though, and the art style in both are fairly common in euro comics.
  3. Hook Innsmouth said: Personally I'm hoping for more Euro titles like Valerian and Laureline... if only someone would do an English translation of that from the first album right the way through! Cinebook just announced that they are starting to release the Valerian and Laureline series starting in 2010. No news on the release order of it though, and they dont usually do the cronological release order, but your wish for #1 should be fulfilled eventually
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