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  1. I have had this movie on VCR tape for about two weeks and finally got around to watching it. So excuse me for finally posting, and refreshing this thread again. This film appeared to be a professional production, but also seemed to have some intentionally amateurish effects in it such as, with scary scenes, the screen goes black momentarily, then resumes video. At times there's a sort of crudeness to the cinematography, almost like the old Blaim Witch of years ago. The character Wilbur Whately was well acted, and the guy rather scared me. A nice bit of casting. There were some departures from the story, but I believe they were necessary. Lovecraft was always totally devoid of male-female chemistry of any sort a romantic spark or two probably added to the credibility of the whole. It was cool that Prof. Rice was a convinced skeptic, who slowly comes to believe that the Old Ones are real, and deadly. I enjoyed Prof.. Armitage again, a well acted part. Armitage at times appears to be a boring, nondescript professor, at other times appears to be a powerful sorcerer, especially when white bire blasts from his hands. The opening scene was uncomfortable for me Old Whately's daughter screaming and howling in pain as she attempts to birth a monster. I was rather glad when the old bird got fed to the Horror. Whole sections of this production appeared to be created "out of whole cloth," as the expression goes. Such as going into a two-story house and discovering at least four stories, with an interior size of a small auditorium. The swamp episode where the key is traded for information cool. The mage in that scene is a clownish looking fat guy, but with a chilling element to his demeanor. Great touch of the unexpected. Well, what more can you say? It was sort of fun. I would not totally pan it, but maybe give it a B-. The b/w movie "Call of Cthulhu" movie was a real winner. And a better effort, on the whole. It won a number of film awards, as I recall.
  2. Have other players with the expansions noticed that some of the original monsters and GOOs have become too easy, to the point that they are not much fun any more? Some of the original monsters like Ghoul, Cultist, Goat Spawn, and others have become pretty mild stuff, since the trend in the expansions has been to increase difficulty, but also to increase the weapons arsenal to match. ---------- As for the old vs. new GOOs --------------- YIG is one example of an original GOO that is like a walk in the park in easiness, compared to many of the new expansion GOOs. If we drew Yig, I am not even sure we would play him -- just draw again. Something too easy is not much fun. Nyarlathotep is a little different for us ------- My playing partner and I decided we would like to play against Nyarlathotep again, and are brainstorming some changes that will make Nyarly more tough. We always liked the fictional Nyarlathotep in the Lovecraft books, and we like the mask monsters. Have other players felt a need to power up some of the original GOOs -- or do you just not play them any more? Anyone have any suggestions on how to "power up" Nyarlathotep with a few adjustments to his card? Thanks in advance--
  3. I was the guy who began this thread. It appears to me that some of the "solutions" are not very sensible. One fellow writes, 'someone is going to the hospital." This seems contrary to common sense. There should be a way to use time bomb to kill monsters, without taking yourself out with it. It seems to me that the best way to use time bomb is to cruise through a location with one or more monsters, evade the monsters, and then tcontinue your movement out of the area. You have to be allowed to drop the time bomb off when passing through the location. If you are forced to stop when dropping off the bomb, you get it along with any monsters. Or---- picture the irony. You blow yourself up, but the next mythos card moves the monsters out of the location to safety. If the only way to use time bomb is to count on another player to have "call friend" -- it's a long shot that another player would even have this particular spell. I can't imagine that the game designers intended that the only way to use this card was to blow yourself up along with the monsters. This may call for a common-sense "house rule." Any other opinions? If there's no better way to use time bomb, I suggest we toss this card in the wastebasket. How about the moderator? Any ideas?
  4. My son and I recently scored our new "Innsmouth Horror" expansion. To give the new set the fullest play, we folded up all other expansions and reduced the game to just the basic set and the new expansion. We have played three games so far. The new GOO's have proven extremely difficult for us. We are 0 for 3 at this point. Are we the only ones to feel this way, or have others experienced this?
  5. I chose to undertake a task. At the point on the board where I found myself, I was positioned between the required locations to visit. One was up-board from me, and two were down-board. I moved up-board to the first required location, with three movement points still remaining for my turn. I then used my remaining movement points to reverse direction so as to head for the opposite side of the board. In this manner I was able to use all five of my allotted movement points. Is this permissible?
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