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  1. Fishspit said: One of my PC's has a pet snotling...he even saw fit to give him a little autopistol. I'm liking the horse-void-suit thing too, maybe some magnetic horseshoes for riding on the outisides of ships as well? I like this idea. But remember that the way orks reproduce, you may be spreading ork spores on every planet you visit. Not that this matters to a RT, but it can have interesting effects.
  2. A gold one which is fluent in 6 million diffrent forms of communication.
  3. Erretnorb said: Things my rogue trader group has bought/hired/aquired beyond weapons, armour and gear: -A band so that a PC can have theme music/mood music (he is trying to aquire personal force fields so they can accompany him into battle safetly) -A midget who follows a paticular PC around wearing a special hat that has a drink holder, ashtray and writing implements so he never has to worry about finding a table -A taxidermist so that their kills can be properly preserved -A poet so their deeds can be recorded in epic verse -A battle caddy (basically one of the PC's has a man who follows him around, carries his weapons, re-loads them for him and suggests which one would be best for the paticular target) -Snakes to rid their ship of rats -Mongoose (Mongooses? Mongoosi?) to rid their ship of snakes (at this point I stopped them as I could see it would probably go to wolves next followed by bears.....) -A void suit for a horse (so the rogue trader can ride into battle even in space) Nice
  4. Santiago said: How about Dune and Starship Troopers? Reading Dune will tell you way more about 40k then any one book wrote by Black Library. Its prity clear that the original idea behind 40k in its early years was taking Dune and adding Orks and Eldar. Its changed into its own entity since these early days, but some of this remains. Since allot of the back story between the two is similar. And there is allot of 40k fluff that is not fleshed out, but seems to refrence the Dune back story, for example why AI's are not permitted by the Mechanicus.
  5. Well I would be very nervus if you had any Inquisitors hich a ride on your ship. Because they totaly would burn you. However there are cases in the fluff of mutants not being killed on sight. Since some planets just have them as the lowest run of society, and just keep them in check, if they get to numeris. However considering you are oporating out on the edge of space, I think you can get away with allot more then someone who is living on Terra. So if you add mutants to your game you just need to make sure you consider the fact that while most people might be ok with slight mutation, or not notice it, there are still Emporor fearing people who will get angree with you if it becomes to ovious. Though this is 40k, so you could clame your horrible mutation is just war damage, or you could say it was a AM upgrade.
  6. A Land Rader. Nothing tells your enemys who is really one tope then a nice set of tracks. I figure its also a nice way to show backwater human civilizations what the power of the Imperium is all about. This should be possible right? I mean, with all the fighting going on in 40k, there should be a few lying around, even if they are old and possibly were first owned my a CSM Legion. There are causes of equitment from CSM being used without any chaos taint right?
  7. So how hard should you make it for your RT and his top crew to get some suits of Power Amour. I personly love the idea of power armour, and look forward to any game were I can have my charater put on a set. However should this be something difficult for people to get, or could a normal RT be expected to know were to get a set or two realitivly easily. Also even though I love power armour, is there any cause you could argue were someone would be better off NOT using it?
  8. What is the prevelence of Thunderhalks being used by people other than Space Marines. Because they are a SM landing ship, so I would assume that most people do not have acsuess to them. However some =I= do use them. Could you make a good case for a normal RT to have a few, or would this be out of the normal budget.
  9. So I am wondering about a good way to get the RT and his crew onto a planet. Can Valkyre gunships fly in space. Also how many and what type of other landing craft would be on board a RT's ship?
  10. Then agen. Some Rogue traders are little more then legel pirate ships. So getting a ship full of drunks and malcontents does not sound that far off. However My question is, how much of your ship could you expect to fill with servitors? So if a RT really did not want to have a large crew, possible because they feared mutiny or maybe they expected to sail some place most Emporor-Fearing citizens might frown on, could they run most of the ship with servitors? I know the Space Marines do, but could a RT put together a ship with that many servitors?
  11. Are plasma weapons worth the risk? They may hit a little bit harder but is that worh it?
  12. Meridien said: What about availability? Any idea on that? My GM is asking due to us using the RT acquisition system. Keep in mind, it's a pretty small piece of flesh and the Imperium does grow entire psykers (vat-grown psykers) and cherubs. I have never heard of vat-grown psykers before. Were does it say that in any of the fluff?
  13. I am sorry if this is a stupid question. But what is a gun-cutter spesificly. I mean, I know its a landing ship, but where is it from and why use one? The Lex40k does not have anything on it.
  14. Hooligan Tuesday said: We know because the whole point about the 40K universe is how much humanity has fallen from the heights it once occuppied, we know there aren't machine spirits because we know why humanity stopped using robots and how they've carried that down as the myth of the Steel Men. The Adeptus Mechanicus tries it's best to maintain knowledge but they're fighting a losing battle and too much of humanities former glory is just falling into rote repetition, that's why they're Machine PRIESTS they don't really know how a lot of this stuff works, it's just rote rituals and superstition. Machine Spirit's are a way for to teach the ignorant about things far beyond their understanding. A savage world guardsman won't understand that he needs to strip and field clean his weapon in order to prevent a build up of grime which would screw with the focusing lends and make his weapon useless. But he can grasp that if he does the sacred ritual then the spirit that lives in his gun will be happy and shoot. For the Tech-Priests simply scale it up, they don't really understand the science and maths behind tearing open a whole in the fabric of the universe and the exact nature of a plasma reactor, but they know what you need to press to make one happen or the exact mechanical steps to build the other. As time goes on the real reason behind why they're doing it gets lost and all thats left behind is the silly little story and the knowledge that you need to do it or else it stops working. I agree with this and your discription is good. However I like to think that there are some smart computer programs, or even parshal inteligent mashines, and that these are given the name "very active Mashine Spirits" such as in the land Rader. Along with this I think basic computer programs are also considered the normal type of mashine spirit. So you may have a peice of equitment that wants you to update it to "Imperium 7.0", and because the average person has no idea what that is, they have a ritual to press the "not at this time" button, and that is considered a interaction with the mashine spirit. And a mater crafted peice of equitment might already have that update, so it does not need all the ritiauls to say no.
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