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  1. Looking at the rebel commandos still team. It says must equip an upgrade card which I am adding the sniper card. Does this mean I have 2 models for the unit or 1?
  2. I know you only get 4 cards but are there still 6 rounds? I know one card returns to the hand so maybe you just use it a minimum of 3 times if the game goes 6 rounds. Just checking to make sure
  3. rotfl I know just was throwing it out there 😛
  4. OK cool. I figured but then was like but thematically that doesn't make sense. I guess just ignore the time from a thematic sense and enjoy the star wars armies
  5. So i do not own any clone wars stuff yet and haven't really gotten into the game yet though I do own a bunch of Legion stuff. My question is how do the factions work? Can I play rebel vs rebel? rebel vs separatist? I didn't find the answer looking in the rules FFG has online
  6. In an 800 point game what is the recommended size of the play area?
  7. Not a bunch of experience but I am going to help them create a balanced team etc..
  8. My group is hoping to roll and create our own characters which will be a mix of AoR,FaD and EotE rolled characters and starting them with the Mos Shuuta adventure. I can tweak it a bit I guess to make it work. Just wondering about advice or tips from others
  9. I have a Beta for Force and Destiny. Maybe I don't have the latest. I didn't read through it yet. Any idea where it is in the book. I don't have in front of me right now but will go get it in a bit here. I just got it from MiniMarket but not sure if it is the latest or not
  10. I do understand that the rules are similar and I guess I can just provide Han Solo style characters who have obligations and eventually Duty but My question is are there rules in any of the books for combining the games? If the answer is no then I guess my followup question is how exactly have other GMs worked this?
  11. I have all the source books and material from Edge of the Empire. In addition I have the beta book and beginners box for Age of Rebellion. My question is while I know the games are similar and have read some of the posts here about the differences in character creation and the duty/obligation thing, do any of FFG's books talk about combining the games?
  12. I was thinking about that but it doesn't collapse which I don't like and not sure if I like not have the dice log saved in the chat. not sure
  13. But for rangebands and moving doesn't scale matter. Still reading source books so forgive me if I am wrong. You're right. That's why I said to disable the grid, so any tokens can just be moved to wherever looks right for the situation instead of snapping to a meaningless grid. OK but in that case the token size and map dimensions should matter right? I was wondering how you handle that. Any tips or anything? Sorry if I am being to picky just trying to get it right and do the best I can with it. Also do you use any scripts?
  14. But for rangebands and moving doesn't scale matter. Still reading source books so forgive me if I am wrong.
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