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  1. seems to me the way this game is played it would *PROBABLY* work if you just added the heroes. The overlord gets cars based on the number of heros so it should scale naturally to a point. Maybe have the overlord draw an extra card or something. Of course, you'd have to build bigger maps or it would get pretty crowded. Might be interesting to try it.
  2. Lorenelif


    Steve-O said: I expect it's basically Talisman with a 40k theme. In other words, the mechanics will be very similar. How "compatible" they are is harder to tell, though. The comparative power levels of challenges and hero stats might be way off, making talisman heroes either too strong or too weak to compete even if you were inclined to use them in this game. I suspect this is FFG's answer to everyone who wanted to see Timescape remade. Personally, I much prefer this approach to an actual remake of Timescape - this way the people who WANT to mix and match sci-fi with their Talisman can do so, and those of us who prefer to keep the two separate can still sleep at night knowing they're two different games. =) two…. different…. games….. ZzzzzzzZz =P Would b cool if that's how it works out. Then the whole Timescape controversy can just go away :-)
  3. Skywalker said: What have the tiles to do with it? The purpose of the kit is to allow you to add both heroes and monsters into 2e games. There are a lot of both. I am personally impressed that all 1e monsters plug so easily into 2e scenarios, which is not something that we have had before. Again, it has to do with being able to USE what I already have bought. Some of us do custom quests. Yes I know I can still use them, it just kinda sux that they don't lock together.
  4. Steve-O said: If you don't think it's worthwhile, don't buy it. As for fans converting the rest of 1e's bits into 2e with house rules, I have little doubt that someone will do it sooner or later. Likewise for making blank templates of 2e cards. Might be worth it for what you get in the pack, I still want to be able to use all the old stuff by 2e rules though. Most of that would just be reprinting the card on the new format so I don't see why it couldn't happen.
  5. hooliganj said: Treasure and equipment cards were only ever cards - there were no physical parts involved, so there's nothing to convert. It would just be new cards with the same names. I think most (if not all) of the Act I and Act II equipment cards are new versions of the old treasure cards anyways. Some of the stats would be different. And it would be good for them to look the same as the new cards. Anyway, new Cards with the updated data would be fine with me. Some of them probably wouldn't crossover so it would be adding a portion not all. But right now as I understand things there's no way for the overlord to spawn the old critters in the new game because there's no spawn cards. Has to be some way of fixing that right?
  6. yeah, but if they don't convert the overlord cards (for example) how do you spawn the oldmonsters in the new game? That's the kind of thing I'm thinking about.
  7. Jafix said: Same here, iam from Czech republic , only thing that i envy america is their gaming clubs, geek fests and nerd events So start your own over there
  8. Panzerfaust said: Will the new map tiles use the same technology that was used in the Space Hulk 3rd edition? They do interlock with the D&D adventure system tiles if that matters.
  9. jwdenzel said: Treasures and other cards are not converted. The conversion kit provides updates ONLY for monster and heroes. So $30 bucks for hero and monster cards only…. that kinda blows…especially since the tiles don't interlock with the new ones…. Most of 1st ed stuff could be converted rather easily I think so hopefully they do so over time. Or give me template for the new cards so I can do it myself.
  10. Lorenelif


    It says, "builds on the Talisman system'. So is this a compatible game? The sci-fi version of Talisman or something>
  11. Hoefully they'll make more achetypes and more that 2 classes for each archetype. Some expanded skill selection too..
  12. Sure. It's easy. Just buy two copies of the game and combine them .
  13. OK somebody has probably already addressed this and I missed it , sorry. What I'm wondering is about the the equipment and magic items and so on from 1st edition. Will there be a conversion kit for those at some point?
  14. Gallows said: American football is a complete ripoff of real football... Actually American football is very much like the original game. In many ways. Soccer however is very little like the orginal 'football' game of Mob football. Mob Football incidentally had very little kicking of the ball...... Look it up :-)
  15. I doubt you can put it into production if FFG doesn't want it....copyright laws and all. Maybe they would license you though..
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