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    Old V1.0 FAQ linked to product page

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    Flash Energy Question

    Is the only difference between energy cards and flash energy is the flash energy cannot be used for movement, but a regular energy card can?
  3. Dear Fantasy Flight Games, Do you plan to release a conversion kit for owners of the previous edition? In the past, you have released conversion kits for Talisman 4th Edition to Revised 4th Edition, and Descent to Descent 2nd edition. Thank You
  4. Dear Fantasy Flight Games, I noticed that the Most Wanted Expansion comes with an extra Y-Wing dial, Firespray-31 dial, and a HWK-290 dial decked out for the Scum and Villainy faction. Since it does come with reprinted Rebel ships, are you going to add in a Y-Wing and 2 Headhunter dials for the Rebels as well? Thank You!
  5. rabarno

    Scum and Villainy Most Wanted Expantion Question

    I'm not complaining. I am happy with this set. That's how you learn, by asking questions.
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    Firelands Rules PDF.

    Thank you for all of your sarcastic remarks, also thanks for Fantasy Flight games for adding the FIRELANDS rules online and correcting my spelling. Fantasy Flight games has the best customer service.
  7. rabarno

    Firelands Rules PDF.

    Dear Fantasy Flight Games. You usually have your rules online before the game is released. Any plans on putting the Firelands explanations rules online? Thank you!
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    Flash Energy Question

    Thanks for answering my question.
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    Missing card??

    daddystabz said: I only have 14 Corpse Cards and I have been through the entire contents multiple times to no avail. I have 3 Empty event cards, 1 Shuffle card, 1 Unstable Potion, 2 Ropes, 3 Gold Coins (50, 100 and 200), 3 Scorpion threat cards and 1 Old Bones card. So I am not sure which card I'm missing. Those are the only ones I have too. I emailed Fantasy Flight Games about the missing card, and go no response. It must have been a bad batch during production.
  10. rabarno

    Missing card??

    Mine also only came with 14 corpse cards. You are not alone.