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  1. Hm, to be honest, now I'm intrigued by this challange , I think I'm going to try to stretch my Anduin-beating decks to 50 cards (using only Core Set cards, of course). Shouldn't cause too much problem with Beravor there. But I really suggest for you to try completing the quest with a smaller deck first, to get the hang of it. Sorry for the triple-post.
  2. cirroid said: You'll get that later, when you'll have a lot of expansions. Sorry, I meant "You'll get there later".
  3. MyNeighbourTrololo said: I construct tournament-legal 50 minimum card decks. Then you're making this hard for yourself IMO. There's no reason to build 50-card decks with such a limited cardpool, you'll only end up with subpar decks. JDtA was definitely not intended to play solo with a tournament legal deck if you only have 1 Core Set and nothing else. You'll get that later, when you'll have a lot of expansions. To beat Journey Down the Anduin solo, I think tri-sphere is the way to go. Théodred + Beravor + Éowyn is a very good team here. I also beat the quest with my best deck so far using Legolas + Beravor + Glóin (I have a 2/2 winning record against Massing at Osgiliath with the same deck, only I used Gimli there instead of Legolas). Both decks have around 40 cards. Have to say though, I'm not that big of a fan of solo JDtA myself. Not that it's impossible, but it just limits your deckbuilding options too much. You need crazy card draw -> auto-include Beravor + 2 copies of Gléowine don't hurt. Beside Steward of Gondor you'll also need a hero that generates resources -> include Théoden or Glóin. You need heroes to have a starting threat below 30 etc.
  4. Dam said: If it uses just Craft or Str, then it's full stat, including bonus from Objects/Followers (and depending on timing, could include Weapons as well). So if I have to fight Nightmare, and I use an object that gives Craft in combat, does it gain this bonus as well?
  5. jogo said: At the moment you could look at A Game of Thrones or Warcraft, but afair both have dice. There's no dice rolling in AGOT.
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