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  1. I for one am a fan of a power mace or shock mace in a twf PC. Force them toughness checks to benefit from +20 tohit vs a stunned target. Then you can benefit from balanced sword for parrying/Pen/Dmg ect.
  2. I am currently playing a SoB now as well. There very little mechanical difference between a SoB then a regular acolyte. The main difference is RP, leaving room for the PC to build the SoB any way he wants ... This system is very versatile so he could be a social PC, a tech adept, warrior, churgeon ... Ect. And there is gear for each of these types of things. If you give us more information then we could give u better advice.
  3. I have a very strict time slot for any type of RPG games. So i decided to build a group around my time slot and try to find us a GM. For any GMs who may be interested i have close to 100 Tokens already made and am working on adding a variety of different maps. I would of course be up for helping create any tokens or maps necessary to help a GM run his particular game as well. I just cant find the time to sit down and dedicate the time to GM an actual game. Alot of these are from the game i GMed previously that ran short because of my Work/School/Family life. To create a standard for any games that develop: Rolling stats as per book Core and enemies within Only one psyker (maybe 2 based on group) We have had a great turn out for players and now have a solid group consisting of: Adeptus Sororitas (Not full Battle Sister) Imperial Guard Seeker Biomancy psyker Highborn assassin.
  4. My group is finishing up with the starting mission. Their inquisitor is ordos heretecus. I think I will have then track down who is responsible for making the bound daemon. The psyker used to bind the daemon was an acoylte assumed dead. And it may branch out too investigating another inquisitor for going to far...
  5. What toughness sponge a standard character at best has 4t and 4a and 4 wounds starting Most of the one shots set you up vs some thing that did like 1d10+8 with t and armor so high you couldn't even touch em
  6. Combat Questions: How Viable is TWF? Pistols? Melee? Pistol + Melee Weapon? (This being my Favorite). I generally like the idea of Scum like characters who can TWF with Pistol and Sword. Or Dual pistols probably for a majority of the time as usually adding the sword takes alot of XP Did they fix the insta death problem? Fights pretty much ended up if you got hit you were dead ... And then there was stuff that you just couldnt even touch even with the best weapons. Game Mechanics: Did they make it so you start with the skills your suppose to? (IE Scum start with stealth skills). Do we still have class trees? Can we cross class? How does character creation work now? Does making a Best Quality Las Gun lose Reliable on overcharged? Do Tech Priests still get stupid good Implants to start? Do they purchase them via XP?
  7. I appreciate your response. What powers are good? i want to start with smite and the divination dodge ... forbodence? pyro seems really powerful...
  8. Does a Psyker gain the range benefits and negatives on his Psychic Blasts and Barrages? Aims? For instance if they are within 5 meters does he gain +30 on his check? Can someone give me an example of using smite? I never played a psyker before whats the benefit for using a power like smite over a lasgun?
  9. Sorry i was away from the PC all day. No we have two medics and i am an enginseer. We also have an operator so i am focused on Tech use and combat.
  10. I have a question about the MIU Weapon Interface. Do you need to be proficient with the weapon to use it? Do you get penalties if your not? I have a melta gun from my Regiment but i am not trained to use it. Would you take this implant over some of the other stuff? We have two medics and i dont plan on adding to the healing. Unnatural Int is useless for anything but healing ... Unnatural Str could be nice if i want to melee some ... not the optimal move.
  11. I know this is a very different game then table top but can walkers attack in melee other then the sentinel with his chain weapon attachment.
  12. Techpriests are awesome characters. Probably one the best characters to start out with. With the free implants our tech priest is a beast. He has the armor implant and the Shoulder Mounted Weapon Implant. He can take a hit like no one else and do his repairs while firing as a free action. Got to fix the crashed ship NP .... tech check + Aim + Fire Weapon all day long. Ran into a group of orks? NP take out his Great Axe or use his Servo arm (if you opt for one). Weapons jammed ... covering fire as he unjams it for you. Servitors are fun 2.
  13. If you want i may beable to grap 2 or 3 people i know personally.
  14. I would be interested. Playing a Weapons Specialist or Medic maybe.
  15. We have both a Commissar and a Tech Priest in out group as support specialties. At first we thought they might be out of place within our group but I trust both players to pull it off and they have. Our Commissar isnt their just to Execute everyone or use his rank to bully the squad. It is for the Squads Chain of Command and Sgt to give out the orders. It is the Commissars job to ensure the orders are carried our and proper discipline is maintained. The Commander says charge the orks to buy the Tech Priest time to fix the ship. Weapon Specialist says No … Commissar shoots his comrade or intimidates him. Or Werid Boy Casts a Fear spell and everyone fails … well the commissar is there and "Modivates" the squad to counter the Fear spell. In these aspects of the game he fits in very well. I would have designed them a bit better for that role imho … Summary Execution for instance would be to give everyone a bonus on WP tests vs Pinning/Fear or a reroll or both They are there for moral support.
  16. Yeah its Eastern TIme Zone. So New York ect…
  17. But we are open to replaceing the medic and the psyker. They are both iffy players. And i wont mind doubles of them.
  18. We are still looking for more people to join our squad. If anyone would be interested or has any questions feel free to PM me.
  19. Well if the entire group is fearless except the commissar or a sgt you could command them to retreat. Honestly i would rather stack bonuses vs Fear … so Resist Fear + Radiant Precense off our Commissar and Sgt for a +30 for the squad +20 for the commanders. (Not 100% sure they stack). Then take Into the Jaws of Hell … to make our comrades not useless ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Or take the option like the Death Kriege that dosnt allow fear to modify their WP checks. Stack that with these talents for some fun.
  20. We are planning on playing tonight and have plenty of time to help make characters and teach the system.Game starts roughly around 10pm Eastern Time … so alittle over an hour. We all use head sets and play over skype in sessions every Saturday starting at around 10ish till whenever (late usually). So you have you sheet and how ever you wish to roll (Dice, Program, ect). And we start a group chat (using our mics). Then play normally as if face to face. There's friendly banter and stuff that goes on in normal games but that sticks mostly to IMS and dosn't inhibit game play as much.Some times we have a program that acts a map … GM hosts a server we all join and we share a giant map. We haven't gotten this far really mostly Rping over skype.
  21. I have played a Scum from mid lvl (4+) till Ascension. We did the Opening Ascension mission (in the back of the book) with some Random Evil Sorcerer. And my TWF Scrum and his dual shot talent was the only thing capable of hurting him. And he had 2 bolt pistols. On top of that I was very social and had a Variety of Social and Thief like skills. Plus he was just down right cool ... As far as i can tell your actual background wont cause 2 much variety with the proper build.
  22. Maybe its like b/c as it hits the armor its as if a club hits you and if it hits 2 hard we have damage. So the more damage is from the bullets hitting to hard that the impact isnt absorbed by the armor enough and it sinks into you. Or maybe the armor absorbed what it could already and is weakening up as bullets hit you. Maybe later on during the criticals it starts going through the armor entirely thus you have bleeding affects. If you want it more Cinematic well your the DM ... you want it to sound more Cinematic then tell it more Cinematic. The Heretic takes aim with his rifle and hits Jo in the chest, Luckly his Flack armor manages to absorb the blows enough so he only has the wind knocked out of him. He takes 2 wounds of damage .... Later on Jo's getting up there in wounds The heretic jumps out of his cover and lays a round right b/w his last 2 rounds, Jos Flack jacket is no longer able to with stand the force as a bullet impacts his ribs breaking them.
  23. I would like to point out that Clerics only get Wall of Steel at 7 if they go the Bishop route. Which i dont understand why their CHA Face Brand gets it and their Exorcist Branch gets Frenzy which i probably wont end up getting b/c i want to use swift/lightning attacks.
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