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  1. I have a small group of beginners who need an experienced GM to teach them this new system. Saturday's 10pm Est Roll20 Skype
  2. I recently found a group of people who want to learn how to play this very intriguing system. Saturday's 10 PM EST Time Roll20 or over Skype (virtual) We are all brand new and need someone with patients and strong system mastery to at the very least teach us the system.
  3. Those are both mechanics, only eat is objective based, literally. Dark heresy is more story driven.
  4. Only war is focused around conflict and combat, your missions usually revolve around a conflict and your objectives are to help resolve the conflict. I.e: Orks are raiding this planet 1st objective: Retake communication tower and send out distress signal 2nd objective: Recon missing battalion 3rd objective: ect Dark heresy is about investigation, you are sent out to look into the dark corners and flush out any threats to the imperium. Investigation and Social skills are a bigger focus, where as your enemy won't be so blatantly obvious and ur missions more subtle. I.E: There has been a murder of a retired Imperial Officer, he had made contact with the inquisition before he died seeking help. Lead 1 his servants mention a Connection to an artifact dealer Lead 2 the dealer remembers the officer brining him a strange artifact not long after some unknown woman came asking about it. Lead 3 the woman is part of a cult and they think the artifact brings the dead back to life, or will grant them powers or what ever and now you must stop them.
  5. Pointing out of 90 of the book the Psyker elite advance: • Gains the Psyker trait, the Psyker aptitude, and a psy rating of 1. You aren't totally gimped by going rogue Psyker mechanically. You just have to pay a bit more for to catch up for There is also the +10 to phenomenon, but you can push more though not recommended. And you don't start with a focus so you Miss out on +10 (psyrating 2) and + 10 focus which believe me sucks untill u req it. RP wise you have to have a bit of a radical group ;p good luck with that lol. My group hasn't found out I am a unsactioned Psyker yet. It will be fun there is a SOB lols.
  6. One way I do it is by having a leader in the acolyte cell, giving him the leadership Aptd for free (It's useless anyways). Then instead of pressing all of them to act you just have to let the one guy know what needs to be done. Then he gets the group moving in that direction. I have a military background and it just works for stuff like this ... Tell the SGT what has to happen and let him get it done.
  7. For any who are interested I have a GM and am accepting player applications.
  8. https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/3357405/your-characters Check us out on roll20 and apply to play. Don't PM me here I tend to not get messages.
  9. If you want players to fight you have to give them a reason to put their lives on the line. Protecting an artifact Fear of failing their Inquisitor No escape or out of time Most of the time it's, oh boy we found heresy better go tell someone else who can deal with it. You have to pull them out of their scout mindset and put them into the its us or nothing mindset.
  10. I have a very strict time slot for any type of RPG games. So i decided to build a group around my time slot and try to find us a GM. I would love to run through some of the prewritten books as i have yet to play any of them (including most of DH1s). To create a standard for any games that develop: Rolling stats as per book Core and enemies within Only one psyker (maybe 2 based on group) For any GMs who may be interested i have close to 100 Tokens already made and am working on adding a variety of different maps. I would of course be up for helping create any tokens or maps necessary to help a GM run his particular game as well. I just cant find the time to sit down and dedicate the time to GM an actual game. Alot of these are from the game i GMed previously that ran short because of my Work/School/Family life. Players May Also Apply Below with character Concepts, and focus. Players will only be picked after a GM has been determined. IE: I want to Play an Imperial Guardsman, I want him to focus on social and investigation skills.
  11. Roll20 ftw With the correct api loaded for ur game it gives you everything you need to play. And the maps and handouts aren't too difficult to use at all. I combined it with a token program from another publisher and I can make tokens out of anything.
  12. I think they are fine and I love mine, you think 3/3/3/2/2/1 is the min? I have 3/3/2/2/1. Back to my original post is do you think I should drop some specializations for another 3? I planned for 2 first rank and 1 second rank talent.
  13. For 10k a pop you can't expect that to be the equalizer for a droid PC stat line. And to clarify those are the only ones worthwild that affect a character stats. Sure the hidden compartment is cool, I don't plan on piloting or using heavy weapons much so not really drawn to those cybernetics. You supposedly can't have a battle type droid due to canon outlawing. So mounting a weapon is probably a bad idea and u can just do it as a droid ect.
  14. I for one am not having an issue with starting stats or skills. I know its not an optimal build and I am OK with that. I have decent combat abilities and can repair stuff with abit of streetsmart and coersion. But I don't think the excuse should be you can have 6 cybernetics instead of 4 because honestly Legs Arms Brain are the only ones that affect and everyone can have them. It's not really a perk ... Now if they would be found cheaper for a droid that would have been a plus. Nor is the hey you can have anything interested into ur PC a big boon. When stuff like a restraining bolt could just as easily disable you as a number of other items.
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