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  1. Just started going through the cards from Runebound to try to put something together. Have had no luck with my google-fu.
  2. My friends and I just started writing up a few basic rules for role-playing in Terrinoth. Although I have to disagree with the last poster-I don't think the world is vanilla at all.
  3. Just curious-has there been an attempt to collect the history of the world of these two games into a reference document that could be used in scenario design?
  4. So get every expansion right? jk. So it looks like if you want more OL powers then AoD, or for more character power then ToI?
  5. I've been thinking about doing something similar to this. Thanks for puttin the work in! My buddies and I will be giving this a go this weekend.
  6. Can't wait to pick this up. My friend picked one up at GC and has been teasing me with it ever since.
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