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  1. Mel, I don't have my rulebook with me because I loaned it to a friend only yesterday, but I can give your question a go. Although almost 2 months have passed since you asked it. I will answer your last question first. With the Blitzkrieg order, orders are given in the command phase. Units get to use their two actions in the activation phase. Since you don't give a unit a reaction marker when using Blitzkrieg, then they still get to use their full allotment of 2 actions when you activate them. As for air-dropping units, take a look at the transport rules. I'm fairly certain that a transport air-dropping is allowed to do so with a unit embarked. I know some heroes do airdrop (Action Jackson, for example), but I really can't address the rest of that question without my rulebook handy.
  2. Welcome to the forums. I've been gone for awhile, and was never a very frequent poster here anyway. I've played this game for a LONG time and I love it, but I understand you don't prefer the minis. The short answer is no, you can't. The explanation is that a player's force is organized into platoons and each platoon must have a command section and another section. Then you can start adding support units, which is what walkers are. You get one support unit for each 2 sections up to a normal maximum of 2 walkers. I'm not familiar enough with every new campaign book to know if some of the expansions allow you to break this rule, but as far as I know you can not ever field only walkers.
  3. So far I have only played teaching games. Maybe I suck as a teacher, but no one has played me a second time, although about 6 have said they want to. I will gladly expand my collection once I have a chance to find out what units I really like and want to duplicate, or what combos I want to try. So far I haven't played a game over 200 points, but I have made army lists over 500!!!
  4. Sir, I bow to your Superiority!!!
  5. Can explain how that works? I see both command sections can do "Long Tom Attacks." I see you have two radios that could use Steel Rain's artillery attack. What else are you able to do??
  6. That is the most amazing DUST army I have seen. It is fantastic. And THAT my friends, is why I will never post one of my painted models on this forum!! My models look passable from 6 feet way in very dim light after a few beers and two days of no sleep…
  8. www.flickr.com/photos/77175587@N02/7405816902/ My Allies collection. www.flickr.com/photos/77175587@N02/7405823804/ My Axis collection. I'm not sure why the picture is upside down… :-( I have a total of 19 Allies units plus 5 heroes. The total points I have for Allies is 656. I could probably not build 3 or 4 cohesive platoons but I could do that for around 500 points. I have a total of 21 Axis units plus 2 heroes. The total points I have for Axis is 641.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation! I'll get this game right yet!
  10. Gorgeous paint job! I bet they look very scary running across the table-top!!!
  11. The way I play is that both members of the Sniper Team benefit from the Sniper rule (no cover or armor saves) and both members benefit from the Spotter rule (hit on blanks), until one member dies (the spotter is the first one I remove). After the spotter is dead, I play it that the Spotter rule goes away. I too, would like to know if I am correct in that…
  12. I think I have been confusing DUST Warfare close-combat (CC) with DUST Tactics CC… When a unit closes within 3 inches of an enemy unit and then does an attack action, I have been allowing the attacked-unit to fight back in CC, with CC weapons. I let them fight back automatically without using a reaction, and I let all the models in the unit fight, regardless of whether they were within 3 inches of an enemy model. I think the correct way to do CC is that the attacked unit only gets to fight back if they use a Reaction, and then only the models within 3 inches get to fight. Also, even in CC, I have been letting the attacker move closer than 1 inch to enemy models. (That is something I guess I am confusing with the rules from WH40k). I think the correct way is to never let models be closer than 1 inch to enemy models. Have I been doing it wrong and is my new perception correct?
  13. My allies, 586. I'm just sayin'…
  14. Yes D6G got me interested in DUST! I never miss an episode!!
  15. To the OP, I have both boxes. The original is a better value. You get 4 of the Medium Walkers, plus, I think 16 infantry for each faction.
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