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  1. Hi everyone, This week marks the final update for the beta errata, which can be found here. I want to remind everyone, though, that we'll still be monitoring these forums and still accepting feedback for the next couple weeks. Please feel free to contact us with anything you find pressing or important; we may not be able to respond, but we'll certainly consider and review it. And it really can't be said enough; thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You've all helped make Force and Destiny a great game, and everyone on the team couldn't be more excited about the final result. May the Force be with you.
  2. Hello Ray, Yes, that is correct, it is supposed to be representing the IR-3F. Thanks for catching that! We'll change that in the final beta update.
  3. Hi everyone, Beta Update 10 is now live. Also, please be sure to read the announcement that comes with it, concerning the approaching end of the beta process.
  4. Hi everyone! After a two week chance to run a few things through the testing-wringer, we have some additional updates for Force powers.
  5. I generally try and avoid getting involved in these discussions, and won't comment further except to remind people that the "may activate multiple times unless stated otherwise" is the same rule as already exists in Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire.
  6. Hi playtesters! This week's beta update is now live. Also, please note that there will be no beta update *next* week. We want to give you a couple weeks to try out these updates at your table, and get your feedback in. Thanks for all your work!
  7. Hi everyone! This week we've got the beta update a little early. Enjoy!
  8. That's because one of the updates didn't come with an errata update, so the numbers are off by one.
  9. Hi everyone, The sixth beta update is now live! Check it out here.
  10. Hi everyone, We're pleased to bring you the latest week of beta updates! Have a look.
  11. My apologies, that should be Improved Reflect. I'll make the change in the PDF as soon as possible.
  12. Hello playtesters! Our forth update (third update with book changes) is now live.
  13. Hi everyone, So we don't have an actual update this week, but to fill the time, we have a quick article that explains which updates make it into the errata, and which updates are saved until the final. Hopefully you find it interesting!
  14. If the beta is not already at participating game stores, it should be soon. Also, you can now order copies of the beta on our webstore. Thanks for playing!
  15. Hi beta testers, The second update for Force and Destiny is up! We're still keeping things fairly light at this point, but we did make some changes for character creation, and added a couple new adversaries. The next update will be two weeks from now, since we anticipate it to be a bit more substantial. In the meantime, keep up the good work, and thanks!