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  1. I own both the Battlore 2 game and the "IPad version" called Battlelore Command. It seems to me that it is a difference in "rules" between those two games. For example, in boardgame, archers hit on 1/6 on D6 but in BlC they hit on 1-2/6. Also, you always have a set of pre-defiended cards that u always seems to have, like "Darken the Skies" ~ like the Guild in BL 1 where you could have a wizard/rouqe/warrior/priest added to u army that gave some extra boost. I really think those "pre-defined" cards make the game better. Will the Battlelore Command rules apper in the boardgame rules? A Errata on the rules maybe? New cards? A upgrade to Battlelore 2.1 ?
  2. We have decided to use the "house rule" of only ONE battle back per round. Its not logical that becasue a unit is attacked three times it should battle back three times. We see it like that all three attacks occure at the same time and it that case its not logical if a unit battle back simulatnious against three enemies. There should maybe be another rule for a unit that is "surrounded" by enemies. In blood bowl (fantastic boardgame!) it there is 2 enemies against 1, they will SUPPORT each other, by increasing the STRENGHT with +1/each supporting player. Maybe Battle Lore should have the same rule.
  3. A thought. A Standard unit is attacked by three (3) Pennant units. Should the Standard Unit be able to Battle Back ALL THREE attacks (if the Standard unit survives)? When will the battleback occure? After each attack or after all attacks? It seems to me that the "most realistic" rule is that a unit can only battle back ONCE per turn. All "professional Battlelore players out there" , any ideas? Will try the rules with Battle Savvy troops this weekend. Cheers!
  4. That's alos my opinion what Hefsgaard say. If you have trenches, you can move infantery "almost" secured from one hex to another... I don't like to have "house rules" for something that is/should be .... "common" in a game... I love Tide of Iron as game. but I really miss the trenches. I have played Conflict of Heroes and that games have more "realistic" rules. but Tide of Iron "looks better". Now it feels a bit hard to choose between them...
  5. On of the most COMMON way of building defenses in the WW2 was of course trenches. I have only played the original game (ToI) and not found any trenches... Will the be rules/markers for trenches in any of the expansions??
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