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  1. From what I've seen so far, I don't think there is going to be a separate damage roll. You'll inflict damage based on the attack being used and how many extra successes/ boons you get. And I'll have to second the usage of a box in which to roll dice, as I've mentioned in other threads.
  2. Just looked at the contents of the dice pack... I have to wonder, why so many fortune dice?
  3. One thing that I instituted in our games is the "dice box." All rolls are made in the box, whoever is currently acting gets handed the box, so the dice are already in there. I just use the top of a board game box or an old WH40K battalion box lid. One guy has a habit of rolling pretty wildly, sending dice careening, and rolling into a box helps with that quite a bit. I think if other people implemented this simple system, it would solve a lot of the lost dice/ sharing dice worries. Hopefully the v3 set comes in the right kind of box, so you can use the lid in this fashion. Then they can add that to the list of accessories included in the game!
  4. If you're asking about what symbols and how many appear on each die face, I don't think that has been revealed yet. If you're asking if anyone has crunched the numbers to see what the actual probability distributions are, that won't be possible until we know what each die has on each face. Even then, it will be rather complex due to all the different die types interacting. I think the easiest way would be to just write a simulator and let it roll various combinations a few thousand times and log the results.
  5. My group is pretty much the opposite. I already have a bunch of dice, so nobody else bothered to get their own. One guy eventually did, because he was playing another game with friends when he went back home. Depending on how interest goes for v3, I may get one extra dice set for convenience, but it may not be necessary with the number of starter dice.
  6. There was a guy in my Vampire game that would roll his pile of d10's constantly, to find "the good ones." Every time he tried to vanish though, you could count on a whole lot of 1's showing up. I was one of the worst clerics ever in our AD&D game due to my tendency to roll 1's for CLW. I still have faith in mathematics, however, and dice are pretty good random number generators. To really determine if a die isn't fair, you'd need to roll it thousands of times, in the same way (and that way has to tumble the die enough), and mark down all the of the results to actually determine if a die had true bias.
  7. Thanks guys, this is the kind of discourse I appreciate, even if it doesn't agree with my view. Istivan, you said you think you'll buy the game regardless as a collector's item. Do you think you will give it a try? And do you think your play group can give it a fair shake, or is there too much negative sentiment already? If the system was applied to another setting, would you feel differently? For my play group, I can see the various cards being a pretty big advantage. We tend not to get more than one copy of a book in our group, which leads to a lot of waiting and passing the book around to look things up. The stance tracker seems like the most gratuitous piece of flare included with the set. If I know how many cautious and reckless points I have, do I really need a physical representation of that? It may have other uses, don't know yet. To be fair, most RPGs have pretty similar attribute names, and between 6 and 9 inherent characterics. It was a little unintuitive for my players first starting WFRP, since Weapon Skill was an attribute and not a skill (even though it's right there in the name).
  8. cogollo, I was leaning towards a target number, in order to reduce the overall number of rolls, but your idea sounds really cool. Of course, I'm pretty sure this is probably set in stone by now, so we'll just have to see. Perhaps FFG did something else entirely, there seems to be a bit of that going around
  9. I thought people might post here an area of the game that they'd like to see more detail about. I don't know if/ how well FFG monitors the forums, but maybe they can use this to help guide future articles. I'm sure they've got their own plans, but maybe if everyone here is wanting to see the same thing they'll change one up. We've already seen how the dice pools work, which included an example skill use. We know (I think) that Weapon Skill is now a skill and not an attribute. I'd like to see more of how combat will work. Is it opposed rolls or vs. a target number? If the latter, what is that target number based on?
  10. To be fair, arguing that the mechanics are old is pretty accurate (in terms of RPGs) Outdated is arguable, but I try to back up any such claims with a rationale, such as: I do not like the probability distribution of a percentile system and think that dice pools allow for better bell-curve distributions. I just see a lot of outrageous and completely unfounded claims about v3, and still some rumors being spread that have been stated to be false.
  11. I don't know of a dice pool system that complicated. After reading the dice article for v3, it seems fairly straight forward, IMO the trickiest part is converting the attribute die to a caution/hasty die. Luckily, I've played Magic and Vampire (and paintball), so I was able to follow along quite well! Just a warning, WarMachine mk2 comes out next year, so you may want to hold off on additional book purchases. (Is there a way to PM?)
  12. Who gets to decide exactly what constitutes an RPG? If I play WFRPv2, at a table, around which the players are sitting, with their character sheets on top of it, does that then make it a tabletop game? If I also have a board with figs that I use for combat is it now a tabletop board game? What about the other way? Is Vampire not an RPG because they don't use all of the RPG dice that D&D did? Is LARP'ing not an RPG since they don't even use dice? I don't know why people are so hung up on the cards, and supposed definitions of what makes an RPG.
  13. That game was Vampire, but we had quite a bit of stuff. Obviously everybody had their own character sheet, and each person had around 10 dice. We also had real-world props that we used. Our GM used Vampire cards from the card game as portraits for NPCs, so we could easily picture people. We were constantly fiddling with the cards and arranging them according to our various theories about the political power in the city. So, maybe not quite as much but a comparable amount of stuff. Maybe I'm weird though; I still have all the pieces from some of the toys I had as a child. I think if you're careful, it's not a problem.
  14. McClaud said: Someone made a comment about how their players use the d100 system to determine the outcomes of certain actions and rely on that statistical knowledge to drive character decisions. Would a character know those odds so directly? Isn't role-playing about putting yourself into the character's place and not acting on out-of-character information? If you are going on statistics and probabilities of die rolls to determine your character's actions, you aren't role-playing as much as you are wargaming or trying to "win" by using outside knowledge. I made this same point in the dice article's comment thread. Just as you can't calculate your percentage chance of hitting a hole in one, your character can at best decide that he's "pretty strong" so has a decent chance of lifting the stone idol. Varnias Tybalt, do you play any other miniatures games? I'm just wondering what the married equivalent of Privateer Press or Rackham is Maybe I don't understand how licensing works, but how could FFG have stood up to GW? They're bound by contract, and from what I've read of GW's legal team, the terms and conditions in that contract are going to be pretty tightly worded.
  15. There may also be specific rules regarding Advanced careers. It's not stated in the news, but I don't think the article claims to be 100% comprehensive. Specific exceptions are rather inelegant, IMO, so I hope they don't do that though.
  16. What if they just wanted to try something different? Switch it up some - "Hey, let's try making more detailed elves. Unfortunately, since we are limited by page count, that will mean bumping the halflings to a later book." Also recall that GW approved of the change. It is even possible that the change was at the request of GW, since they don't seem to be too fond of halflings in WFB. If they were, they could have included some in the latest Empire army book rewrite.
  17. It could pretty easily be argued that gambling is inherently reckless,since there is always chance you will lose something. If you are a more cautious gambler, than you probably won't make very big bets and use your cautious stance. I don't really understand the space issue. I've had 5 people packed into somebody's tiny dorm room to play RPGs. We had no table, the desks were covered with computers and homework. We also had boxes of pizza and snacks in various places. We made it work. I also don't really see components being lost as an issue either. Character sheets from other games can be lost too. Books can be torn, or have things spilled on them. Stuff happens, I don't really think it's a game system's fault when it does. Use more cautious stance dice when you pack up the game and it won't be a problem
  18. I'm getting rather tired of the just-short-of-insult insinuations - that if you use cards or special dice or counters then you're not a real role player or you must be new and not really understand roleplaying. Or that having anything more than a book somehow makes it not a real RPG. And using words like "abomination," really? Get off your high horse. Maybe it's not the way you enjoy the game, that's fine. I would say I respect your opinion, if you had actually tried it. But you haven't. I've played various RPGs for 20 years now, and from what I've read v3 has some of the biggest innovations in that entire time. Am I 100% sold? No, but even if, after I've read the rest of previews and (hopefully) played some kind of free trial version I decide not to get it, I still think it's great that FFG isn't sticking to some paradigms that haven't changed in decades.
  19. Jericho said: I guess basically what I'm saying here is: why would nobles have overall inferior stats because they had to spend points on social class ? Are all paupers superhuman because they get "bonus creation points" to compensate for their poverty ? I know some systems work like that and I find that not very fun. Life isn't fair and I firmly believe that being rich and powerful does not entail being weaker or less intelligent. Character background (and thus social class) must be discussed with the GM, end of story. What you are and where you come from affect the plot and storyline, they shouldn't be "bought". So when I say, why don't you decide if you are a noble or not, I implied "with your GM's approval, of course". Sorry if that wasn't clear. First, I agree with you that a character's background should always be discussed with the GM. I also agree that life isn't fair, and just because people are rich doesn't mean they are lacking in other areas. However, when players are generating characters, I find it much better when everyone is starting from a level play field. So, if it is one person's concept to be a really rich nobleman, that's fine. In this way, another character can feel equal - the noble has more wealth and power, so will do better in circumstances where those things are helpful, but another character might be better in direct confrontation. I find this leads to a higher overall player satisfaction. I have played some games with random stat generation in which (for instance) the healer is a better fighter than the warrior. The other players then start to feel marginalized and don't have as much fun. So, this is something I endorse for RPG's due a game balance issue, and so that all players can feel like they contribute just as much as everyone else, in their given medium.
  20. marz.twin said: That would be cool, but only if they had supplement books for ALL of the countries. Meaning, Araby, Estalia, Tilea, Nippon, Cathay, Albion, and all of the other places that have very little fleshing out thus far in WFRP should each have their own book. Well, the humans in the first supplement are listed as Reiklander Humans, and the Dwarves are listed as being from a certain hold, strongly implying than when the eventual human and dwarf books come out there will be more varietiy. As for all those setting books, they have never been made before, and the likely reason is that the potential market is very small. That, and there's plenty of story to tell in Empire. If v3 starts selling like gangbusters, the more likely it will be that the smaller niche books will be slotted into the budget.
  21. I agree with those that say the d100 system is not that great. When it came out, yeah, it was probably a pretty good alternative to AD&D in which every single stat had a different modifier, sometimes you wanted high number, sometimes you wanted low numbers, etc. The problem with d100 is that mathematically, you're only rolling one die, and the probability curve for that is actually a line. You have a 60% chance of succeeding, but you have the same chance of getting a 1 as a 60 as a 100 - shouldn't you be most likely to succeed, but not spectacularly, while doing super awesome and critically failing happen infrequently? I say yes. I don't really care if the system is 23 years old or 23 days old, I do not think a flat probability distribution is good for RPG's.
  22. I was trying to make a generalization, which was apparently a poor one. What I was trying to get at is, there's a lot of different ways an RPG can go, and it's important to find one in which the whole group can have fun. I, personally, do not like for the game to be one combat encounter after another. I think it gets boring, and if it's just combat I'd rather play some kind of tactical combat game. But I do know of other people that have loads of fun with that style of game. Also, I agree that you shouldn't just do what your character is good at all the time.
  23. Jericho said: Why not just decide if you are noble or not ? You could make that same argument for anything, e.g: Why not just decide if you have a high Weapon Skill? If you spend points on Weapon Skill, and the adventure is heading for a social situation, that player will be dejected. I think it's totally fine to use some of you character points on wealth or social class. White Wolf has had a Contacts, Mentors, Allies stats for quite some time now, and they work out fine. Yes, you can gain some of these things through role playing. But for some character ideas, it make sense to start with some of these things. Every player is going to be good at some things, and bad at other things. If you have a well rounded group, the GM should try to provide a well rounded adventure. If every player creates a combat guy, and that's all they are interested in, nobody is going to have fun if the GM puts them in the middle of a courtly intrigue plot.
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